Tim ( wrote:
Nice site. I'm a big ACO fan - have any news/comments re Kubrick releasing it in the UK? My ACO webpage is at - -- 01/01/99

Bruno TASSAN ( wrote:
Bonjour, Voilý si longtemps que j'attendais ce jour, de pouvoir enfin vous Ècrire ou vous rencontrer. Et c'est gr’ce ý l'Internet que cela est possible. Quel siËcle! Je me souviens encore de cet aprËs-midi de 1969, dans ce petit village d'Allevard-les-Bains, au cúur des Alpes franÁaises, o˜ je viens tout juste de voir "2001, l'OdyssÈe de l'espace". Ce fšt un choc Èmotionnel sans prÈcÈdent et j'ai tout de suite pensÈ que vous Ètiez un rÈalisateur hors pair et un prÈcurseur. J'ai moi-mÍme fais des films de court mÈtrage... ... et j'ai longtemps ÈtÈ imprÈgnÈ par votre faÁon de traiter la lumiËre, de recourir ý des plans sÈquences avec travellings arriËres interminables. Je suis un assidu de votre filmographie en particulier 2001, Orange mÈcanique... Bravo!!! Pour cette vision impressionniste, dÈroutante et d'avangarde, pour toute la soliditÈ et la densitÈ intÈrieure de votre art il y a nÈcessitÈ de voir plusieurs fois vos films. Et aussi pour savourer, dÈguster, distiller ce savant mÈlange de technologie et de mÈtaphysique. J'ai bien remarquÈ cette allusion ý la crÈation de l'homme, rÈfÈrence ý la fresque de Michel-Ange sur le plafond de la chapelle Sixtine, dans cette scËne de 2001 o˜ les singes touchent le monolithe noir (crÈateur). En faisant ce geste mytique, il deviennent hommes. J'ai ÈtÈ fascinÈ par cette perception du monde dans laquelle vous installez l'homme dans sa quÍte de la survie ou du devenir, qu'il soit rÈvolte (Spartacus, Les sentiers de la gloire, Orange MÈcanique) ou voyage (2001). Avez-vous pensÈ ý une úuvre sur la vie du Christ? J'attends avec impatience le prochain film! -- 01/04/99

jerrymander ( wrote:
And would someone explain to me why herr Kubrick hasn't been blasted for PLAGARIZING several scenes from "The Boys in Company C" for "Full Metal Jacket"? Jeezus - R Lee Ermey is even in both movies... it's no coincidence. -- 01/04/99

Paul Chislett ( wrote:
I was 13 when I went to see 2001 for the first time in 1968. Here we are at the new "Dawn" and I hope the spirit of wonder and recognition of our place in the grand universe ( as portrayed in Contact) can be realized again. We have lost the sense of purpose that existed in the tumultuous year of 1968. Paul. -- 01/05/99

chainsaw massacre ( wrote:
The Killing is one of the best heist films ever made, inspiring Reservoir Dogs, among many others. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a complete mind-fuck and blew my head of. The Shining, Full Metal Jacket and A Clockwork Orange are also the work of a genius, is there no stopping this man??? Totally an erratic genius and a great recluse. lets hope the skull-king goes on for much longer Thanks for listening -- 01/06/99

Sean Kennedy ( wrote:
Your website is truly impressive, in its depth of research and its links to the Criterion Collection of images. These, and your own site's images I download and use as backgrounds for my e-mail messages to friends and family. My Mother used to point out Kubrick's photo shoots in Look magazine to me when I was a boy, and I've been a fan ever since. I find Kubrick and Ridley Scott to be similar in style, that is emphasizing the visual image at times to the detriment of the story. Unlike most of your other correspondents, I find Kubrick's films merely great looking rather than "great." He could pick up a few pointers from the films of David Lean, also a visual artist but one with that certain, extra sensitivity to the story the image seeks to underscore. In that regard, I believe these two great directors are polar opposites on the question of script and image, but what they do have in common, with Scott as a lesser light in the Kubrick camp, is an extreme respect for the impact of the filmed form. I am also very eager to see EWO, and am hopeful that AI will be completed within the next five years. -- 01/07/99

Robert ( wrote:
I love Stanley Kubrick flicks....I wasn't aware of all the movies he has made. I diifently need to check out some of the stuff I haven't seen by Kubrick. -- 01/08/99

riley roden ( wrote:
some fantastic films, truly a visionary filmmaker. clockwork will probably always be my fave. kubrick film. rr decapolis -- 01/09/99

andrea ( wrote:
solo se sei maniaco risulti speciale in quello che fai -- 01/11/99

Patrik Bladh ( wrote:
I dont think HAL is paranoid! -- 01/12/99

Aimie Butterworth ( wrote:
PLEASE HELP!!! I'm doing a research project on The Shining for my media studies A-Level, and what I REALLY REALLY need are interviews, articles, profiles etc from around the time The Shining was released. You all seem like a pretty clued up bunch, so there MUST be someone out there who can help me. E-mail me at:
THANKS! -- 01/14/99

Daria ( wrote:
I have seen numerous amounts of Kubrick pages, but I hated them all. The Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide is so informative and interesting that I visit at least once a week. I love all the Kubrick movies I have seen: A Clockwork Orange, Lolita, The Killing, 2001:A Space Odessey, Dr. Strangelove, and The Shining. Whenever I want to find information on those movies and progress on others, such as Eyes Wide Shut and AI, I always check the Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide. (this sounds like an infomercial.) -- 01/15/99

Gilles Bellomi ( wrote:
Excellent job! This Kubrick site is definetely the one which every Kubrick fan should add to his favourites. I was fascinated the very first time (and still am) when I took a glimpse at all the information you offer for Kubrick fans. I am a devoted moviegoer and Kubrick is THE diretor who impressed me most, although I have not seen all of his films yet. 2001: A Space Odessey has had a great impact on me. Unfortunately, as I was born in '78, I am not among the very lucky poeple who could enjoy '2001' on the big screen in '68. Never-the-less, I can now enjoy it on DVD. I just hope that Criterion is about to release a DVD version of '2001' since the MGM release is a little bit disappointing concerning the 'special features'. If you get information about a Criterion release, let me know! Special Thanks to the 'Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide' Staff. You owe my respect. Your site is an absolute 'must' for Kubrick fans. GREAT JOB! -- 01/17/99

Felipe Strangelove ( wrote:
" We'll meet again , don't know where , don't know when, but I know we'll meet again a sunny day ..." Stanley Kubrick is the live evidence that people who listen to the Oscar Academy or the critics are having their minds really straightened ... Kubrick , in my opinion , is the best in the matter of creating , really creating a movie ... The others just follow the masters ( Hitchcock, Billy Wilder ... ) and make custom movies ... Kubrick really creates . " I was cured all right ...." -- 01/17/99

comic ( wrote:
2 cool. Can anyone provide me with copies of A Clockwork Orange, 2001 ASO? -- 01/24/99

Benedetto Cataldi ( wrote:
One could spend ages talking about Kubrick, but I just would like to express that Spartacus, at least ijn some moments, is the best movie ever! Let me know what you think, and take care. -- 01/26/99

Ayumu Shimada ( wrote:
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- 01/30/99

Paul Wright ( wrote:
Hi Guys, I am now 45, and I'll always remember A Clockwork Orange which I think I first saw when I was about 17~18. Can you tell me whether I can get hold of an original (or near to) copy of the film on video tape ?? -- 02/02/99

Sasha Kelemen ( wrote:
THis is the greatest web page i have seen. Stanley is my idle -- 02/03/99


Patrik Bladh ( wrote:
please, if some one can help me with some old article about A Clockworkorang ,Berry Lyndon and 2001 -- 02/04/99

No words to describe clockwork orange! It¥s the madest movie ever! -- 02/05/99

A ( wrote:
...and I continue to have nightmares of two little girls chasing me with butcher knives. Has anyone heard of an autobiography in the works? -- 02/08/99

Shaun ( wrote:
The Greatest Movie Ever Made: mmmmm.....Spartacus? Well, a great film, yes, but methinks Barry Lyndon far outshines. And what of 2001? Well, there's also Dr. Strangelove, etc, and these are Kubrick films, yes.... Now shall we add in Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Rear Window, Vertigo, Last Temptation of Christ, Manchurian Candidate, Seven Samurai, The Bicycle Thief, Das Boot, Seventh Seal, Schindler's List, The Ruling Class and, of course, The Godfather Trilogy??? My point: never shall there be listed one greatest movie.... there are at least 50 of them on par with one another in various ways... Cheers to all as we await EWS. -- Shaun. -- 02/12/99

Jap ( wrote:
Kubric's films are very good. My favorite is Cloclworked Orange. Your site is very good. Go!!!!! -- 02/16/99

Bambye ( wrote:
Don't get me wrong, Clockwork Orange is still my favourite movie but wouldn't it be nice if Stan made a remake that includes the ending.(for those of you that have no idea what im talking about there is anoter chapter in the book by Anthony Burgess that was not originally published and therefore also emmited from the movie) -- 02/21/99

Bambye ( wrote:
Don't get me wrong, Clockwork Orange is still my favourite movie but wouldn't it be nice if Stan made a remake that includes the ending.(for those of you that have no idea what im talking about there is anoter chapter in the book by Anthony Burgess that was not originally published and therefore also emmited from the movie) -- 02/21/99

John Wood ( wrote:
The excitement mounts at the prospect of a new work from Kubrick for the first time in 12 years. "Eyes Wide Shut" being possibly his penultimate film. I look forward to experiencing this work, rather than just viewing as is the case with the mediocrity, that occupy the multiplexes. Notwithstanding, the inevitable disappointment that the "film reviewers" will bestow upon this work, as was the case with "Full Metal Jacket", this work will surely engage the brain, and challenge the audience in many ways, like no other contemporary release. As always with Kubrick's films the drama being expressed visually, powerfully exploiting the language of film,. Whatever the verdict on "Eyes Wide Shut", it will not be mediocre or depressingly formulaic. Kubrick is surely the last remaining Auteur still working within the mainstream, all others deceased or in retirement. Viva Kubrick. -- 02/23/99

Michelle ( wrote:
What a beautiful site - the layout, color scheme, and of course content, are all very nice. My Kubrick contact is limited to being able to say someone from my high school back in the suburbs of Chicago was Animal Mother (?) in "Full Metal Jacket". Whoo hoo - his name is Adam and I think he was also in "My Bodyguard." I'm sure fans have heard it all here. I also like the story of how Kubrick wanted to meet with James Cameron. And how Cameron was so excited. Then SK just picked his brains about "Titanic" so he could be up to date and was like, okay, nice meeting you, bye. I have a website about YA and children's author M.E. Kerr and Mary James. I hope interested parties will visit! -- 02/25/99

Jeremy Delaporta ( wrote:
I have logged on before, Kubrick is brillant. I now have my own film siteprovided by Pat Okey who gave me a chance to vent my reviews and my passion for Kubrick's work. view and e-mail me at my address Thank You for your timeand page. -- 03/05/99

A - No there doesn't seem to be anything like an autobiography of Stanley Kubrick likely now or any time - not surprising, given his reluctance to give too much of a personal nature away over the past forty years. However - you may be interested to hear that there is a fine new book on the way (probably June/July) called 'The Stanley Kubrick Companion' which gives a complete and thorough rundown of his career right up to date. Those who have seen extracts from it say it is the most balanced book on the man so far - unlike the John Baxter hatchet-job of last year (at least one person interviewed for the Baxter book now has serious misgivings about the way he was portrayed in the finished text). The new book aims to refute most of the myths and rumours surrounding Kubrick and present him as, in James B Harris' words, 'a regular guy'. In case you're wondering, I am the author of this book, so I may be slightly biased..... Anyway, it's out to coincide with the release of 'Eyes Wide Shut' - sometime this century !!!!!!!!!!! -- 03/05/99

Jonas Ahlsgard
Oh my god I cant believe its true! You were my hero Stanley! Rest in peace Stanley Kubrick. Goodbye -- 03/07/99

J. Bernstein ( wrote:
Shock. Just heard it on English television. He was a true original, his films pushed the boundaries of his art. Yea, Stanley Kubrick will live longer in death far beyond all the years of his life. He will live on in all the people who are affected by his films. -- 03/07/99

Gordon Stainforth ( wrote:
Stanley, I really hoped that one day I would meet you again, but it was not to be. Now you are gone, but your work will live for ever. I feel immensely proud to have worked with you, the greatest artist that I have ever met. I doubt if I shall ever meet your like again. Gordon Stainforth. -- 03/07/99

Stuart Goodacre ( wrote:
What a very well researched and constructed site. Unfortunately , I've only just discovered it via a BBC link on Kubrick's death. -- 03/07/99

Mike Raggett ( wrote:
I was totally shocked and saddened when I heard of his death. I wish to pay my respects to his family and friends. We have all lost a truly great film director today. -- 03/07/99

Colombo Paolo ( wrote:
Cry, oh my brothers , cry.Because He is Dead -- 03/07/99

Bruno TASSAN ( wrote:
Je viens d'apprendre ý l'instant le dÈcËs de Stanley Kubrick. Un gÈant viens de partir pour les Ètoiles. Du fond du coeur, je rends hommage ý celui qui fšt mon guide cinÈmatographique. Et je joints ma profonde Èmotion ý celle de ses proches, amis et ý tous ceux qui comme moi ont suivi son oeuvre extraordinaire. -- 03/07/99

Donald Marcus Jones ( wrote:
During the past twenty years, I have made a number of low-budget, independent films with my friend and business partner, James Lane. Stanley Kubrick has been, for me, the greatest of all cinema artists. When I first viewed "2001: A Space Odyssey" in the old Warner's Cinerama theater in July, 1968, I was forever transformed and inspired to somehow aim for the unattainable brilliance and perfection that marked Kubrick's works. I am completely devastated by the news of Kubrick's passing. What a tragic irony that the other incomparable American genius of cinema, Orson Welles, like Stanley, died at the age of seventy. All of my best wishes and deepest sympathy go to Mr. Kubrick's family. -- 03/07/99

Gilles Bellomi ( wrote:
Oh my God...I' ve just heard it on the news. Why he? Why now? My God I still can't believe it. Folks, we just lost one of the THE GREATEST Cineaste of Cinema History. He was an artist in a business which was and is ruled by money. His films were not always successful at the box office. However, it is undeniable that his films have a great artistic value. Mr Kubrick, I hope we will meet again... .....don't know where, don't know when -- 03/07/99

Simon Spiegel ( wrote:
Stanley, we will miss you. -- 03/07/99

Samuel Brown ( wrote:
Stanley...this is a sad day that i learned of your death. You were a driving force in the industry and no one can ever take your place...We'll miss ya old buddy. With love, Sam -- 03/07/99

Kate Rine
Mr. Kubrick's death today has truly brought an end to an amazing career as well as an era in filmmakng. I'm at a loss to express the kind of genius I thought his work represented. His work will certainly live on to inspire us to look inwards and reach upwards. -- 03/07/99

Mark Besten ( wrote:
March 7, 1999 -- He worked harder than any other filmmaker to ensure that his work would be perfect; his reward is that he himself now is perfect. You can be sure that at this very moment, he's looking down at us and having a real horrorshow smeck at the fact that we're using computers as the primary conduit of our human sorrow and loss. Thank you and farewell! -- 03/07/99

Felipe Strangelove ( wrote:
The man is gone , but the work is done . Kubrick , your death brings sadness to our lives , but I still can smile when I think of the wonderful movies you've made . And that won't die . Wherever you are , remember ... " We'll meet again , don't know where , don't know when , but I know we'll meet again , a sunny day ..." Farewell ... and thank you for your life and the chance I had to live at the same world of a man like you ... -- 03/07/99

michael morris snyderman
I cry. Ecco homo sapien. I loved him like a son loves a father; -- 03/07/99

Eric McMullen ( wrote:
Filmmaker, Photographer, Friend: They are all equal now. -- 03/07/99

Joe Boguszewski ( wrote:
I can no longer sit back and allow communist infiltration, cummunist indoctrination, communist subversion and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids I think that says it all -- 03/07/99

Shaun M. Kelly ( wrote:
So much to accomplish -- So little time -- Now there's no time left. I sob for this loss; he was one of the last Great directors/artists/creators of our society. Make you rest in peace, Stanley. "We'll meet again." -- 03/07/99

Victor ( wrote:
I've heard of the genius death like 15 or 20 minutes ago and I had to express my sorrow and my sadness for One of the latest masters of modern cinema departure , his perfectionism and avant garde work have brought cinema to a higher ground and will make his movies like him live forever! Goodbye -- 03/07/99

Michael Grummer ( wrote:
Hard to express how I feel upon hearing of Kubrick's passing. I recall sitting through three straight showings of 2001 and being amazed each time. I watched Barry Lyndon tonite as it's mournful theme seemed appropriate. Thank you Mr. Kubrick for inspiring thought and insight. You will be missed. -- 03/07/99

