Kubrick Takes His Time

      The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Director Stanley Kubrick has a reputation for beaucoup takes and
overlong shooting. He kept Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise for more
than a year working on "Eyes Wide Shut" in England.

Vincent D'Onofrio, who's starring as one of "The Newton Boys" and
did "Full Metal Jacket" with Kubrick, knows full well what they went
through: "I remember over a year ago I was flying in a plane and
there  was an article in the airline magazine about Nicole Kidman and
how she'd  gotten a house for six months in England. And the first
thing that came  to mind was, `She'd better get a longer lease.' "

D'Onofrio was there for 13 months shooting "Full Metal Jacket"
and appeared in less than 40 minutes. Matthew Modine, the star,  was
there a year and a half.

Still, D'Onofrio says he'd love to work for Kubrick again.
"I'd play a waiter for him. He's one of the only guys left that
you can say `he's a genius' and you're not b.s.-ing. He's a
filmmaker.  There are not a lot of them that exist."

D'Onofrio says he thinks it takes Kubrick so long because there
are days when he just can't work creatively.

"If Stanley Kubrick wants to take a year and a half to make a film
and if one day he wakes up and doesn't know what to do, doesn't know
how to shoot the scene, doesn't want to go to work because he
doesn't  want to fail, then he doesn't. What I saw was that. I saw
him confused  at times and not wanting to do something if it wasn't
going to work."