AI is a film directed by Steven Spielberg. AI is a film that was born from the mind of Stanley Kubrick.

AI was inspired by the short story, Super Toys Last All Summer Long by Brian Aldiss. Kubrick bought the rights to the story and turned it into a feature length story. Kubrick was set to start AI after the release of his final film, Eyes Wide Shut. Shortly before the opening of Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick passed away.

Kubrick was friends with Spielberg and even before his death, approached Spielberg about directing AI with Kubrick producing. While the themes of AI resonate in all of Kubrick's films, Kubrick felt that Spielberg might be able to do a better job with AI's extensive use of special effects and fairie tale motif. Regardless, the film was set to go with or without Speilberg. Kubrick had prepared extensive storyboards and worked on screenplays with Ian Watson.

After Kubrick's death, Spielberg went ahead and made AI. The result is a Spielberg film. He wrote the screenplay and directed the film. Interviews with Jan Harlan, show that this is most definitely a Spielberg film and not a Kubrick film. Harlan explains that Kubrick's version would have been much darker. One example is the character Gigolo Joe. In Spielberg's AI, Joe is a lovable "mecha" or robot. Harlan reveals that Kubrick's Gigolo Joe was much more aggressive and greedy. A much darker character.

Starring: Jude Law as Gigolo Joe, Haley Joel Osment as David, Frances O'Connor as Monica, Sam Robards as Henry, Jake Thomas as Martin, William Hurt as Dr. Hobby (more cast at IMDB ...)



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