Colm Cronin ( wrote:
Like thousands of devotees around the world, I feel a genuine sense of grief at the sudden passing of Stanley Kubrick. I was stunned to hear the news on the BBC World Service at 7am Hong Kong time as I awoke this morning, as was my girlfriend who has recently grown to share my profound, sometimes obsessive fascination with his movies. As films generally take several months to reach Hong Kong, we had even planned to fly across the world to see Eyes Wide Shut on the day of its release in July this year, such was the overwhelming pull of the prospect of seeing a Kubrick film in a first-run cinema for the first time. I was too young to see either The Shining or Full Metal Jacket in a theatre. I am sure that Eyes Wide Shut will be a fitting finale and tribute to his unique career. My deepest sympathies go to Stanley Kubrick's family and friends. There may never be another filmmaker quite like him. I have no doubt that he will be remembered as one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century -- 03/08/99

Robb Wilson ( wrote:
I am still reeling from shock upon hearing the news of Kubrick's death. He was one of a kind, like Welles, Fellini and Kurosawa before him. He was an unparalleled genius whose shoes will never be filled. It is reassuring to know "Eyes Wide Shut" is completed. It's too bad it is Kubrick's swan song. We were hoping for more. -- 03/08/99

Robb Wilson ( wrote:
I am still reeling from shock upon hearing the news of Kubrick's death. He was one of a kind, like Welles, Fellini and Kurosawa before him. He was an unparalleled genius whose shoes will never be filled. It is reassuring to know "Eyes Wide Shut" is completed. It's too bad it is Kubrick's swan song. We were hoping for more. -- 03/08/99

Scott ( wrote:
What sad news. I just bought a computer last week and the first time I visit your web site is the day I heard Kubrick died. At least there is consolation in the fact that people will be viewing and discussing his films for many years to come. As it always is with true art. -- 03/08/99

Randi Lynn McDonald ( wrote:
I am so sorry to hear of Mr. Kubrick's passing today. He was a great film maker... truly a genius. My condolences go out to his family. Sincerely, Randi Lynn McDonald Newport Beach, California -- 03/08/99

Eric E. Johnson ( wrote:
rest in peace my brother. -- 03/08/99

James Howard ( wrote:
Nothing really useful to add - 70 is no age at all... 'Eyes Wide Shut' was apparently screened for Warner Brothers execs just four days ago - a press release late Sunday says it is 'a fitting tribute' to its director, and will be released as plnned in July (US) and August (UK). No doubt there will be any number of parasites crawling out of the woodwork in the coming weeks to share with us their 'version' of Kubrick - more rumours, myths, nonsense - as if there hasn't been enough garbage written about him already. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman said yesterday that Stanley Kubrick was 'family' - that says it all, I think. -- 03/08/99

Mark de Webber (Marco Bonichi) ( wrote:
I would just like to say, Stanley, that you had changed my life and without you, I would of never been inspired to do anything in my life. You are my hero, and I will never forget you for as long as I live, and I'm sure there are many who cry with me on this sad day. Kubrick will live in his fans hearts forever. May he rest in peace. Stanley Kubrick (1928 - 1999) -- 03/08/99

Rob Mitchell ( wrote:
Made us all dream eyes wide open... The rest of the film world is catching up from his work 30 yrs ago... I still can't believe the news... -- 03/08/99

ced ( wrote:
GOD BLESS YOU STAN -- 03/08/99

Raphael Coutinho ( wrote:
Hoje estou sem palavras. Certamente deve ser o dia mais triste para a humanidade. Acabamos de perder o ultimo grande criador da setima arte, portanto calamos junto com o mestre que infelizmente tambem se cala. E o mundo chorara com a sua ausencia. -- 03/08/99

Luiz PÈrez Lima, Brasil ( wrote:
Š triste ter que aceitar a morte do diretor que me fez gostar de cinema, que fez alguns dos melhores filmes que j· vi. O cara que conseguiu fazer atÈ Stephen King parecer obra-prima. Est· para nascer alguÈm que chegue ao menos aos pÈs de Stanley Kubrick. -- 03/08/99

Guido ( wrote:
Goodbye Mr Kubrick. -- 03/08/99

Larry Coressel ( wrote:
Today, and all week, on FM 88.1 WDPR in Dayton, Ohio I will be playing music from most of Kubrick's films as a final farewell to my favorite film director. From Handel's Sarabande to Ligeti's Requiem, all of it expresses my love and appreciation for his work. How poetic the title of his last work now that his eyes are permanently closed.... -Larry Coressel, Dayton Public Radio -- 03/08/99

kevin F
I would like to wish Mr. Kubrick good luck on his final, earthly odessy. I hope they have camera's and film where he is now. Undoubtably, he'll knock them dead just like us. Maybe they will understand him better, but what is life without mystery. I hope we all will "Meet again someday, don't know when, don't know how, but someday". My final words are to Stanley: Your films were as perfect as clockwork, you took your audience on an odessy we will never forget,we went in with our eyes shut and came out wide open, and you will forever shine in our memory. -- 03/08/99

kevin F
I would like to wish Mr. Kubrick good luck on his final, earthly odessy. I hope they have camera's and film where he is now. Undoubtably, he'll knock them dead just like us. Maybe they will understand him better, but what is life without mystery. I hope we all will "Meet again someday, don't know when, don't know how, but someday". My final words are to Stanley: Your films were as perfect as clockwork, you took your audience on an odessy we will never forget,we went in with our eyes shut and came out wide open, and you will forever shine in our memory. -- 03/08/99

Andrea ( wrote:
Only one dream is missing and is called A.I., the rest is inside us. I will never end saying "thank you, MAESTRO", never. Life will be harder, waiting for July. Andrea. -- 03/08/99

josÈ carlos somoza ( wrote:
Kubrick is dead: a terrible, cold loss (so cold and terrible as his masterpiece "2001"). But his work stays. His films will remain forever: they are full of greatness, enigma and eternity... as the famous 2001¥s monolith. -- 03/08/99

Holden Pike
If you had to chose one word to describe his brilliance: SINGULAR. Now he wont take us to futher other worlds with AI. I suppose we'll have to wait for ACTUAL Alien contact now, though I suspect reality won't be as profound or visually impressive. His Purity of Essence has now merged with the infinate to become a permanent gleam in the Star Baby's eye, my little Droogies. -- 03/08/99

Faustino Hern·ndez ( wrote:
Why? I just don¥t know. But I¥m sure that his work will live forever. Thank you Mr. Stanley Kubrick, my influence, my hero, my best company in my best days. Goodbye. Por quÈ? No lo sÈ. Pero estoy seguro que su obra vivir· para siempre. Gracias SeÒor Kubrick, mi influencia, mi hÈroe, my mejor compaÒÌa en mis mejores dÌas. AdiÛs. Atte. Faustino Hern·ndez from San AndrÈs Tuxtla,Ver.MÈxico -- 03/08/99

Emmanuelle ( wrote:
Thank you to Stanley -- 03/08/99

antonilli alessio ( wrote:
i'm sad today for your departure bat your film had made you immortal thank you for ever stanley -- 03/08/99

Alex (!) Wrobel ( wrote:
I really like this site. S.K. will never be forgotten. Anyone from Germany out there - please report about movie festivals to me: I do not like XXX-mails !!! See ya at this page -- 03/08/99

Lawrence Marcus ( wrote: I have seen all of Kubrick's films and his work is of a man of penetrating intelligence and wit. Each one of his films analyze and reveals some of the most important moral and philosphical issues facing mankind while putting them in the context of mesmorizing images and sound that only he could conceive of. His characters and vision are unforgettable. I am really upset by his loss. He can not be replaced. I was especially looking forward to seeing his latest Sci-Fi film AI which will probably never see the light of day. This is my first time on this site. I work as an information architect and I would be glad to contribute my expertise to this site. Regards, Lawrence Alan Marcus New York City -- 03/08/99

Patrick Zarate ( wrote:
I have been aware of Kubrick since I have been aware of film. I remember waiting almost a year for the release of "2001" at the local 50cent movie house so my family could afford to take me. When I bought a reel to reel tape recorder the first movie I taped off TV was "Dr Strangelove". I missed a few days of food to afford to see "Barry Lyndon" when it came out in 1975 - the classic college student when Kubrick and Bergman and Fellini were our fodder in film class. I find his death very personal and the spin of the media as him being "cold" and "nihilistic" in their obit's as very hurtful. He was the steady rock of an ill gotten industry.... -- 03/08/99

Jeff Westerman
My grief is endless. I am grateful to have lived in his time. He was truly the "artist of the century." And he now belongs to the ages. -- 03/08/99

Robb Wilson ( wrote:
Kubrick died a true artist. He was finishing up what would be his last work. Many of the world's great artists -- painters, composers, poets, novelists -- have died and left work in various stages of near-completion. Fortunately, what remains to be done on "Eyes Wide Shut" can be attended to by his many trusted assistants. But he left this world while completing a work of art. Kubrick died a true artist. -- 03/08/99

Fernando, from Buenos Aires ( wrote:
I can believe the news... Stanley was one of the Ones, he open my eyes to the Real cinema, images, sounds, perfection... Thanks Stanley, for your work, your imagination and your legacy -- 03/08/99

MAKI ( wrote:
I love A CLOCKWORK ORANGE!!! -- 03/09/99

Indra Bhose ( wrote:
Like many other film makers, 2001 was one of the reasons I decided I wanted to be a director. And why do none of the papers list Barry Lyndon as among his greatest works - it is. It sometimes feels like the lost masterpiece. RIP Stan the Man. -- 03/09/99

Glenn ( wrote:
The sublime artisic vision vanishes into eternity. We are indeed fortunate that his documents shall survive to startle us all. Watch, think, BELIEVE!! See ya Stan. -- 03/09/99

Marc Labrosse ( wrote:
To all of Kubrick's fans out there, don't do as I did when I first learned of his departure, please, don't think about all the films we'll be deprived of because of life's fragility, no, don't be that egoistical, instead think of all the ones he left us with, and think about the greatest gift he could give us , a last gigantic effort to produce his last symphony.Don't you think that this isn't worth millions? It's true that life's not going to be the same anymore, but I think that Stanley Kubrick has done more than his share of work in his life and that now it's our turn to do the same. To all of Kubrick's fans, please never stop talking about his films. NEVER! Introduce someone you know to Stanley Kubrick's films. If each of us do this, or at least tries, not only his films won't be forgotten but they'll even gain a momentum strong enough to reach a very far futur. Stanley Kubrick deserves at least this. I'd like to express my fondest condolences to Christianne, Katharina, Anya and Vivian, and also to his friends and colleages. Your husband, father and friend won't be forgotten. Stanley kubrick...thank you. Beyond the infinite -- 03/09/99

h. meral akman ( wrote:
there is nothing left to say rest in peace mr. kubrick -- 03/09/99

Chayah .B. ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick RIP. One of the greatest minds to ever cross the silver screen. He will be missed terribly. All of his fans will miss him. I loved him and his work. He is my inspiration for going into film. Hope his family are well. The world has lost a true artist. -- 03/09/99

James Marinaccio ( wrote:
Stanley deserves the highest accolades of any artist this century. He was truly a genius. I have been a huge fan for 18 years. Only FMJ has been released in that time. I remember how exciting that was. I thought there was no way he'd take 7 years again between films like he had after The Shining. I've been following his actions so closely this decade. First it was Aryan Papers, then A.I. and then EWS since late 96. Thank God he finished it. I just hope Warners doesn't mess with it. It was ironic to see all the hype over DiMaggio. So many people idolized him but the man hasn't done what he's famous for for decades. Idolizing a director is different. I started appreciating Stan when I was a young man and continued to follow his pursuits well into my adulthood and until his demise. It will be poignant to watch the film knowing it's his last work. I feel privilged, as if I can recognize that I've been watching someone's career who will be revered centuries from now much as a Shakespeare, Picasso, or Mozart is today and long after people forget the Speilberg's of our day. Waiting 12 years for a Kubrick film was more enjoyable then watching the 6 Scorsece films out in that time (and I love Scorcese). Take care Stan. You're the best. We'll meet again - don't know where- don't know when... -- 03/09/99

"Todos los cinefilos estamos de luto", wich means all movie buffs are mourning the decease of the great late master Kubrick. I propose that all cinema academies and workshops in the world take subjects on his masterpieces. R.I.P. for a true genious. P.S.: Great website. -- 03/09/99

Chris Bourton ( wrote:
In 44 years, Kubrick had managed about 13 films, for any other director, this was a long time, others like to churn out 1 a year or maybe 2 a year. So, what was so special about Kubrick? Well, because he had taken so much time on these films, and being a perfectionist, these films were the true work of Genius/a God. Every film had so much meaning, pain, laughter, anger, violence, mind-trips, so much so, that I could relate to his work, totally. ....And I still can, those films will live forever and beyond the infinite, they will continue to carry to further generations. By watching Kubrick's films, only then can you say that your life is complete, and only then! For he showed what life was really like, not some fairy tale or fantasy with a happy ending, but the painful emotions. Kubrick was, (and will always be) a living legend. a world of..shit! -- 03/10/99

flavio gregori ( wrote:
Without Stanley Kubrick. This is the saddest way to end the millennium. -- 03/10/99

Stefano ( wrote:
I love this site...and I don't think I'll go and watch Eyes wide shout. It's not finished. And I don't think Kubrick would be happy to watch it on the theaters before its end. What do you think about it? -- 03/10/99

I am an enormous Kubrick fan and i am completely saddened and devastated to hear of his passing. He was a cinematic genius, a true original and visionary who changed the course of film more than most film makers today could ever dream of. It is tragic that he was never alble to bring to reality his life long dream-project of Napoleon. But, I, like most other fans, would prefer to celebrate his life and his masterpieces(of which their were many) rather than mourn his death. It should be a fact that he never made a bad film, from Fear and Desire up to Eyes Wide Shut, which I would bet my life on will be superb. Each and every director and anyone affiliated with the film industry should bow down and pay their respects to the god of film, the genius, Stanley Kubrick. May you rest in peace. -- 03/10/99

Becky Soto ( wrote:
Kubrick is one of my favorite directors, and 2001 is my all-time favorite film. I was devastated by the news of his death. It was so unexpected. I never had an opportunity to thank the man for his excellent films, but I did get to meet Doug Trumball about 6 years ago, who worked on the effects for 2001. I shook his hand, and thanked him for his work. -- 03/11/99

Jim Linwood ( wrote:
The first Kubrick film I saw was The Killing as a second feature when I was a kid. This film astounded me by the way in which the conventional heist movie could be re-invented by non-linear story-telling. Tarantino with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction is where Stanley was then. Each subsequent Kubrick film was a milestone in my life. As some people always know where they were when JFK was shot, I always know where my life was at when each of his films were premiered. I think the best thing that can be said about Kubrick's films is that they were about things that mattered. -- 03/11/99

Luca Roberi ( wrote:
Well, now he's not anymore between us, he's part of history. I can't believe it really happened, but it's true, like something you don't want to accept. I just saw Dr.Strangelove, and like all Kubrick's movies, when it ends it leaves you in a strange way, you don't know what to think about what you just saw. But you know that something has touched you deep inside. I think he was a genius not only for his great movies, but also for the photography in them, for the perfection of every scene, for the research in every character. Stanley was a philosopher, he could transmit you the right sensation at the right time, but you will realize it only later. Let's keep him alive through his great movies. Thank you, Stanley, for everithing. -- 03/11/99

Scott Millsap ( wrote:
Viddie well, my brother, Viddie well! -- 03/12/99

Fulvio ( wrote:
Have a nice trip Sir. Kubrick -- 03/12/99

Stanley ( wrote:
We shared the same name. The first film I ever saw on the big screen was 2001;A Space Oddessy. It is currently the only film I own of his on DVD. In Nov '98 I read a many paged, very detailed Bio on him by Vincent Lobrutto. But fans like myself cannot keep our "EWS" to the sad fact that even great master filmmakers do not live forever and, like his films, he will never be forgotten. Goodbye Mr. Kubrick -- 03/12/99

David Kelly
I can only echo everyone else's words in saying we have lost a great artist and possibly the finest director America has produced in the last half of he 20th century. Goodbye Stanley. -- 03/12/99

Clement ( wrote:
I've got domain for sale. Send offers to : I'll miss you Stan. -- 03/13/99

Clement ( wrote:
I've got domain for sale. Send offers to : I'll miss you Stan. -- 03/13/99

clement ( wrote:
Sorry, My email is thanx -- 03/13/99

Unimportant (not applicable) wrote:
He made his own light admidst all of our darkness. Live long in the beyond. -- 03/13/99

