A Masterpiece of Modern Horror

A Stanley Kubrick Film

Jack Nicholson
Shelly Duvall
Danny Lloyd
Scatman Carothers



Here's Johnny!
Peering through the splintered door.

The bathroom.
The meeting with Grady, the caretaker.

The twins.
Grady's twins make an appearance.

Just a wierd scene.
The guy in the bear suit kneeling...

The bartender.
The sinister bartender of the mind.

Frozen and crazy
Nicholson at the end of the film.

The discussion in the restroom...

Beautiful, large shot in the Overlook.

Roaming the hallways of the Overlook.

Backwards is MURDER!

The family
The family en route to the Overlook.


Here's Johnny
The famous and eerie Jack line.

Spell it backwards.


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