Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide

Kubrick's first feature length film. The film was thought of as amateurish by Kubrick who made sure it was never publicly shown later in his career. The film is not available on video and was held back from retrospects of Kubrick's films.

Kubrick on Fear and Desire:

"...a very inept and pretentious effort..."

Cast and Crew
Production Company Stanley Kubrick Productions
Producer Stanley Kubrick
Associate Producer Martin Perveler
Director/Photography/Editor Stanley Kubrick
Script Howard O. Sackler
Dialogue Director Toba Kubrick
Music Gerald Fried
Cast: Frank Silvera (Mac), Kenneth Harp (Corby), Virginia Leith (TheGirl), Paul Mazursky (Sydney), Steve Coit (Fletcher), David Allen(Narrator)
Running Time: 68 Minutes
Distributor: Joseph Burstyn


  Fear and Desire Crew

Kubrick and first wife, Toba Metz in upper right. Cast and crew of Fear and Desire.