Frank Bierkenz ( wrote:
Sunday a week ago. That afternoon me and my visiting brother we're listening to the soundtrack of Barry Lyndon on a new Walkman. We have been very influenced by Kubricks works since our teens. (both being around forty now.) We both couldn't catch sleep that night, my brother in Amsterdam and myself in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) after the unexpected news of his sudden death. Kubrick was and will always be our guide; his death marks the end of an era. "Shine on, you crazy diamond" a critic once wrote about this extraordinary artist. Thank you, Stanley Kubrick, for your endless inspiration. -- 03/14/99

I have a message for the young malchick above who's trying to make some pretty polly by putting up the Kubrick domain name for sale. "LET'S HAVE SOME REVERENCE YOU BASTARD!" -- 03/15/99

jasmine (ih00kj) wrote:
clockwork orange was filmed in Thamesmead, a scary area of East London -- 03/15/99

To all the fans, we have a question: the monolithe is the beginning of human intelligence and will be the beginning of a new era. For you what is the essence? Thanks -- 03/15/99

To all the fans, we have a question: the monolithe is the beginning of human intelligence and will be the beginning of a new era. For you what is the essence? Thanks -- 03/15/99

Jari Palmu ( wrote:
Kubrick was the ONLY Director, that i LOVED... so may he rest in peace... ...Thanx for EVERYTHING.... -- 03/16/99

Jari Palmu ( wrote:
Kubrick was the ONLY director i LOVED... may he rest in peace ...Thanx for EVERYTHING -- 03/16/99

Eric Basta
I cannot explain what Stanley Kubrick meant to me. I only know that my perceptions and experiences of art and life are filtered through his films. I will miss waiting for the next film. Condolences to his family and friends. Goodbye Stanley. -- 03/16/99

Kcirbuk ( wrote:
Stop your mourning!!! STANLEY KUBRICK IS NOT DEAD!!! He is faking his death for publicity and to avoid media scrutiny when EYES WIDE SHUT is released on July 16. Right now, he's in the basement of his London home, having his morning coffee and editing A.I. his next film. No one protects their privacy more than Stanley, and he knows he would be hounded by the press for years when EWS is released. Brilliant move Stanley. Can't wait for A.I.!!! -- 03/16/99

Kcirbuk! It hurts to read crap like that. Show a little respect to his family and the REAL fans. -- 03/16/99

chris alford ( wrote:
by some bizarre coincidence, my three favourite films were created by mr kubrick, a man who will be very much missed, even though i never met him, and obviously never would. -- 03/16/99

Paulo Miguel Ferrero ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick: A Major Lost ! March 7th 1999 was a tremendous and bitter day: Stanley Kubrick, the most magnificent film director of our times was dead! Such a lost, similar to Welles, Murnau or Eisenstein will definately mark not only motion picture history but all arts & science society. His films were perfect: colors, geometrics, violence, love, erotism, sadness, joy, terror, music, labyrinth, reborn... mankind. He invented new technics (steadycam, dolly, lenses, etc.); he marked actors (MacDowell, Nicholson, S.Duvall, R.O'Neal, etc.), playwriters (A.C.Clarke, A.Burgess, etc.), photographers (J.Alcott, ...). Each type of film has Kubrick's touch forever: war (brutal and unrational in Full Metal Jackett military estoicism in Paths of Glory, paranoical and comic in Dr.Strangelove), freezing and psico terror in Shining, romance (barroque faust in Barry Lyndon and erotic Lolita, roman epic in Spartacus, sci-fi (cosmic saga towards full knowledege in 2001-A Space Odyssey, and fiction transformed in cruel reality in A Clockwork Orange), classic and labyrintic thriller in The Killing, (only westerns were not made - if Brando has been smarter, he also did it). In Killer's Kiss he gave us the apperitive for his following laudus masterpieces. What an injustice Stanley Kubrick could not see the year 2001! In what concerns me, I shall continue to drink his magic as I saw his films for the first time, the second, the third, etc., etc., looking for perfection where there is only unperfection! Paulo Ferrero Av.E.U.A., 86-7 D 1700-178 Lisbon Portugal E-mail: -- 03/17/99

Marty McFly (from Brazil0 ( wrote:
I've lost three great human beings in my life: my two grandfathers and Stanley Kubrick. Rest in Peace Stanley, 'cos we'll meet someday. -- 03/17/99

Michael Simmons ( wrote:
Kubrick. The director. The myth. No other director than Speilberg has rained down on the psyche of the popular mass. Cinema is the most advanced of the great arts...and as audasuious statement as that may be, Kubrick is easily on of the greats in the motion picture arts. 2001: A Space Odeseyy was a classic-classic works of 20th century art. It brought one thorugh a tour of the history of humans...and what might possibly lay beyond. And stunningly, in a time that we all we're unplugging ourselves from the culture that so controled us. That simply was Kubrick's genius, the ability to use art as a method of psyche shock. Blow one's mind. Make you think beyond the think. Bye, old friend. -- 03/18/99

Michael Dare ( wrote:
You are cordially invited to and you are welcome to link to it. MD -- 03/20/99

Mikko ( wrote:
I am a big fan of Stanley Kubrick and his GREAT movies. My personal favourite is the Dr.Strangelove. A Cold war comedy. And it is still the best of its kind. Ja sitten viel” hiukkasen suomea joukkoon: Olisin halukas ostamaan kyseisen videon, hyv”kuntoisena+kohtuuhintaisena. Jos olet kiinnostunut niin l”hettele E-mailia. -- 03/24/99

Shaun M. Kelly ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick was also a great lover of EXCELLENT music, in particular the works of the 20th century neoclassicists. How saddened I am I shall never see a film of his containing the music of the almighty Dmitri Shostakovich. But I assure you, Kubrick and Shosty are somewhere right now, playing cards and sipping vodka while arguing over the employment of chromatic mediants for a particular shot in a winter storm. --Shaun. PS: Gordon, would you agree? -- 03/24/99

Shaun M. Kelly ( wrote:
PPS: Could anyone tell me WHY the Academy gave a Lifetime Achievement Award to a pro-McCarthy right-wing piece of crap fascist who destroyed the careers of many artists? Could someone also tell me why a brilliant man such as Kubrick didn't receive but a little 3-minute nod? WILL ANYONE ADDRESS THE ACADEMY SO KUBRICK MAY RECEIVE HIS MERITS? -- 03/24/99

Jeremy Delaporta (jeremy.@snet) wrote:
FROM THE MOVIEMAN, PLEASE feel free too read my tribute to S.K. on click on video............There will never be another Stanley kubrick. -- 03/24/99

Gordon Stainforth ( wrote:
I do not recall Stanley ever talking about Shostakovich's music, but you may be interested to know that Ray Lovejoy was a big fan of his music, and when I worked later for Ray on 'Krull' (directed by Peter Yates) he got me to lay a lot of Shostakovich as temporary music tracks for an early preview for the Columbia executives. Because it was a special effects movie, lots of it had no sync sound, so some kind of temporary music was absolutely essential. And did you know that this was how Zarathrustra and the Blue Danube got to be used for 2001? For the very same reason. And it worked so well that Stanley decided to stick with it. Which was tough for the poor old composer Stanley had originally signed up! Separate point: the documentary, 'Making the Shining' (which I helped Vivian Kubrick cut) is being shown on British TV this coming Saturday (27th), BBC2 9.55 pm. I'm sure this is the first time it's ever been repeated. -- 03/24/99

Clement Brillant ( wrote:
I'm just finishing to read an horrible critic of 2001 in a canadian mag Audio Ideas Guide by Andrew Marshall(email: Mr Marshall critic 2001 and Logan's Run. The text: "These two MGM movies fit well together as a review pair, both Sci-Fi, both big-budget, and both full of special effects. Though called a classic, the 1968 2001 least stands the test of time, in my view. It is overly long, ponderous, pretensious, full of bloated symbolism (starting with those stupid apes). What else can you say about a film that is dominated by bland-voiced, neurotic computer? Nor is it served all that well in its DVD release, the extreme widescreen non-anamorphic transfer literally wasting half the screen and potential resolution. And Keir Dullea's wooden performance seems to have hardened with time. I'm afraid I now find the film more comic than anything when it's not simply boring, the only other break from these some visually and musically beautiful sequences. Plot? Forget it. And the only real special feature is a contemporaneous press conference with Arthur C. Clark, which offer some insigghts into the film and his original novel." I think this man is not serious...For me, 2001 is and will be one of the most greatest movie of all time. I love you Stanley. -- 03/25/99

mouawad philippe ( wrote:
Hello, Congratulations for your very interesting and sensible site. PS : I noticed that your link to Full Metal Jacket 's screenplay doesn't work. I'm really interested in downloading Kubrick's films screenplays so if you can do something to get more screenplays it would be a great idea. -- 03/26/99

Progression Music Gallery ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick was the best. He was a web buff, and Progression is proud to announce that, from 1st April, we will have a major online tribute to the man who communicated electronically. Our thanks and blessings to Christiane and Vivian Kubrick. -- 03/26/99

LÌvio Maynard ( wrote:
What else can someone say about Kubrick ? Kubrick loved what he did, that's what counts. I don't think that he cared about other peoples thoughts, he loved making movies, and fortunnately, he did it better than anyone. -- 03/26/99

Jonathan ( wrote:
We really like your site. It's great to read all the great comments about Stanley Kubrick. Aaron, you did a really good job of making this site. -- 03/27/99

Peter F. Hastie (PeterF.@hastie46) wrote:
I am interested on any new info on Eyes Wide Shut & reactions to, comments on what will now happen as re AI -- 03/29/99

Thomas Herbrich ( wrote:
Stanley Kubricks "2001" was such a shock, that this film changed my life. I was a normal photographer, shooting packshots and normal advertising bullshit. But when I saw this film, I only wanted to do such movies like 2001. Unfortunately, in Germany (where I live) there has been the last sf movie done in 1931 ("Metropolis"). I was lucky to do the effects for the first sf movie in Germany since then: "Das Arche Noah Prinzip" - the first movie of Roland Emmerich ("Independence Day", "Godzilla"). But the film business was not the best. So I started to do this kind of photography I am doing since 18 years. In every photo of mine I see the influence of Stanley Kubrick. I am sure - you also. I produce only 18 photos a year - they are so extreme complex, like S.K. would probably w¥have done them. hope you'll enjoy it Thomas see my homepage of spectacular photography -- 03/30/99

Every scene had it's own central design, plotted and mapped cinematography, fluidity of image and sound, at the core, the central idea, the real essence of the scene, the subconcious questioning of his own mind. When scenes combine, ideas merge, yet they always retain their individuality against the collective statement, or the collective question. Film making was not about plots, and actors, but ideas and images, flourishing on the frame and embedding in the viewers mind, the real moral of the story left up to you to decide, a subjective vision. His beliefs were strong yet he never let them dominate him, his vision was always open to interpretaion, yet never the less, you always new his point of view. -- 03/30/99

david waddell ( wrote:
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on this web site. It is truly an inspiration and a labor of love. -- 03/31/99

The site is perfect!With Stanley Kubrick dies the cinema,too.Thanks. -- 03/31/99

Thorsten ( wrote:
I'm a german Stanley Kubrick fan and I'm looking for original versions and with original palytime. In Germany I get cut versions and this is silly. Thank you -- 04/02/99

lunchboy ( wrote:
how can i see the documentary, "making the shining" here in the u.s.? -- 04/02/99

Ira David Flowers ( wrote:
Concious visual communication, higher forms of thought with-in a givin phase-space of universe (these were stanley's films). Stanley Kubrick was a true man, haunted by the internal entities, visions that made him strive for contentment, human communication patterns that annoyed him, and exploration that allowed him to view realms of existance (in any dimension allowed). He was a true filmmaker. The future of motion images will degrade in the coming years, but hopefully there will be a few more individuals who dare to take film to the next level as Stanley Kubrick did. -- 04/02/99

Ira David Flowers ( wrote:
Concious visual communication, higher forms of thought with-in a givin phase-space of universe (these were stanley's films). Stanley Kubrick was a true man, haunted by the internal entities, visions that made him strive for contentment, human communication patterns that annoyed him, and exploration that allowed him to view realms of existance (in any dimension allowed). He was a true filmmaker. The future of motion images will degrade in the coming years, but hopefully there will be a few more individuals who dare to take film to the next level as Stanley Kubrick did. -- 04/02/99

just concerned
Died in his sleep? DIED IN HIS SLEEP?! This was a man with passion, with drive, and only one intention - to complete AI. How could he possibly just DIE? Obviously the strain of working for Warner Bros. and with big-name no-talents, like the Kidman-Cruise duo would have taken quite a toll. After all, he was only making this mainstream commercial fodder to get the finance from the producers to make AI. But just a bit too coincidental that he should die now, just after completion, so that the studio can recut and distribute THEIR film, not his, and so that they will not have to fund a 'flop'. A unique,brilliant and passionate creature, too pure for the Hollywood studio system, and certainly not family to those two awful publicity machines. DID WARNER BROS KILL KUBRICK? Can anyone enlighten me? -- 04/03/99

cometo daddy
Will Chris Cunningham succeed Kubrick as the next forward-thinking director? He was working with Kubrick on AI as well as making fantastic filmclips for Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher, and portisehead, I believe. Also made one for Madonna, but that doesn't really count. -- 04/03/99

Andre McFly ( wrote:
I'm from Brazil and I'm lookin desperately for some stuffs completelly impossible to find here: the documentary "Stanley Kubrick - The Invisible Man", "The Making of 'The Shining'", "Forbidden Fruit" and Kubrick's first documentary shorts. I buy that for a good price and I also can make lots of Kubrick's brazilian articles and brazilian TV coverage of his death that I have as part of the payment... Who got that stuff, please, e-mail me!!! -- 04/03/99

Richard Baker ( wrote: -- 04/04/99

Yuri Smishkewych Rey ( wrote:
Hi there, I am very happy to see there is a sight remembering Stanley Kubrick. I am a 14 year ol that wants to become a filmmaker, and I still remember that Sunday in March when he died. He is my role model, he was the greatest filmmaker that ever lived. He left so many memories in both the world and the cinema buisness. -- 04/05/99

Julio Quinones ( wrote:
"Barry Lyndon" was conceived in such a high level of artistic intuition that it actually opened a new window to the conscience of beauty. Of course, not many people have the natural capacity of aesthetic apreciation to experience this, so all they see is a long boring film. This is why "Barry Lyndon" is not so popular as other Stanley Kubrick films, while in fact is as huge as "2001:A Space Odyssey." (English is only a second language to me so please excuse any errors.) -- 04/07/99

Shivani S ( wrote:
HEEEEEELP! !!! SOMEBODY, ANYBODY!! I'M DESPERATE!! I'm desperately looking to get the video of the movie PATHS OF GLORY (in London), for an ardent fan of Kubrick- like so many of U out there!.........its his B'day in 3 weeks & I know that this would be the best present he could want....So far I've had no luck whatsoever in obtaining it from any retail outlets............ PLEASE!! IF U CAN POSSIBLY HELP WITH ANY INFO ETC.....DO MAIL ME ASAP!.............PLEASE!!!!!!!! -- 04/09/99

HHHHEEEEEEREEEE's JOHNNY!!!!!!! -- 04/10/99

James Howard ( wrote:
to just concerned - i believe you are really being unkind to warner bros over this - stanley kubrick enjoyed a unique relationship with the company, who allowed him the total freedom to make whatever films he wanted, when he wanted and how he wanted. can you think of anyone else who has ever been given such a contract ? certainly there seems no desire on warners' part to change, cut or edit 'eyes wide shut' in any way. ll of their statements have confirmed that the print seen in new york was kubrick's 'final version' and is the one which will be released - whatever the certificate - probably an '18' in the uk and 'R' in the US. and, yes, it is surely a sad end to a life which still seemed to have so much to do, but if there is any truth in the suggestion that the effort of completing the movie brought this about, then that is surely just the way kubrick worked - i spoke with an assistant recently who told me that kubrick had been working eighteen hours a day on the movie for months in order to get it right - to criticise warners/cruise/kidman is unjustified - remember, it was kubrick who approached THEM to be in his picture. would you dispute his intentions ? to anyone else who doubts that warners will play fair with this pic - please check out any reports you can find which have appeared over the past twenty years - this company respected and loved the man. he called them his friends, and there is nothing to suggest that they would let him down now. finally - here in the uk we had no television coverage at all of the oscars (unless you had satellite tv) - can anyone tell me what sort of mention/tribute they offered to kubrick ? -- 04/11/99

James Howard ( wrote:
me again - just noticed on the 'eyes wide shut' page that there is a thought that the trailer/teaser shown in las vegas is unique footage not from the movie. i had a letter recently from kubrick's friend julian senior at warner brothers who says 'the 84 second trailer released at showest is just that. a trailer. it is definitely footage from the film'. running time of the pic, incidentally, will be 2 hours 31 minutes. -- 04/11/99

Ross Hulford ( wrote:
I am counting the days to EYES WIDE SHUT, apparently contains a Chris Issac song in sound track. What a pathetic tribute on uk TV they should have dedicated a whole weekend. Anybody know if the E.W.S trailer has been posted on the net? -- 04/14/99

Yuri Smishkewych Rey ( wrote:
Hello once again! I'd just like to say that there are films nowadays that are just plain stupid. Kubrick proved that film is an art, but noone answered. Now instead of art the cinema buisness has become very commercial, and only about money, don't get me wrong, I love money! But Kubrick actually spent time to prefect his work, unlike Speilberg who comes up with four movies at once. So for the love of man REMEMBER STANLEY KUBRICK!! -- 04/15/99

Andre McFly ( wrote:
Please visit my Kubrick brazilian page on that's still in construction, but you may check out some stuffs which are already done (about his death, his biography and my guestbook) -- 04/16/99

Robb Wilson ( wrote:
Yuri, I appreciate your fears regarding the state of today's films. I know this is a shameless plug, but check out my website: for a parody I wrote back in February that I think hits the nail on the head -- or pretty close anyway. -- 04/17/99

michael morris snyderman
Go forth and lead the way, great and good disciple. From this day to the ending of the world he shall be remembered, in the same breath as Dante, De Vere/Shakespeare/whatever, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Da Vinci, and the other fellers and Ladies whom I've blacked out upon, all the nice hominids that have given us this World and the Web..... -- 04/17/99

Russell Warby ( wrote:
I wonder if anyone knows where all the exterior scenes around Alex's home in "A Clockwork Orange" were shot. For many years I believed that these scenes were shot at Brunel University, but recently I heard on the radio that in fact the location was Thamesmead estate in London. What's the truth? -- 04/19/99

Mara ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick es el mejor, un autentico dios! -- 04/19/99

Pablo DÌaz ( wrote:
Verdaderamente, el siete de marzo muriÛ el cine... -- 04/19/99

G¸nther Klammer ( wrote:
2001: a space odyssey is my favourite film since years and I don¥t think that there will ever be anyone better. Especially I like the last trip from jupiter with the fantastic screen-animations. Now I am looking for posters and other pictures from the film. Please contact me, if you have something, or know where to get. O.K., my mind is going ... -- 04/20/99

Mara ( wrote:
I am a Kubrick fan,specially 2001... I want to contact with other Kubrick fans, please send me an email -- 04/20/99

Mara ( wrote:
I am a Kubrick fan,specially 2001... I want to contact with other Kubrick fans, please send me an email -- 04/20/99

Mara ( wrote:
I am a Kubrick fan,specially 2001... I want to contact with other Kubrick fans, please send me an email -- 04/20/99

John Westwood ( wrote:
He will always be the best! It's a pleasure to own everything he's ever created on video to call my own! And knowing Stanley overviewed every transfer made, well that's just QC to the max! Can't say I'll miss him, because he never left me! He finally took retirement the only way he could! He'd certainly wouldn't retire if he was alive! The timing of everything Stan does is always perfect - some might say 'mechanised'. To bad he couldn't run the Orient Express instead of making movies. Sure it would become a 2 month ride, but none would ever get off! What a ride he ran for us! He will forever be the definition of 'Total Commitment'! -- 04/21/99

Jesse Rimler ( wrote:
There's not a whole lot I can say about Stanley Kubrick that hasn't already been said. I'm absolutely in love with his work and therefore, I love this site. Keep up the good work, Eyes Wide Shut is on the way! -- 04/21/99

Warren Rickman ( wrote:
Fantastic page. The guy real did have a mind didn't he? How the same person can up with movies so diverse and equally breaktaking & enthralling as A Clockwork Orange & 2001. You're just sucked in to a totally believable reality. Clockwork Orange was just totally masterful. I find myself just in love with the film... I suspect it's the mix of viddying amazing screenplay & listening to music which is like it's part of it.
Erik ( wrote:
Hello, all. I love the site. It is very thorough and well structured. I would like to know if anyone has the Playboy Interview transcript and if they could send it to me. Also does anyone have any academic cinematic writing on Kubricks films or where I could find it, on the net or otherwise. Not filmography mind you but film theory on Kub's stuff. Cheers Droogs Erik...... -- 07/03/99

Nick Boice ( wrote:
Kubrick's films are just amazing! A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket are the best! you're site really gives quality information. With Eyes Wide Shut opening soon I'm sure Kubrick will get more fans. -- 07/03/99

Les (Claypool) wrote:
2001: without Kubrick -- 07/03/99

Mike ( wrote:
Kubrick is my idol and I think that this page does him excellent justice to show all of his great acheivments. Vist my movie page at -- 07/03/99

Micah Welner ( ) wrote:
I've been coming to this site for at least 3 years...I love amazing resource of Kubrick materials. Professional looking, complimented by professional Kubrick coverage. Best part is, **this is not just a site about "A Clockwork Orange"** ...wich seems to be a favorite among the internet freak/weirdo type. Hundreds of "ACO" sites out there, with sickly devoted fans (not that i don't like "ACO", infact I love it) but even the stylish design of this site's "ACO" section surpasses those. Brillaint site, probably from a brillant mind. This is what the internet SHOULD be. E-Mail me anyday. -Micah Welner p.s. the above email is correct, but you can also email me at! -- 07/03/99

Scott ( wrote:
Anyone know why the films The Shining and Full Metal Jacket that are being released on DVD are not widescreen versions? -- 07/05/99

Toon Juttmann ( wrote:
Nice site. Stanley Kubrick is the best there was, The best there is and the best tehre evere will be !!!!!!!!!! EWS will be no doubt the best movie of 1999 -- 07/05/99

Shaun the Composer ( wrote:
Hello everyone.... Last night I celebrated the 223rd birthday of my home. Well, yeah, despite its many faults (mainly in the areas of perpetuation and nurturing of greed and extreme individualism) I am still proud of our Constitution, except when so-called "patriots" alter it to suit their own beliefs. So!!! The U.S. artists' community gets yet ANOTHER snip in the hopes of upholding our glorious conservative "family values" through the ravaging of our First Amendment rights, ie: CENSORSHIP??? I speak of the small, but principal, cut from EWS. I would think that one day the general populous of adults in this nation will learn to educate themselves about content, form, etc, and relay this to their children -- by either intelligently supervising them or by being TRUE PARENTS and allowing them, at the ages appropriate to their children's maturity, to make their own decisions. So... we (I mean America) glorify the extremities of violence in retarded cop shows, TV movies, Springer and football, but the artist is still considered the subversive antisocial, Hippie-freak, dope-induced antipatriotic, useless member of a corporate society??? (Look, no offense to those of you who disagree -- but I am not speaking about EVERYone in the country, okay? I speak of the percentage of our population who are IDIOTS.) So... we can send our youth off to be killed in battle (hey chill out people, I'm also a military man myself) yet they can;t drink until they're 21 and can't make their own decisions about interpreting works of art? Yet they are taught from day One to "interpret" the Bible, for the most part, with someone else's perception. And, after having viewed the South Park movie and the Comedy Central documentary on the creators ("the MPAA is made up of 90-yr old white men") I now see why Stanley emigrated to another land. Well, I'll be staying here but, as an artist and teacher, shall forever continue to fight for: 1) the freedoms we are guaranteed, 2) the parents to take the majority of the responsibility for their children instead of leaving it up to a committee of do-gooders, and 3) to make sure I teach my daughter that art and humanities are far more important and valuable than football, corporate slime, and talk shows. Okay, I'll shut up now. PS: Tom, Nic and Syd: you have done a great thing by showing the world that this director deserves terrific artists and that art films DO have famous actors. Cheers. SMK. -- 07/05/99

Kevin Ivey ( wrote:
One of the reasons I started working in film is because of Kubrick. His strength of imagery and freedom of expression are intoxicating and inspiring. Looking for some high-quality scans of poster art for new DVD covers. Please feel free to send. -- 07/06/99

Aurelio IV ( wrote:
Kubrick Rules! He's the best cinema-man ever! -- 07/06/99

JRayfield ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick was more than just a storyteller. He knew how to photograph every scene of every movie he made to the point that the viewer felt that they were in a surreal world. That was because he would photograph them again and again until they were flawless. This technique not only produced great photography in his films but also drew fine performances from his actors and actresses. The one film that he made that stays in my mind (out of all of them) is 2001 A Space Odeyssey. -- 07/06/99

Groovy. -- 07/06/99

Nicole as Albertina? -- 07/06/99

Travis Besst ( wrote:
Great website. The tribute Diane Johnson wrote to Kubrick was new to me and was a pleasure to read. I hate to get negative, but all you folks who work "A Clockwork Orange" nadsat into your postings without a hint of irony are truly idiotic. That kind of thing betrays your total lack of understanding of that film. Just my opinion of course. -- 07/08/99

Ross Hulfod ( wrote:
Now the academy wants to give kubrick a posthumous oscar, a little late dont't you think. Stanley never recieved an award for best director, a guess this is what happens when you make ground breaking pieces of art and not the throw away crap produced on the hollywood treadmill. -- 07/08/99

Benjamin Portner ( wrote:
There can be no words led to describe what this mythical creature meant to me, as if sent from the silver-lined clouds of Heaven, Kubrick was a god. To remember him just by his work alone would be an insult to his genius, We must remember that he was also a man, but more than just a man, his golden touch blessed us all and now it is black with his death. As all great directors he will never truely be dead when ever I set my eyes upon "A Clockwork Orange" or "2001: A Space Oddessy" I will see his eyes behind the viewfinder searching for the perfect shot, always searching. And to we the viewer the perfect shot is found. -- 07/09/99

Melanie ( wrote:
A very well done and tasteful site, and a joy to see so much information. I have been a Kubrick fan since I was too young to be watching such movies but have always loved everything he has done. I can't wait for Eyes Wide Shut and only wish he'd had the chance to make even more films. Thanks for a great site for us loyal fans, old and new. -- 07/09/99

arnold thielen ( wrote:
Thanks Stanley! You were the best! -- 07/10/99

Phil Lucero ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick far and away has proven to be the most original, most provocative and most appreciated directors of our time. In only thirteen full length films and a few short subject documentaries in almost fifty years, Kubrick has managed to captivate and intrigue audiences of all genres and generations. I feel lucky to have been able to feel the anticipation of a Kubrick film. And I hope that no director tries to take on the task of making AI. It couldn't be the same. We all miss you Stanley. -- 07/11/99

M Rouse ( wrote:
An awesome site worthy of the genius that is Stanley Kubrick. I am a big fan of the poster/media campaigns for his movies and was wondering if you could e-mail me once the gallery has been completed. Much appreciated. -- 07/11/99

tom cruise ( wrote:
and yet another test. -- 07/11/99

Melanie Finn ( wrote:
What a fantastic site for such an outstanding director !! He's created films that make us confront our worst fears and fantasies ....... each film will live on in your memory and in memory of the late Stanley Kubrick !! -- 07/12/99

hectic ( wrote:
Fear the sheep! Come on, fear them! -- 07/12/99

Kyle Malone
My favorite Kubrick films are The Shining and A Clockwork Orange. I think the cinematograhy is just beautiful in these films. I can't wait to see Eyes Wide Shut. -- 07/12/99

Stanley Kubrick
My new movie Eyes Wide Shut I hope will shock audiences all over the world. I am really still alive living in a bomb shelter in Philadelphia. My film Dr. strangelove is really a vision of the future I got in a dream when I was 20. I'm sorry for all of you Kubrick fans, but Eyes Wide Shut is my last film.I had to stage My death because the Russian secret services found out I knew too much about their communist plans for global domination. Kosovo is involved to. To all of you Kubrick fans, There is hidden messages in Eyes Wide Shut to my location in delphia. to all of my fans, good luck in these trying times! -- 07/12/99

Brian Stout ( wrote:
I am currently searching for any posters or prints of Kubrick. If you could help me out or knew where to locate one I would greatly appreciate it. -- 07/12/99

Morgan Gullard
Stanley Kubrick was the greatest director ever! I'm glad that there is a web site for him and that there is to be a Kubrick collection. I can't wait for it. His direction and films ae so inspiring. He was the greatest!!!! -- 07/12/99

Morgan Gullard
Kubrick was the greatest director ever!!! I'm glad there web sites devoted to him. His films are so inspiring!!! Thanks to him, I would like to go into film business. Can't wait to get the VHS box set! -7-12-99 -- 07/12/99

Reinaldo Antoni ( wrote:
What can I say ? Long live master Kubrick and thanks for having made my life magic and wonderful....Forever grateful. -- 07/12/99

Morito ( wrote:
2001 come soon!! -- 07/13/99

Ethan G. Jones ( wrote:
I saw Full Metal Jacket with a friend during my early romance with the cinema(I was twelve), before I was fascinated with composition and movement, etc.., and I was floored by the way in which the story was told. The way things went down. Something about the flow of the narrative was so systematic and eerie that I couldn't shake the movie from my mind for the rest of the summer. People I knew, and fathers of some friends of mine, who were veterans of the conflict in Vietnam claimed that FMJ was the most realistic depiction of that experience that they'd ever seen on film, (in addition to, and sometimes even more so than Apocolypse Now). Now to have that kind of statement repeated by several men who were there, and knowing full well that not a single frame was lensed in Southeast Asia, made for an enigma of storytelling that I've only now begun to uncover with any semblance of progress. My first film professor, four years later, claimed Mr. Kubrick as HIS favorite. This professor teaches NYU's prestigious Film program, and I assumed he had a valid point of view so I followed up a bit. It takes me a few years to even warm up to the idea of seeing a new Kubrick film, but that time frame is happily and rapidly increasing. What I realize after watching a Kubrick film,(and my girlfriend makes a point of reminding me to death about this), is that everywhere I look, and in so many movies since probably The Killing' SOMEONE ALWAYS RIPS-OFF A KUBRICK DEVICE! This seems to happen a bit with David Lean as well, but not nearly as much as with Kubrick. I don't care WHO Kubrick may have ripped-off because for him to have lifted an idea, the source of it is probably so obscure that my young being would have had nearly no commercial exposure to it. My dad might've,(he's two years older than Kubrick was), but not me. Therefore I'm not concerned with whom he borrowed from. Spielberg, or Carpenter, Scott, or dare I say Cameron? Whole `nother story. I have been deeply affected by the intellegence, form/function and most obviously the WIT inherent in every frame of this master's works. I aspire to affect people as subtly and overtly as this man had affected me. He will be missed... -- 07/13/99

Da hog (Ah ah ah, I ain't givin' ya that) wrote:
Hey, um where are the sound's? I'm looking for the I'm sorry dave sound but i can't find it. -- 07/13/99

Alex S. ( wrote:
Sir, you have a fine quality site. Kubrick was an incredible director whose caliber shall never be matched. Your page does him justice, and the colors and theme match well with good taste. I found the section on A.I. quite interesting, and the rest of your site follows with rock solid content. Good job. -- 07/13/99

Nicole ( wrote:
I loved Clockwork Orange and I had no idea that he had done so many other movies.. I've been dying to see both versions of lolita.. And no matter what the critics say about Eyes Wide Shut, I"m sure that it's going to be a perfect work of art, just like his other movies have been... -- 07/14/99

Steve S. ( wrote:
Staley Kubrick is my favorite director of all time. I have really only seen Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket,2001, Barry Lyndon, Dr. Strangelove, The Shining, and part of Spartacus. I really like his movies, especially clockwork orange and 2001. Oh yeah, the website is really cool too. I like how it is set up, it's very easy to navigate through and I learned a lot about kubrick that I didn't already know. -- 07/15/99

Matt H ( wrote:
wow!!!! eyes wide shut looks pretty damn creepy -- 07/15/99

jon cottrell ( wrote:
Who needs any other movies? -- 07/15/99

Russell S ( wrote:
To all fans and admirers of Stanley Kubrick: I would like to post my general disgust that Warner Brothers is planning to release two versions of Eyes Wide Shut. While Europe will get to see an unaltered NC-17 version of the film - the movie as Stanley Kubrick wanted it to be seen, we in North America will only have access to a ìdigitally alteredî R rated version. Apparently, there is a scene in which Tom Cruiseís character walks through a orgy. For North American audiences the scene has been digitally censored by placing additional background characters in front of some of the sexual acts. Warner Brothers justifies this act of censorship by saying that Kubrickís contract required he produce an R rated movie. This is crap! I for one have no intention of seeing Eyeís Wide Shut until I have access to Kubrickís unaltered cut. PS Tom Cruise is appearing tonight (July 15th) on CNNís Larry King Live Show. Perhaps some one should ask Tom about the changes to the film. I believe he is on record as saying he would never allow the film to be cut. Is ìdigital altering the pictureî Tomís crafty way of saying he stood his ground? Tell us it ainít so Tom! Tell us you didnít sell out Kubrick! -- 07/15/99

Lovely site ! Too bad Kubrick passed away though, when are the movie posters coming up on the site ? -- 07/15/99

Kathy ( wrote:
It's just very unfortunate that we lost such a unique mind. All his films will remain classics and he will not be forgotten. -- 07/15/99

Neil B ( wrote:
I wish I could of met you Stanley. You will never be forgotten. -- 07/16/99

Tim Hennigar ( wrote:
hi i would liek to tell you your site is very well laid out! it is really good. I am off to see eyes wide shut tonight! -- 07/16/99

William Keihn ( wrote:
I am honored and privilaged as a 16 year old kid who is obsessed with teenage outlook novels such as The Cathcher in the Rye, to be able to watch A Clockwork Orange and relate to the main character, Alex. And I am even more honored to be able to be old enough to watch Kubrick's final masterpiece. -- 07/16/99

Aleister Crowley ( wrote:
Hi everybody, I'm a french Kubrick Fan, and I visit this site very often. I must say it is very impressive. I have some questions to ask: - Some rumors reported that A.I. would finally be directed by Steven Spielberg, has anybody heard about that ?? - What was Kubrick's death-cause, if there was any official ? Thanks for reading, Aleister My Homepage, in french : Movies, Music, Books, and more ... -- 07/17/99

Gary Chong ( wrote:
Thanks for the page, it's very informative, especially of the rare pictures of Kubrick. -- 07/17/99

Mika Pyk”l”aho ( wrote:
Stanley is always my man, now and forever - no doubt about it. He was just way too unbelievable, from another planet or something. For example Clockwork orange, The Shining and Full metal jacket keeps on shockin me every time I see 'em. He was maybe the biggest movie director of 'em all, who died as an old man, but he was still way too young because there's a lot that he could have still done. I'm looking forward to see Eyes wide shut, and I guess it's the same kind of a killer as all the other Kubrick films. Hail Stanley! -- 07/17/99

Macready ( wrote:
Great site! Very great site indeed! Kubrick is my favorite director of all time and it shocked me when he died in March 99. Here's to ya Stanley! -- 07/18/99

Stephen Brown ( wrote:
I've just realised the full genius of Kubrick over the last couple of years. 'The Shining' was my favourite film since I first watched at around the tender age of 13. After seeing 'A Clockwork Orange' and '2001: A Space Odyssy'(?), aswell now I am trying to watch the rest of his films, hoping they will be as good and original as the 3 that I've already seen. Cool Website! -- 07/18/99

Richard Buck ( wrote:
It certainly is unfortunate to have lost a man like kubrick who brought such exceptional intellect to the world of cinema which, as of these days, has none whatsoever. -- 07/18/99

shaun strack ( wrote:
i will miss you stanley kubrick -- 07/18/99

Ross Hulford ( wrote:
The only site on the web which I continually return to; Interesting reading all the reviews for eyes wide shut, unfortunately I have to wait until september. -- 07/18/99

michael ( wrote:
"Eyes Wide Shut" is a great piece to semi-complete the Kubrick puzzle of the study of man's existence. Long live the legacy of Stanley Kubrick. -- 07/18/99

michaeliandiscontent ( wrote:
im so glad and happy that there is something like this for people to go and "interact" with their like. stanley is great. present tense bc his movies live on. my favorite: clockwork. and not just because of its defiance, or fun, or seriousness... its all because no one else could have made such a film. -- 07/19/99

Reggie ( wrote:
Well, Eyes Wide Shut was perfect, as are all mr. Stanley's films that I have seen. Two hours after I got my first camera I saw his face on the tube at a bar, with "-1999" under it. Can't really express the pain in the gulliver knowing that no-one else can show us what you can. No one has the balls to use long takes like you in this michael bay world of hollywood/MTV editing, to let the simple purity of your images paint the story. You believe in your eye and never assume stupidy of your audience as most others do. And you never took no shit from no one! One less genius, one less perfectionist, sadly, no more of your highly evolved movies. Love You Always Stan. You inspire us all. EWS--real horrorshow. -- 07/19/99

Amy Nolan ( wrote:
I am a doctoral student in literature and film; Kubrick is endlessly intriguing and challenging an artist to me, and I am interested in seeing what others have to say of his films and technique. I look forward to gaining further insight and sharing my own on Kubrick films. -- 07/19/99

Did anyone else notice the reflection of the crew in the chrome of the shower/tub? It went by too fast to see whether Kubrick is visible. -- 07/19/99

Marco Bonnici ( wrote:
Hey again! EWS is out in the states, but luckily for Jonas and I, two of the biggest Kubrick lovers this side of the moon, will get to see the untouched version here in Australia for me, and Sweden for Jonas. I cannot believe they fucked around with Kubrick's version, if he were still alive I tell you now that this would have not happened dudes. I am also interested in discussing A Clockwork Orange's debate of "Is it moral?" with anyone interested. Of course I love the film like I love my family, but even though a big fan, I still cant figure out exactlywhat Kubrick was trying to say. If anyone would like to email me for discussion, or even just post their interpretations here, I would be more than happy. Thanks and, Long Live Kubrick. -- 07/20/99

Marco Bonnici ( wrote:
Hey again! EWS is out in the states, but luckily for Jonas and I, two of the biggest Kubrick lovers this side of the moon, will get to see the untouched version here in Australia for me, and Sweden for Jonas. I cannot believe they fucked around with Kubrick's version, if he were still alive I tell you now that this would have not happened dudes. I am also interested in discussing A Clockwork Orange's debate of "Is it moral?" with anyone interested. Of course I love the film like I love my family, but even though a big fan, I still cant figure out exactly what Kubrick was trying to say. If anyone would like to email me for discussion, or even just post their interpretations here, I would be more than happy. Thanks and, Long Live Kubrick. -- 07/20/99

Baseball Otaku
I saw Dr. Strangelove at Bryant Park last night. All I have to say is, "it's funny, because it's true." -- 07/20/99

Ryan ( wrote:
I enjoyed all of his films, I admire the work that he has put into making his movies. I truly enjoyed Dr. Strangelove, but I have to say that Full Metal Jacket was the best because it was so realistic when the film had gotten to Vietnam, it is deffinately a war classic. I have seen every Stanley Kubrick movie and I enjoyed hem all. I admire his work, and it really inspires me to direct movies just like he did. -- 07/20/99

Michael (Russia) ( wrote:
Thank you for your job. I like it very much. I have made tv-program about Kubrick with your help. You are the best! -- 07/21/99

Sylvain Fontaine ( wrote:
Thank you very much, Patrick. Kubrick's visions are now ours, and help us to live, understand, and hope. -- 07/21/99

Ambur Wilbanks ( wrote:
I just wanted to drop a line and say how great Stanley Kubrick's work really is. I think he made a huge impact on film lovers everywhere. I think the web page is an awsome way to display all of his fine work. -- 07/21/99

zachary nicholas

Wyatt Ben Bernstein ( wrote:
I just got back from seeing EWS. I have never been so amazed in my entire life. Visually stunning--my mind was racing with connections throughout the entire film. A great final film. I will miss you greatly Stanley Kubrick. You have stimulated our minds and made us see movies like nobody else. Maybe one day we can all talk to Stanley about his work in the next odyssey. -- 07/21/99

James ( wrote:
Well, i'm only 12, and already i love all of Stans' works. The SHining and 2001 and ACO would have to be my favourites. My dream was to meet him, but that aint f**kin possible now. -- 07/22/99

Kubrick Is Da Legend ( wrote:
That shithead who said that 2001 was a mind fuck can go and get fucked. 2001 was one of his best films! what a fucker he was to say that. -- 07/22/99

Chris Colin ( wrote:
Hi, I came across your website and thought I'd tell you about an article we are publishing that you might interesting. On Friday, July 23 we'll be publishing a sexual critique of Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut," one that should be both rigorous and entertaining. "Great Bad Sex," will be found at If you think this piece might be of interest to your friends and readers, please pass word around. Our site is free. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy the article. Chris Colin -- 07/22/99

DAMN, THAT'S GOOD! -- 07/22/99

DAMN, THAT'S GOOD! -- 07/22/99

Matthew ( wrote:
Wow, such a lifetime of great movies, and then Eyes Wide Shut, another one, great in all aspectes, down teh the smallest charater. w/ or w/o lines, each had their own reason for everyting, and the movie was perfect, from tom curise(who undernormal circumstanses i hate)to Leelee Sobieski(who is bueatiful, and a great actress)A Clock work Orange will always be my fave thogh so R.I.P. Kubrick -- 07/23/99

John Hickey ( wrote:
My wife and I just saw EYES WIDE SHUT Although not his best film, it was still very stimulating and enjoyable. I do resent the fact though that I feel he compromised his artistic integrity when he made those changes to in order to get a more acceptable rating. Artists should do their thing and never never allow society to dictate what they can and can not include in their works of art. -- 07/24/99

json ferguson ( wrote:
Kubrick is my favorite. There will never be another. -- 07/24/99

powco ( wrote:
Sad to say but every cloud has a silver lining,perhaps now with the great mans death we in the UK may see the re release of Clockwork,then we can all get rid of the bad copies we have and go buy the original LEGALLY. -- 07/25/99

Carmine ( wrote:
Hey. I'm 13 and a huge Kubrick fan. I am not saying this so i sound like a smart sophisticated great deep kid, to be honest I don't care if you think that or not. I love his films. 2001: A Space Oddyssy is deffinitly the greatest Sci-Fi movie of all times without a challenger... I hate all those people that think Star Wars is the best Sci-Fi because in my oppinion it is the worst or all most. I love Dr. Stranglove even though it was way before my times I today can still understand the great humor. And let me tell you somthing to all you people who think Barry Lyndon was a boring bad movie, it is obviouse that the people that say that are stupid dumb idiots who should stop pretending to be a fan in the first place just because you get more respect by saying that. I thought A clockwork orange was a exeptional piece of talent, it might be my favorite but I love them all so much it is hard to figure it out. Well if you want Email me i could use a good conversation about movies for once in my life. See ya Carmine -- 07/25/99

Robb Wilson ( wrote:
Just wanted to offer a birthday greeting to Stanley Kubrick, albeit a posthumous one. Today, July 26, is Stanley Kubrick's birthday. He would have been 71. Happy birthday, Stanley. The world of cinema is a better place because of you. ( -- 07/26/99

Raul Fuentes ( wrote:
Happy Birthday, Mr. Kubrick, the God's directors! -- 07/26/99

Adam Butters ( wrote:
EWS was the most beautiful big screen experience I have ever had. I was too young for Full Metal Jacket but am confident that this movie would still have affected me more. The reason I am so affected by this piece of art is because it deals with the horrible feelings asociated with sexual jeolousy. Sex is a very primitive desire, one that takes control of us at times, yet we can fill with such hate when we think that someone is foolin' with our girl/guy. It might be the cause for wars and hatred towards those different from us. And the idea that your Senator is at some wild Roman sex party! The stoned conversation between Nicole and Tom is the most wonderful illustration of the ways that men and women can't communicate or understand their differences or similarities. My girlfriend and I laughed so hard, it was so typical. I loved the movie and I hope all Kubrick fans were as moved as I was. -- 07/26/99

Fernando Bremer ( wrote:
I also want to join to the people that celebrates Stanley's birthday, his remarkable work will prevail as long as this world exists. I want to thank him and his family for giving us wonderful film experiences. -- 07/27/99

Emmett Bean ( wrote:
I really enjoyed the film guide. -- 07/27/99


` -- 07/28/99

Jonathan ( wrote:
I would like to say thank you for creating such a wonderful sight that shows a true appreciation to the late great filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. I truly admired the man and feel better knowing that there is a site that will keep his memory alive in an admirable and enjoyable fashion. -- 07/29/99

Nathan Brazil ( wrote:
even though the two greatest movies, in my opinion, apocalypse now and the godfather, were directed by coppola, i still feel that kubrick is the greatest director, and this is the best site i have seen on him. everything else is crap. -- 07/30/99

Andrew November ( wrote:
It was the sadest moment of the year when he passed, it destroyed my week on that sunday. the next sadest was when they didnt show him in the retrospect at the oscars but then Speilberg came out and did that 5 minute tribute that moved me. I cried two times with these and i still feel so sad that we wont ever s another new film from stanley. AI would have been brilliant. We miss you Stanley!!! Happy journeys. -- 07/30/99

A l'intention de Mme Kubrick, ses amis et les admirateurs de ce gÈnie contemporain, Je suis un jeune Ètudiant tunisien fan de Stanley kubrick. J'ai ÈtÈ trËs peinÈ par sa disparition, qui restera pour moi, la plus grande perte du 7Ëme art avec celle d'Alfred Hitchcock, John Huston, Sergio Leone et les autres. J'espËre avoir l'honneur de bientÙt regarder son nouveau film "Eyes Wide Shut" et le savourer intellectuellement comme les autres. La bibliothËque de films que nous a laissÈ Stanley Kubrick, que je trouve trop pauvre en nombre, reste un must de rÈflexion, un morceau d'histoire, une bataille gagnÈe avec bravoure contre les Majors... A tous les futurs rÈalisateurs ayant au moins vu quelques scËnes des films de Stanley Kubrick, essayaient "d'en prendre de la graine" et non d'imiter. Les gÈnies ne s'imitent pas, on s'en inspire. Au revoir, Skander! -- 07/30/99

Mara ( wrote:
When a Kubrick film leaves the screen and ends, then begins the WONDER and the experience of the viewer. This is for me the most important aspect of Kubrick¥s work. Like Welles, Murnau, Ophuls and Kurosawa, Stanley isn¥t dead for me...He will remain forever because I have his films. ES DIOS Y LOS DIOSES NO MUEREN. -- 07/30/99

assassin ( wrote:
I love this website man, its the best Stanley Kubrick film guide on the net. My favorite movies are Kubrick films and this site helped me learn more about them. The best Kubrick film I think is A Clockwork Orange, the book is awesome too. I love everything about it. Dr. Strangelove is another cool film, and Peter Sellers is a great actor. I thought Eyes Wide Shut was amazing, its original and has audacity. R.I.P. Stanley Kubrick March 7,1999 -- 07/31/99

Nagamani Madhira ( wrote:
Hi, I have watched the movie " Eyes Wide Shut " by Stanley Kubrick. Being a Hindu I am very displeased with the blatant misuse of the sacred Bhagavath Gita chants. This shows total ignorance & callousness on the part of the film makers. It should be noted that Bhagavad-Gita is the sacred scripture of Hinduism, akin to the Bible for Christianity and Koran for Islam. The "sloka", chants (mis) used in the movie stands for "Dharma", the establishment of righteousness. (Mis) Using the sloka in an orgy scene shows the complete irrelevance of the scene. This clearly shows lackadaisical nature on the part of a noted director, Mr. Stanley Kubrick. This act hurts the feelings of Hindus. Would the film maker try the same act with Jews, Christians or Muslims? This is a blatant misuse of right of free speech. I would expect the film makers to censure the chants and respect the religious texts of Hindus. Please ensure that you do not hurt the feelings of a community or a section of people before promoting a movie. Regards, -- 07/31/99

Niko Ravattinen
Im from Finland,Europe and i think that Stanley Kubrick was the greatest director that has ever been!!!! A clockwork orange is the best movie i have ever seen!!! The shining .....its so great!! Stanley was the greatest and he still is!!!! -- 07/31/99

anonymous in moab the rumour true that different versions of kubrick's films are released in europe? different, meaning more sexually explicit. and if in america is a slight embarrassment. -- 07/31/99

mi dong ha ( wrote:
i love kubrick.... realy... he dead.... i soul.... i from korea... kubrick zzang!!!! -- 08/01/99

Thomas Rufer
Stanley Kubrick is one of the top five directors in history of motion picture. Just see THE SHINING, PATH OF GLORY and you'll understand why. 1/8/99 -- 08/01/99

Thomas Rufer
Stanley Kubrick is one of the top five directors in history of motion picture. Just see THE SHINING, PATH OF GLORY and you'll understand why. 8/01/99 -- 08/01/99

Erica ( wrote:
Wow, I finally found a page that gives reverence to the greatest filmaker of all time. As a director myself, Kubrick's work always has and always will fuel my creativity and push me in my art, as it has for thousands of others. Thank you for celebrating this man in such style. -- 08/02/99

Decker ( wrote:
As I posted in "Glyphs" and in the OC Weeky ( 7-30 - 8-5 ), I thought the film was genius. I'll not be redundant. My opinions can be found at these two sites..It is an amazing film, and one great swan song...never forgotten...missed very much. -- 08/02/99

Ron ( wrote:
stan, my boy, you could film the freakin' phone book and it would be a classic. fans, check out the article in vanity fair, august edition, by michael herr (the guy who co-wrote FMJ). it gives a credible and touching insight to the single most influential film maker of the last half century, and, yes, regular guy too. -- 08/03/99

Rick L. ( wrote:
I saw "Eyes Wide shut" three days ago, and I feel as though it's ghost has been following me since........ -- 08/04/99

SÈbastien DOUET ( wrote:
He made you want to make movies -- 08/05/99

Chris ( wrote:
Great website. Clockwork was one of the greatest films ever made. The Shining, The Killing, Dr. Strangelove, and 2001 were also wonderful. But, the DVDs blow, no extras except on The Shining, which (the extras, not the film) isnt really good anyway. -- 08/05/99

jake levy ( wrote:
Kubrick is the man clockwork orange is my favorite movie i dont know why the movie is called clock work orange so if u know e-mail me and thell me ...ok? i think he is the best director to ever live!!!!!!!! -- 08/06/99

Shaun the composer ( wrote:
Yeah..... finally saw EWS last night, as my g/f made me wait until we could go see it together. I'm still pissed about the fact that we Americans can't see the TRUE director's cut, but nevertheless I was astonished. A truly insightful study on the psychology of human sexuality. Though now I must take back my letter of Spring last, where I mentioned the disappointment in the lack of music from the Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich in Kubrick's films. Well, EWS contains a bit of Shosty (employed as "ironic contrast") -- the Waltz from Jazz Suite #2. Pitched against the ominous 2-tone Dream music which prevails the cinematic theme, the Waltz offers a lighter breathe for the audience to take in: a) while the good doctor strides through his office suite and b) while exiting the theater. Kudos to the music editor!!! And Kudos to the cast.... and, of course, to Stanley wherever he may be. Write soon, Gordon. -- 08/08/99

Shaun the composer ( wrote:
To Jake Levy: I have an answer for you. This comes from the April 1988 edition (Ballantine Books, New York) of Anthony Burgess' "A Clockwork Orange," originally published in 1962. Page ix of the Introduction, penned by Burgess himself in November 1986, contains the following words, I quote: ". . . by definition, a human being is endowed with free will. He can use this to choose between good and evil. If he can only perform good or only perform evil, then he is a clockwork orange -- meaning that he has the appearance of an organism lovely with colour and juice but is in fact only a clockwork toy to be wound up by God or the Devil or (since this is increasingly replacing both) the Almighty State. It is as inhuman to be totally good as it is to be totally evil. The important thing is moral choice. Evil has to exist along with good, in order that moral choice may operate." Perhaps George Lucas considers this paradox while writing his Star Wars stories? Cheers. And go see EWS as soon and as often as possible. -- 08/08/99

Adrienne Lisa ( wrote:
Having viewed EWS five times now I am marvelled by Kubrick....though I cannot help but ask why Nicole Kidman had to falsely display an American accent. I don't know why it troubles me, perhaps my Australian heritage becomes angry at the blatant dismissal of her heritage as well, though it seems that there is no relevance whatsoever to the accent change, like it wouldn't have mattered if she held her gorgeous Australian accent. My mother and I thought perhaps it would have been a little mystical (if thats the correct word) for her to keep her natural Aussie would seem half of her words appeared Australian anyway as she doesn't speak an American accent well. I'm not harping or complaining, its just a mere query from a proud Australian...I don't intend to live in my country forever, but I will surely maintain my wonderful accent, never dismissing it for a no relevance situation...Adrienne. -- 08/08/99

Will Brazeau ( wrote:
Big Shining fan here. Can't wait to see Eyes Wide Shut. It's so sad that Kubrick died. However, he left behind some great movies that we can always watch to remember him Heeeere's Johnny! Will -- 08/09/99

kieran ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick is my favorite director, and of his films, Full Metal Jacket is my favorite. I would love to have seen a bit more on this page -- 08/09/99

Julio Gamboa ( wrote:
Esto es todo lo que estaba buscando, un merecido reconocimiento al maestro del cine contemporaneo, Es sin duda el mejor director de todos los tiempos y es muY dificil que alguien se acerque a Kubrick, muchos tratan, pero nadie lo ha logrado ni lo lograra. Es INCREIBLE -- 08/10/99

Shug MacBeth ( wrote:
Thanks old boy! -- 08/10/99

denis vujic ( wrote:
from yugoslavia: you are, you was and you ever will be a great genious! stan the man is the one and only master of directors. rest in peace stanley and god bless your soul. -- 08/13/99

Shaun the Composer ( wrote:
A.I. -- the next step. You say because it's unfinished, then it's therefore abandoned? May I remind you, Mozart's finest and final masterpiece, Requiem in d minor, was completed by Sussmeyer. Surely, S.K. took on an apprentice who possesses the like vision and discipline to carry on his work. For some reason I don't believe that he would have demanded the death of his projects to parallel his own demise -- he hoped A.I. would change public attitude about various aspects of society. Mr. Vitali, have you any comments on this matter? -- 08/15/99

Eric Cannefax ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick is the greatest film maker of all time! This web site is a fitting accolade to such a master artist. -- 08/15/99

Richard ( wrote:
Excellent site It even inspired me to do a website. -- 08/16/99

J.J. Viser ( wrote:
In my dreams and nightmares I often find myself captured in one of Kubrick's signature single-shot, long-tracked visions. I personally believe this cinematography example to be the most original, incredible experience ever conjured by anybody in film at any time in history. Is this shot Kubrick's invention? It must be - it matches the brilliance of every other aspect he touched. My right brain surges when I imagine what AI would have offered. A gift only Kubrick could've delivered. -- 08/19/99

Adrienne Lisa ( wrote:
"that one night let alone a whole life can ever show the whole truth..", a complex and creative soul could only ever think of such truth. This comment in EWS really justified life as a process of deception and caused my mind to have constant thoughts about this. The dream/ real life thoughts that Kubrick focused the small part of EWS upon envisaged truth in my mind and my be grateful for what we can go through and know we are still the same...but also to know that the one person to be trusted in this universe is yourself....deception is the basis upon which our lives are trust is placed only in myself and never will it be in anyone else. Thankyou Mr. Kubrick for your knowledge. -- 08/19/99

Martin ( wrote:
Here's another KUBRICK fan. Lately I've made a list of my top 10 film I've seen. Shinning, Dr Strangelove & 2001 are on this list. Are you surprised ? Greetings to all Kubrick lovers ... -- 08/20/99

Alex R. ( wrote:
kubrick ruled and will always rule. Frank Zappa ruled and will always rule. Chad Wackerman rules. Terry Bozzio rules. all these people will always rule -- 08/23/99

Lucifer ( wrote:
I was cured, all right. -- 08/23/99

Snails or Oysters ( wrote:
MSNBC reports on 8/23/99: "Don’t expect any epic battles over Stanley Kubrick’s estate. According to the London Times, the director died with only $30,000 in the bank. ... " -- 08/23/99

Earl Turner (tom288@hotmail.copm) wrote:
Here is an interesting quote about Dr. Strangelove from the National Alliance WebPages. American Dissident Voices Broadcast of August 28, 1999 The National Alliance is the world’s foremost organization working for the long-term interests of White Americans. "Did you ever see the Stanley Kubrick film Dr Strangelove? If you didn't, you should. It's an old film, a satirical film made in 1964, but it's also the funniest film I've ever seen, and I guess I've watched it a dozen times. Stanley Kubrick really was cut from quite different cloth; he was unlike any other Jewish film director in Hollywood. Anyway, if you've seen Dr. Strangelove you'll certainly remember a delightful character in the film named Colonel Bat Guano. Toward the end of the film, when Peter Sellers, in his role as a Canadian Air Force officer, is desperately trying to telephone Washington with the Information needed to head off an imminent doomsday nuclear war, Colonel Bat Guano, as a stereotypically pigheaded authoritarian, refuses to let the Canadian officer make his telephone call. To Colonel Guano, the Canadian is not to be trusted, because he wears a funny uniform and has a British accent. Furthermore, the Canadian wants to break a few rules in the emergency situation, such as taking coins from a Coke machine in order to get his call through to the Pentagon war room. Colonel Guano is outraged by such irregularities and never does understand the situation. The Canadian officer finally makes his telephone call, but by then it is too late to avert doomsday. Anyway, the reason I bring Colonel Guano into the program now is that he is a wonderful embodiment of traits all too often found in military and police officials. Cops look up to authority figures and to institutions with an aura of authority. They believe what they see on television. They don't question it. They are likely to be indignant and hostile toward anyone who does question it. They don't like people who rock the boat or have a different view of things. They are strong on conformity and a bit weak on basic principles and on logical consistency. Certainly, this isn't true of all cops or all military officers, but the tendency is definitely there. The subliminal propaganda messages in the media find a receptive audience among cops." -- 08/28/99

Francesco ( wrote:
Grazie!!! -- 08/29/99

Shaun M. Kelly ( wrote:
*** I am thoroughly astounded, once again, by the film. Oh my GOD! People... BUY THE SOUNDTRACK, TOO. -- 08/30/99

Bo Link ( wrote:
This is a very interesting site. I am proud that you all are true to Macintosh. -- 08/30/99

ShunyaMaya ( wrote:
Farewell to my favorite movie maker!! The Current Vanity Fair has a pretty decent article on Kubrik by his friend and co-screenplay writer (for FMJ), Michael Herr. Thanks for the crisp and informative website. -- 08/31/99

Joel Lopez ( wrote:
I am convinced that Kubrick was god of film. His complete collection of films is to be considered the Bible of Acting and Directing. Every major film has copied from Kubrick. To deny the importance of this inmortal art he perfected is to deny yourself of the most blessed inspiration and intelligence given to u by watching his films. I cant stop watching his films, sometimes I feel so inspired I lose it. Stanley Kubrick I respect and admire, Love is the law love under will -- 08/31/99

Joel Lopez ( wrote:
I am convinced that Kubrick was god of film. His complete collection of films is to be considered the Bible of Acting and Directing. Every major film has copied from Kubrick. To deny the importance of this inmortal art he perfected is to deny yourself of the most blessed inspiration and intelligence given to u by watching his films. I cant stop watching his films, sometimes I feel so inspired I lose it. Stanley Kubrick I respect and admire, Love is the law love under will -- 08/31/99

Bernardo Falc“o ( wrote:
What do i have to say? He was the best director who ever lived. Nothing can define him. He was the greatest! -- 09/01/99

Kubrick isn't dead. He has become a true Star Child! -- 09/01/99

Teo ( wrote:
I'm 21 and I'm sorry to being from Italy (I don't like my country very mutch and I hate the 95% of italians). I fell in love with Kubrick since i saw for the first time 2001 when I was 10. In the later years i have seen all the others Kubrick's movies at least five time each one (A cloworck orange, 2001 and Shining at least 50 times). I can't say anything else because kubrick, as you know, was, sorry, IS nearly God. -- 09/01/99

Enrico "Joker" Heffler ( wrote:
Just a thing: Stanley Kubrick was a genius... a GOD!! My Home Page is: LA PAGINA DELLO ZIO> -- 09/02/99

Great site.I think Stanley would have been happy to see it;but now he's floating with starchilds... But the movies are still here!And HAL,Alex and Spartacus are in our memories forever!Thank you,mister Kubrick. -- 09/02/99

Tyson Stewart
I visit this site almost everyday. It is great. Stanley Kubrick is the best film director of all time. He did his very very best with each motion piction he made, and most turned out to be true film masterpieces. I think if I made a list of the top ten films of all time, at least four Kubricks would be on it. Including, 2001, A Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strangelove, and my personal favorite, EYES WIDE SHUT! Kubrick was one of the greatest pioneers of great cinema. -- 09/02/99

ccarey ( wrote:
ty 4 the wavs -- 09/03/99

randy (randy& wrote:
Here we are.I'm proud to sign this list,dedicated to one of my biggest inspiration, Mr. Clockwork Brick. Write me to spend some words about him or about the great meanings of 70's. Randy. -- 09/03/99

Don Breithaupt ( wrote:
Need an extra cot for your room? Ask for Mr. George Swine at the desk. -- 09/03/99

Joel Lopez ( wrote:
Mr.Kubrick is god and his films are the bible of Acting and Directing. I know now you are an angel send to us by the Godhead to teach us. Our History and our Mind. May you enter the afterlife in Splendor. The mortals and their simple minded opinions are to be shuned for you are now inmortal. The lord hath giveth the lord hath taketh away blessed be the name of the lord. Thank you for helping me find me. -- 09/04/99

Yuri Smishkewych Rey ( wrote:
I am very pissed of at the MPAA, they destroy art! Am I not right? Digitly removing sex scenem from Eyes Wide Shut is destroying art! Its like like painting eyebrows on the Monna Lisa because "It show to much skin." But they brainwash kids with violence on shows like "Mighty Morphan Power Rangers." What is more natural, sex, or kids killing each other? If you think I am wrong please e-mail me. -- 09/05/99

Lasse Berg Nordhagen ( wrote:
Indeed an excellent site! All my compliments to this! Kubrick was a genious and will still be so. He`s got to be the mastermind in film making... All respect to Mr Stanley Kubrick RIP -- 09/06/99

Grogan Mahoney ( wrote:
Thanks for the site. I'm glad someone worthwhile got this internet address. I'll be back constantly, I'm sure. Someone was mentioning similarites between Kubrick and Ridley Scott. They are similar only if you ignore practically everything Ridley did after Legend. And while Scott's first four films do have a strong visual emphasis, I would have to say that they are more empathic (relatively speaking) than Kubrick films. Also, I think that Ridley's painterly, kaliedoscopic style is quite different than Kubrick's exquisite symmetry which tends more towards the simplistic. I was watching Clockwork Orange last night... and I think I spotted the Kube. Making a cameo in one of his own films. Seems unlikely, I know, but I really think it's him. It's during the long backwards tracking shot during which Alex checks out the record shop... near the beginning of the shot, he passes a shortish, stout gentleman on screen right wearing a brown coat who has his back to the camera, as if he's making a telephone call. His head is turned just enough so that you can make out the big shaggy beard that we all know. Take a look. I'd put down the DVD chapter and time but I'm not at home. -- 09/08/99

Hannah Han
I will miss the kiss. The rapture of his innocence. He was a master of finding what is false in the eye of beholder. He would make flowers bloom. He did not had lust he had love......the love of life.....cinema. I shall my beloved Stanley he forever will make love to my eyes not to my body. I will miss you forever and ever. For tears turn to rain. Rain will pour to the ground there the flower seem to bloom again. Forever love you, Hannah Han -- 09/10/99

Marvin Szloszjar ( wrote:
Very good HP the Screenshots are exzelent! Visit my HP -- 09/11/99

johnson (duckmnmikeaol. ) wrote:
I enjoy old movies and reading about old films -- 09/11/99

johnson ( wrote:
I like old movies and reading about old film . If you know what I mean -- 09/11/99

John Freire ( wrote:
How can Kubrick have to leave us ? Come back , please , world needs you. -- 09/11/99

Paulo Ferrero ( wrote:
Friday night, screen bigger than life, adrenaline 100%, it's a "A Film By Stanley Kubrick": Eyes Wide Shut premiere in Lisbon. First let me say that it's a shame that we will see no more films "directed by SK". EWS is definitely a master piece in every sense. Magnificent colors, dazzling our retina (the grain when the shot is in close-up is absolutely unbelievible), photo shots (1.Venecian mirror and 2.Between generic are magnificent) as anybody else could take. Amazing soundtrack, magnificent adaptation in every single moment of the film. Travelling the camera during almost every inch of film. Great perfomances by both leading and supporting actors (fragile Kidmand and lost Cruise are five stars). Thrilling situations leading the viewer like peeping toms. Tender situations shacking the viewer impassionately. Powerful and energetic script, fascinating us and instigating our minds. Gorgeous decors. Symmetry. Labyrinth. That's a masterpiece alright! God bless your soul Mr.Kubrick! and thanks for this magnificent piece of art. I'm planning to see EWS, before buying its video version, at least two more times. And friends, do not believe what critics say. Go see the picture. And think for yourselves. Paulo Ferrero -- 09/13/99

Matt Navarro ( wrote:
I'm a Freshman at Kansas State University and I haven't been around long enough to see all of Mr. Kubrick's films in the theatre. In fact I only was able to see his latest but I have been a fan of his work and talent since I was in Junior High. I was so excited to see "Eyes" when I heard of his death. Truly a loss to this world but I believe that his memory and spirit will be seen in the coming generations of artists and film makers. There is still only one Stanley Kubrick. -- 09/14/99

Good Job Boys -- 09/14/99

Good Job Boys -- 09/14/99

luis alberto (not yet) wrote:
subjects just as kubrick made the global culture a positive fact. -- 09/16/99

Zaidee Willow
I enjoyed looking at your info on "A Clockwork Orange". I have to wait until I'm 17 before I can see it, so I'm checking out all the sites first. I'm going to miss Kubrick's mind!!! -- 09/18/99

James Kempfs (................................) wrote:
This was a sure sign from God that Stan was getting too close (A.I)............ Will be sorely missed. -- 09/18/99

Matt ( wrote:
Damn good Kubrick site. Definitely one of the best tributes to one of the (if not the best) best filmmakers ever. -- 09/18/99

Bruno Frederico M¸ller (Brasil) ( wrote:
Kubrick's talk about freedom in its largest conception, against all kind of opressions. Those who denounce A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, one of the best films ever made, as a celebration of violence only intend to hide this evidence. It's quite discomfort for them to accept the show of man stupidity and the society's opression against individuals in such way. It's a pitty that PATHS OF GLORY is not as known. It is the most beautiful cry against war, and not only this, but a cry for union, in order to create one world, for all men. "Patriotism, the last refuge of a scoundrel". Kubrick, in his movies, had the courage to go very far in the denouncement of this order of opression, and to defend a new one, with the so claimed liberty, equality, fraternity in the whole world, with no boundaries, and no more chains for man's freedom and creativity. My suggestions are that you look for more information (sites, pictures, comments) upon PATHS OF GLORY and maybe you could takes video excerts form the films. Congratulations for your work!!! -- 09/19/99

Bruno Frederico M¸ller (Brasil) ( wrote:
Kubrick's talk about freedom in its largest conception, against all kind of opressions. Those who denounce A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, one of the best films ever made, as a celebration of violence only intend to hide this evidence. It's quite discomfort for them to accept the show of man stupidity and the society's opression against individuals in such way. It's a pitty that PATHS OF GLORY is not as known. It is the most beautiful cry against war, and not only this, but a cry for union, in order to create one world, for all men. "Patriotism, the last refuge of a scoundrel". Kubrick, in his movies, had the courage to go very far in the denouncement of this order of opression, and to defend a new one, with the so claimed liberty, equality, fraternity in the whole world, with no boundaries, and no more chains for man's freedom and creativity. My suggestions are that you look for more information (sites, pictures, comments) upon PATHS OF GLORY and maybe you could take video excerts from the films. The anthologic scene of the elevator spilling blood in THE SHINING is one of the best images of the movies in all times. Congratulations for your work!!! -- 09/19/99

There is me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete Georgie and Dim.
Does anyone know where I can get the original uncut version of A Clockwork Orange? Does sell it? I hear it a scene where Alex and his droogs are pulling teeth out of someone sitting in a dentaal chair, and many others. Does aanyone know where i can get a copy of it? Thanks. -- 09/19/99

Nermin Gladers ( wrote:
truly impressive and a must see for a real fan As a student of a "Filmakademie Baden-W¸rttemberg" - Germany is Kubrick my personal "guiding light" in the movie bussines -- 09/20/99

Israel Olmedo ( wrote:
Quisiera que me ayudaran a conseguir parte de la colecciÛn de Stanley Kubrick ya que solo cuento con 4 titulos y me hacen falta 5 como:Naranja Mec·nica, Patrulla Infernal, Casta de Malditos, Barry Lyndon y Dr.Strangelove. TambiÈn quisiera formar parte de un club de fans asÌ que agradecerÌa informaciÛn de alg™n club, de antemano mil gracias. P.D "Kubrick no ha muerto" -- 09/20/99

Danny boy ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick, even after his death continues to fill my mind, intoxicating me. Forget poncy Speilburg/burton etc. I wish that Kubrick could have directed Johnny Depp that would have been magic! -- 09/21/99

E' stato il pi˜ grande regista di tutti i tempi anche se non ha mai vinto un oscar. Questo la dice lunga sul valore di un premio oscar -- 09/21/99

Vermont ( wrote:
Those who do not like EWS either do not understand Kubrick or are just simple morons! EWS is a major Kubrick movie, with virtuosity, uncanny beauty, the same obsessions of death and death wish, and so onÖ EWS is at the top of the French box-office. That's only fair. With Kubrick, it is neo-classical cinema that is gone. -- 09/22/99

Zack Mitchell ( wrote:
Stanley Kubricks movies, although there wern't very many, who cares if there weren't very many, the ones there are are terrific, will forever live on, especially 2001 and a clockwork orange. Anybody who has seen those movies will most likely never forget them and cherish them forever. with 2001 he were given the most wonderful, hypnotic, visual feast ever made. and with a clockwork orange we were given an amazing social satire that showed society turned upside down and changed my views, I thank you oh so very much for these gifts, these stunning gifts. -- 09/23/99

Lolita ( wrote:
What can I say...I should have been born 50 years earlier so that I could have married him. -- 09/24/99

Marco Porro ( wrote:

Mick Norton ( wrote:
Kubrick was a genius. He was Mad Insulting and a Vigulant. Mad or what! -- 09/26/99

BILLIARD ( wrote:
Un grand maÓtre est mort le 7iÈme art est en deuil !!! 13 films oh combien superbes et Èmouvants Plus qu'un technicien du cinÈma c'est un "scuplteur de la lumiËre" un avant gardiste un rÈvolutionnaire du 7 iËme art !!! Florent -- 09/26/99

shiut (shiut) wrote:
HI I don't now if it is already in this GB but I will write it. As I heard Steven Spielberg will Direct AI, I can't wait for it, I hope it's soon finished Keep enjoying and thinking about movies -- 09/26/99

K@rl ( wrote:
two words: great page! -- 09/29/99

lancelot (aire sur la lys) wrote:
hommage ý un maÓtre du cinÈma, peut - Ítre pas par la quantitÈ de ses films, mais par la qualitÈ. Et pour les critiques du petit dernier, 7 ans de tournage ne peuvent Ítre critiquer ainsi. -- 10/01/99

Patrick ( wrote:
The visitors section is back up. -- 10/31/99

testing... --

great site --

Michael ( wrote:
Stanley, like so many briliant people, died a in a sad way. After finishing an art, he dies. He was the greatest pionneer of the art film and I feel his last motion picture was his greatest exemple. We shall always remember him. And his films, his pieces of art are absolutely unforgettable! Stanley Kubrick, what an artist! You've been an inspiration to me! -- 1999 11 02

derick (vezinaderick@hotmail) wrote:
i'm a big fan of Kubrick's art. I loved 2001,shining,clockwork orange,dr. strangelove,eyes wide shut.... to bad he died,he was one of best filmakers that ever lived. -- 99/11/03

roberto frare ( wrote:
non c'e' stato tema importante riguardante la vita dell'uomo (guerra pace amore ribellione violenza famiglia etc) che SK non abbia affrontato nei suoi film, sempre girando films che sono tutti nella storia del cinema ! Ho 50 anni, ho iniziato ad amare SK da bimbetto, dopo avere visto Spartacus nel cinema dell'oratorio. Amore e rispetto sempre per SK. roberto -- 5.11.1999

roberto frare ( wrote:
non c'e' stato tema importante riguardante la vita dell'uomo (guerra pace amore ribellione violenza famiglia etc) che SK non abbia affrontato nei suoi film, sempre girando films che sono tutti nella storia del cinema ! Ho 50 anni, ho iniziato ad amare SK da bimbetto, dopo avere visto Spartacus nel cinema dell'oratorio. Amore e rispetto sempre per SK. roberto -- 5.11.1999

Davide Gucci ( wrote:
Tutte le parole di ringraziamento a quello che ci ha dato con i suoi film sono troppo misere... Nei miei pochi anni di vita (23) ho comunque avuto modo di vedere moltissimi film ed ho iniziato a vedere ed amare i suoi ancor prima di sapere chi ne fosse l'autore. Da grande appassionato all'Horror ho da sempre guardato a 'Shining' come alla cima del genere. Stesso discorso per gli altri (in modo particolare per 'Orizzonti di gloria' e '2001'); sempre riuscendo ad entrare, scavando nell'Uomo, nella più provonda umanità. GRAZIE, WE NEVER FOGET YOU -- 11 / 7 / 1999

Davide Gucci ( wrote:
Tutte le parole di ringraziamento a quello che ci ha dato con i suoi film sono troppo misere... Nei miei pochi anni di vita (23) ho comunque avuto modo di vedere moltissimi film ed ho iniziato a vedere ed amare i suoi ancor prima di sapere chi ne fosse l'autore. Da grande appassionato all'Horror ho da sempre guardato a 'Shining' come alla cima del genere. Stesso discorso per gli altri (in modo particolare per 'Orizzonti di gloria' e '2001'); sempre riuscendo ad entrare, scavando nell'Uomo, nella più provonda umanità. GRAZIE, WE NEVER FOGET YOU -- 11 / 7 / 1999

Gucci Davide ( wrote:
Niente è troppo poer ringraziarlo. Nei miei pochi anni di vita(23) ho avuto modo di vedere moltissimi films, di tutte le epoche, ma nessun regista eccetto Lui ha creato SOLO capolavori. Da grande appassionato al genere horror ho DA SEMPRE considerto il suo 'Shining' come il punto più elevato raggiunto. Lo stesso per gli altri film e i rispettivi generi. Senza sapere chi ne ne fosse l'autore lo riconoscevo già come Maestro. Freddo fino allo zero assoluto ed appassionato fino all'intimità stessa delle persone, è stato l'unico che sia riuscito, scavando nell'Umano, a trovare la vera umanità. STRAORDINARIO!!! -- 7 / 11 / 1999

In my opinion Stanley Kubrick was the greatest director of all times. I loved his movies and "EWS" was his greatest. The only thing I want to say to Stanley "Thank you" --

"Je tient à écrire ce petit texte en hommage de Stanley Kubrick: je vous considére comme le meilleur réalisateur de l'histoire du cinèma, de plus votre ART est pour moi le premier fètus, qui a donner naissance à l'art MAJEUR : L'ULTRA-PERFECTION CINEMATOGRAPHIQUE, aucun autre réalisateur ne m'a fait aussi rêver, provoquer, interpeler, transander et philosopher intensément, 2001 : L'odysée de l'espace est pour moi le chef-d'oeuvre absolue, comme Barry Lyndon. -- Novembre 1999

Gurni ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick was in my opinion the greatest movie-director of all times. Especially "2001" and "Eyes Wide Shut" are masterpieces in the history of movie-buissnes. 2001 was the best science-fiction-movie I´ve ever seen and "Eyes Wide Shut" was the most brilliant movie of our whole decade. Sure, some critics thought that "Eyes Wide Shut" was just a pornographical film made by an old man, but in my opinion it was a wonderful movie about the relatinship between men and women. I read the novel, on which the film was basing on. The "Traumnovelle" by the european writer "Arthur Schnitzler" was really great and I thought that you can´t produce this stuff on the big screen. But it worked. Kubrick made the impossible possible! The cast was genious, because Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman did the greatest jobs of their whole career. In my opinion it´s sure that Nicole Kidman gets the Academy Award in the next year for best actress in a leading role. My favorite film by Kubrick is "The Shining" with a great Jack Nicholson. I don´t know why nobody noticed this, but I noticed a mistace in the opening-scene of "The Shining". Was it a real mistake, that you can see the shadow of an helicopter? I thought that Kubrick was a perfect director. This mistake wasn´t really his style... All in all I want to thank Stanley Kubrick, because his films influenced my whole live. Thank you, Stanley. -- 11-9-1999

Victor Couwenbergh ( wrote:
This site must be the best there is in Kubrick-country. I really enjoy it. I've seen almost all Kubrick films, except the early short one's, and I must say that Kubrick is among the most inspiring filmdirectors in my life. He was one of the person's that made me wanting to make films also. ALthough I considered Dr. Strangelove and 2001 among my favorite Kubrick's, I recently saw Barry Lyndon in the cinema, and I was amazed by the perfect atmosphere that surrounds this beautiful film. The music it timeless, the acting is great, and the photography is famous. See this underestimated masterpiece, but please,...don't see it on television. Go to the cinema, make this a special day, and enjoy this wonderfull movie! Victor Couwenbergh( -- 10 November 1999

alfio ( wrote:
preferisco scrivere nella mia lingua. povero maestro, è morto e lo avete calpestato!! chi ha voglia di capire capisca. -- 11.11.1999

Ive been to this site more than once and never checked in. -- 11\11\99

Jonathan Robertson ( wrote:
I love all of Kubrick's films. I have 11 of them on DVD. The guy may be a mentalist, but, Christ, is he a genius. And as for Killer's Kiss - is this not just the most under-rated film of all time? I love it. It is even sexier and more stylish than Breakfast at Tiffany's. Just listen to that music... -- 14th November 1999

Symeon Braxton ( wrote:
This is a wonderful site, strewn with indellible images that, by themselves, are evocative of the genius of this man and the profound and everlasting impact he has left on our most powerful art form. May he rest in peace. -- 12/16/99

Symeon Braxton ( wrote:
This is a wonderful site, strewn with indellible images that, by themselves, are evocative of the genius of this man and the profound and everlasting impact he has left on our most powerful art form. May he rest in peace. -- 11/16/99

Addio caro Stanley, magari con la tua pignoleria maniacale riuscirai a rendere l'aldilà un capolavoro x quando ti raggiungerò. Mi hai regalato tanto... -- 15\11\99

stellablue ( wrote:
I that Kubrick was way ahead of his time. I remenber seeing clockwork orange when it came out. It was twisted but at the same time it made us think. He seems that he was very Retro too. 2001- Who would have thought that we'll make it? Now lets see if some of it comes true. So after 25 yrs. it's a thrill to show my 15yr.old son some of his movies. PEACE -- nov.19.1999

Michael Morris Snyderman
"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"...Larkin has saved a world; every Web site that remembers him saves a world. -- 20 November 5760..."1999"..>

This site blows away everything else on the web related to Kubrick. Anyone here know when EWS is coming out on video/DVD? -- 11/22/99

This site blows away everything else on the web related to Kubrick. Anyone here know when EWS is coming out on video/DVD? -- 11/22/99

Paul Bender ( wrote:
Can anyone confirm that Steven Spielberg has taken over production of Kubrick's unfinished, "A.I." ? -- 11/23/99

Kyle Malone
What's this Kubrick movie I'm hearing about called Stranger's Kiss(1999). I looked up Stanley Kubrick under the excite search engine, clicked on his filmography, and right after Eyes Wide Shut was listed Stranger's Kiss(1999. I've heard of Artificial Intelligence, but not Stranger's Kiss! Kubrick is awesome! His use of angles are the best! -- 09-23-99

Grogan Mahoney ( wrote:
Is there a chat room? we could all rap about the Kube. --

William Mendoza ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick was the greatest director (and still is) who ever lived. No other director has such a high percantage of great films. No one. -- 11-28-99

Michael Morris Snyderman ( wrote:
All the babies save one have popped out. Our Papa, George the Invincible, has but 10 days left in the Phantom Land. For Christmas, Mrs. Bogart presents to the world and Dr. Bogart , drum roll please, master Humphrey. And then, .... .the Phantom Luisitania docks on the 27th with Hersh and Leie Leie here in Manahata, the Golden Land. The moving finger, having writ, ...{insert here a favorite anatomical position} ...MINNIE MINNIE TURKEL UPHARSIN. Ecce ecco hominim sic transit Astoria (N train, R train, Leo). If nothing happens New Year's Day, no Ruskie 20 megaton-worth surprises, then know ye, gentle earthlings , to speak of the next 1000 or 2000 or 10 million years, one must accurately reflect and report upon the Entity Stanley Kubrick, who walked with God, who illuminated the past, present, and future of this race, this planet, this realm..."I would have died for thee"....Merry Christmas to all and a Chanukah good luck. -- 4 December 1999

Christopher Bradbury ( wrote:
Over the summer of 98' i read John Baxtor's biography on Kubrick. A few months previously i had seen "Lolita" and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was the only Kubrick film i had seen and so in reading the biography many things were spoiled for me. But it is one of the best things that i ever did. I'm not talking about enjoyment of the book (which was excellent), i'm talking about the fact it opened me up to the work of a man i'd only heard of and briskly read about - never having seen any of his work. I am only 15 and i am a budding film maker but previously my interests were in Hitchcock and the like so naturally my aims for my career were to emulate there work - copy off their style in other words. Reading about Kubrick and seeing his films (i've seen them all bar Clockwork Orange, Fear and Desire & Killer's Kiss) proved to me that the only way to be a real film maker is to push the form and create things that the cinema has never seen before. Kubrick really did that. Films like 2001, Clockwork Orange & Eyes Wide Shut have forever changed the way movies are made and will continue to influence film - makers for surely well into the next millenium. Such a petty that AI was never made - same goes for Napoleon. Although one can't help that the latter may have been better left un filmed. Kubrick would have surely been nearly eighty (or perhaps into his eighties) when he came to film it and even Kubrick would have failed to have the stamina at that age to film a full scale epic, but then again we'll never know. An interesting side point from reading the biography was the unfilmed Terry Southern novel "Blue Movie" that Kubrick turned down. It would have caused massive controversy, perhaps more than A Clockwork Orange did and would have seriously progressed sex in the cinema which (as Eyes Wide Shut proved to be on a different theme than sex) has never been seriously considered in the cinema. Thank heavens Kubrick came along. Without him the cinema would be at a loss. -- 12.4.99

Francisco Matos ( wrote:
In this web site I´ve learned more and unknown things about Stanley Kubrick, in my opinion the most important filmmaker of the 20th. Century and even beyond. Despite all the films that he made, the most awesome, incredible and by the way, the principal movie made in this century and with vision to the 21st. Century is "2001: A Space Odyssey", and this site has the most complete information about this film. Hopíng that will last forever and ever, and saying congratulations to you. Francisco Matos. -- 12/9/1999

Shaun M. Kelly ( wrote:
Adrienne Lisa -- I LOVE YOU!!! And when you come to America again, we will finally get to watch "Eyes Wide Shut" together!!! While cuddling and sipping something yummy...... your Shaun. -- 12/10/99

Aaron ( Spelling ) ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick... well, what can I say? I know one thing as well- he couldn´t possible be from this planet, no way. No human could make so deep movies as he has done. Shortly, he´s a magician from outer space. No doubt. Take for example "2001"... He just wants home. And another example-"A Clockwork Orange". He made the film in "future-sight". And see how it is today! I really don´t get it. He is a master from nowhere. And the way he manipulate´s with the society... amazing! Thats it! Deep wishes to the king of movies beyond the real mind- Stanley Kubrick, from little deep me, Aaron "Elvis is alive, but the thing is, that we don´t have the guts to believe in it..."- Aaron Vesterberg -- 15/12- 99

Marco Bonnici ( wrote:
I would just like to wish all the other Kubrick devotees out therea happy new year and a safe holiday, but interdenominationalistically speaking... is it really the dawn of the 21th century? I thought it was 1st of Jan, 2001? (Strokes his beard) Oh well who cares. One things for sure, the world isnt as advanced as Kubrick's imagination. I mean, I find 2001's statement on technology a pessimistic one, which I completely revel in (come on, we dont want some real HAL thinking for itself and running amok) but seriously, we havent even sent a manned ship to Mars yet, and if we send an unmanned one, we bloody lose it. The embarrassment of reality, oh the pathos! And, I still remember you Stanley, and thank you again for Eyes Wide Shut, it is a film that will keep us disecting and admiring for years. Btw, does anyone feel EWS is a lot like ACO more than any other Kubrick film? The structure, the cycle, where the character ends up being in the same situation as the beginning; and also the artistic style? Long Live Kubrick. --

Alonda Cousino ( wrote:
I am very interest in obtain a copy or where I can obtain a copy of the book Mr Kubrick never made into a movie-I beleive the name is "the toy that lasted all summer by:Robert Arliss -- 01-11-2000

Alonda Cousino ( wrote:
I am very interest in obtain a copy or where I can obtain a copy of the book Mr Kubrick never made into a movie-I beleive the name is "the toy that lasted all summer by:Robert Arliss Please Help if you can---Thanks in advance Alonda -- 01-11-2000

James Luna ( wrote:
To say that his movies were pure genius would be a terrible understatement. I for one believe in the power of cinema and also believe that Mr. Kubrick was the keyholder to this such power. It is a shame that he had to die before what could have been the most ambitious project in the history of the silver screen could be made with his very name attached to it. Wherever you are, Mr. Kubrick, I shall miss you dearly. -- 1-14-00

John Gard ( wrote:
Could some tell me the name of the song sung by Mrs Kubrick in the final scenes of the Paths of Glory. Thank you John g -- 15/01/00

I just want to say that this site is WONDEFUL! I'm a huge fan of Mr. Kubricks work and I'm glad there are dedicated fans out there who understand the depth and thought he puts into all of his wonderful films. My favorites are the Shining and 2001. Thank you so much for the time the love you've put into this great page! luv- Jade-chan -- January 20, 2000

Frédéric Demers ( wrote:
Tres bonne idée la pétition pour avoir loriginal de EYES WIDE SHUT.Merveilleux site bravo!!!!!!!! Very nice site -- 27/01/2000

Wilson Moreira dos Santos ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick o maior diretor de todos os tempos.Perfeccionista,inteligente, inigualável.Obrigado por sua obra. -- 27/01/2000

Clinton Morgan ( wrote:
I love Stanley Kubrick. Albeit he is not my FAVOURITE filmmaker (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger come first), I have great admiration for his films. Plus I also enjoy them. I have certainly learned a lot from watching them. To other fanatics out there I recommend 'Stanley Kubrick by Vincent LoBrutto' and 'Stanley Kubrick Directs by Alexander Walker'. Kubrick was to the latter half of the twentieth century what Eisenstien, Griffith and Von Stroheim were to the former. It must be a great honour for Steven Spielberg to direct AI at Stanley's request!!!! It is one thing for Kubrick to ask you to act in his films or co-write etc... but to be told by THE MASTER that you would do a better job than he in realising a project!!!!!! I am glad that 'A Clockwork Orange' is being released in the UK, it is good film. The death threats the Kubrick family received show how narrow minded anti-censorship is. However I wish it was still banned in a way, because it would mean that Kubrick was alive, well and making films (maybe he might have made his beloved 'Napoleon') I glimpsed in a book that there are seven Kubrick interviews on the web, could any of you nice people tell me where they are. I haven't seen 'Paths of Glory' yet. Bah. Anyway the only video I have of Kubrick is his 'disowned' 'Spartacus', I refuse to buy the others because they are panned and scanned. I mean '2001' in so-called full screen, give us a break!!!! I don't think DVDs have any widescreen versions. The same goes for Hitchcock, 'North By Northwest' and 'Vertigo' were released in VistaVision, RELEASE THOSE ON WIDESCREEN IF YOU'RE READING THIS! Sorry about that outburst folks. Anyway, last but not least, my Kubrick highlight was seeing 'Dr Strangelove' at the National Film Theatre. Not only did I laugh out loud and felt the full benefit of a Kubrick classic (this is my favourite of his, where can I get the screenplay?) but had the added treat of seeing the famous pie throwing scene. That scene was to have appeared at the end of the film and it's a revelation. Dr Strangelove turns out to be sane whilst the President and the Russian (I know! I know!) end up being mad. For 'Goon Show' fanatics Peter Sellers even does an Eccles voice whilst making mud-pies with the damaged cakes. If you're reading this Christiane please could you write a book on your time with Stanley so that we can sort out the wheat from the chaff. -- Saturday 29th January 23:08 (UK)

Chuck Anziulewicz ( wrote:
We all have our heroes; Stanley Kubrick was one of mine. My universe changed forever at the age of 10, when my parents bundled all of us kids into the station wagon and drove to the Rockville (Maryland) Drive-In to see "2001: A Space Odyssey." I've made a point to see every film he made since then, and I have searched out as many of his older films as I've been able. I am still grieving his death. To think that no more films will be made with his singular artistic vision is profoundly dismaying. And now I'm angry as well, after learning that Warner Bros. intends to release only the digitally-altered R-rated version of "Eyes Wide Shut" in the United States. Have they no respect? Anyone who has ever read or owned a copy of Jerome Agel's "The Making of Kubrick's 2001" knows what resource it is, especially with its thick 96-page photo insert (They don't do photo inserts in paperbacks anymore, do they?). You may also know how difficult it is to find a decent copy, since it's been out of print for some 30 years. My original copy is hopelessly dog-eared and held together with duct tape. I am very pleased to report, however, that I was able to find a copy of this book in VERY GOOD condition at Rudy's Books in San Diego. You can find them on the web at Check it out; you may be able to find a good copy yet. Mine cost only $2.50, a real find! For those of you who particularly admire "2001," I cannot recommend Piers Bizony's "2001: Filming the Future" highly enough. This handsome and glossy book deserves a place on the coffee table of any self-respecting Kubrick-phile. It can be ordered swiftly and easily through Particularly sobering is the final chapter of the book, in which Bizony looks at how our misplaced political, economic, and military priorities have all but ruined any possibility of exploring the universe, certainly in any way remotely like what Kubrick envisioned. Bless you all. -- January 31, 2000

Deidra ( wrote:
I have just found this site, and it is very interesting to me. I have seen EWS once, and I don't know if that was enough to understand all that Kubrick meant for us to see. I was very impressed with the soundtrack, although I hope that all the other music that might have fit the film got the attention and consideration that I am sure they deserved. Don't get me wrong, the chosen pieces worked very well, even though I am not a big Shostakovich fan. :-) I feel that this was a huge cinimatic triumph, as were all of Kubricks works. I am very saddened that we shall not see more of this, with the exception of the one that someone else is finishing...what is the name of it again? AI? IA? I'm not sure, and I could be wrong...there IS a first time for everything! Anyways, my congratulations go out to Kubrick, wherever he may be...Bravo! -- 2-09-2000

Shaun the Composer ( wrote:
But Deidra, did you not also view "Barry Lyndon," "Full Metal Jacket," "The Shining" and "Clockwork Orange" with me? I'm sure the jerk known as Brad the F*cker Calbick would not appreciate these works of PURE CINEMATIC ART as much as you or I have..... but if you think so, then stay with him. -- 2/10/2000

Cam ( wrote:
Undeniably the greatest director in the history of film. You can see the skill of a true auteur as thier medium begins to function as an extension of their body. Skill like that would be a freedom most of us could hardly comprehend. My dream, above all else, is to one day understand just a bit of that freedom which seemed to pour from every last part of his body. -- Feb. 10, 2000

Deidra ( wrote:
Aye, I did view those with you, SMK. And I would not know if Mr. Calbick would enjoy them or not, as I have not tryed to watch them with him, nor shall I. Some things are better kept between two people, and remembered as such. And I enjoyed the other films, even though we did not finish Full Metal Jacket. Barry Lyndon was by far my favourite! How everything was depicted in that film was excellent!!! What do you think, SMK? -- 2-11-00

Bobby G ( wrote:
This is the only site I ever log onto, and I've logged on at least a trillion times, and every time I do log on I set another Kubrick pic for my wallpaper. There are some hot images on there. What's missing from THE SHINING sight is that one shot of Jack staring out the window when his face is all covered in stubble. That's the only thing wrong with the site. Other than that, real horrorshow. -- February 15, 2000

Hektor Stockton ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick is the greatest American director who ever lived. Anyone who denies or challenges this fact is not only a coward but a bold-faced liar. I am sorry if i seem a bit pretentious but this is coming from a person who has dedicated most of his life towards the memory and appreciation of Stanley K. I have writen a forty-three page thesis on the understaning of the work of Stanley K. for my graduate requirement at James Madison University. I figure I know more about Kubrick than most people ever hope to realize in their lifetimes. Just try and test me. I love and hope to meet all those who share my passion of Kubrick and his films. In my opinion, he is the greatest American cinematic artist that ever lived. Please feel free to speak with me on the subject. Thank you.... -- 2/16/00

Lawrence Barraclough ( wrote:
Attention all Kubrick fans! Media company Living Productions is making a series of short programmes based on the public perception of the Stanley Kubrick classic "A Clockwork Orange". If you are aged 27 or under, live in the United Kingdom, and have seen "A Clockwork Orange", we may want to interview you for the show. If you would be interested in participating, then please email as soon as possible. -- 16-02-00

Alex "Kempes" Aquilino ( wrote:
Quando sei morto,mi sono sentito un pò + solo. Grazie Maestro e Addio. -- 20/2/2000

iñaki ( wrote:
KUBRICK,FORD,LANG,HITCHCOCK,they are kings, they are... no comments, all. -- 24-2-00

Joe ( wrote:
A very elegant site. Plenty of precious bodily fluids. Yarbols. -- 2/27/2000

Don Prater ( wrote:
No director can even hope to aspire to the heights (and depth)of Mr. Kubrick. For me, the jury is still out on the soft-porn final installment of his 'ouvre', Eyes Wide Shut (as w/all his films, will need to 'viddie' again&again to absorb all the nuances. A shame about the still-born 'Napoleon' & 'AI' as well. God speed, Stanley. We'll never see the likes of your caliber again! -- 2/27/00

Gabriele Provinciali ( wrote:
Nice site, a well-constructed tribute to someone that inspired us by means of his movies. It feels quite strange to write down suitable words to describe him and his work. Let us rather remember him with a camera in his hands, always. -- 03/05/2000

thanks for the site. --

eeryytsdgsdfg ( wrote:
sdgdsgsdgfdsg -- sd

Jeff Steinmetz ( wrote:
My 1st Kubrick's film was "The Shining" and I love it. Then after watching that movie I started to watch other movies by Kubrick. I think his best work was "Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb", "2001: Space Odyssey", "A Clockwork Orange", "The Shining", "Full Metal Jacket", and "Eye Wide Shut". I am going to miss him JEFF -- 3/14/00

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Roger Crabtree ( wrote:
I love Kubrick! Thank you for such a wonderful website. I still have goosebumps from the recent anouncement that Spielberg is going to make "AI". It seems like a perfect pairing; the world's most famous director directs a project concieved by the greatest director. I think that Spielberg will do it with reverance and with style. I can't wait to see it! -- 03/16/2000

Walter Moretti ( wrote:
Hi to everybody! I watched "2001: A space odissey" in 1970 or 1971 when I was 6 or 7. It was one of the most impressive experiences in my life. I passed part of my life to try to understand the deep meaning of that film (now I have quite a satisfying interpretation). I decided to become a physicist also due to that film. Anyway, I love all of Kubrick's films. Premature Kubrick's lack it's a pity for we all. -- 17 March 2000

Kyle ( wrote:
Great site, one of the few sites regarding Kubrick which updates frequently. Anyone who is a fan of the late director will find extremely useful info and links. Keep it up! -- 3/17/2000

Arabell Walters ( wrote:
I went to see Clock work orange and was stunned, Unable to say much when I came out initially as I deseratly tried to make sense of the plot, themes, charcters etc...... I think as people we try to 'make sense' of the world as we struggle to accept unreality, however for Kubrick it was a reality and maybe we will never fully understand a genius. What an amzing example of the ultimate, 'what goes around....comes aound' We see Alex develop in front of our eyes, we cannot hide from his acts of unimaginable violence, yet we still have uncontrollable sympathy for him...... What more can I say, it was brilliant! I am glad it was re-released for us to watch and marvle!! -- 19/03/00

Arabell Walters ( wrote:
I went to see Clock work orange and was stunned, Unable to say much when I came out initially as I deseratly tried to make sense of the plot, themes, charcters etc...... I think as people we try to 'make sense' of the world as we struggle to accept unreality, however for Kubrick it was a reality and maybe we will never fully understand a genius. What an amzing example of the ultimate, 'what goes around....comes aound' We see Alex develop in front of our eyes, we cannot hide from his acts of unimaginable violence, yet we still have uncontrollable sympathy for him...... What more can I say, it was brilliant! I am glad it was re-released for us to watch and marvle!! -- 19/03/00

Michael Gammon ( wrote:
Dear Sirs In the bedroom scene,where Alex is lying on his bed,my fathers turntable was used in that scene.Stanley Kubick came and saw my father David Gammon (TRANSCRIPTORS (England) Ltd) and asked if he could borrow a 'Hydraulic Reference Turntable.My father gave it to him for free. David Gammon has never seen 'A ClockWork Orange,and was wondering if his company 'TRANSCRIPTORS' was mentioned.If so,would it be possiable to a still copy of the end credits,and also the scene in the bedroom with Alex. Yours faithfully Michael Gammon (Son TRANSCRIPTORS (England) -- 22/03/2000

Mr_K ( wrote:
I'll be back! Be sure of that!!!!!!! It's just the beginning !!! -- 24 / 2 / 2000

Mr_K ( wrote:
For every dead guy, a star is born. The kubrick star is the biggest star of the universe. -- 24/2/2000

Jason Bisnett ( wrote:
EYES WIDE SHUT a film of utter perfection designed to woo us into never understanding it, but destined to stone us for eternity. A masterful work from a masterful director. God comfort our saint and let him be remembered as a man who changed cinema forever!!!! -- March 25 2000

vdog ( wrote:
Can someone please tell me what is going on in the scene in shining with the man in the bear suit and the man in the tuxedo??? please my aim is veeral99. I am curious, it was the only thing i didn't get, i didn't know what was goingn on -- 3/25/00

hello Stanley... come and play with us... forever... and ever... and ever... -- 29 march 2000

he was one of the best and allways will be . orange all time favorit full metal jack the best ever made . let him know enjoy his life his soul and legend will live on to all --

David Graham ( wrote:
At last - a brilliant and comprehensive film site dedicated to the master film-maker. This site is fantastic and I must congratulate you on your efforts.I shall be paying regular visits to your site and i am a massive Kubrick fan.Just yesterday Eyes Wide Shut came out to rent in the UK and I have watched it three more times, after practically living in the cinema when it was on release.Well done and thank you. -- 5 april 2000

lee ( wrote:
saw EWS just last night.a great way for a great man to sign of, i'm sure you'll agree. i live just down the road from kubricks estate,and my father was fortunate enough to meet the man himself a couple of times while working as a water supply inspector.he(kubrick)found out through his assistant that both my father and i were fans and presented my father with various souvieners including a FMJ laser disc,and a SIGNED photograph which is one of my most treasured possesions.has anyone else got any interesting memorobilia? -- 16/4/2000

Greg Barone ( wrote:
I'm pleased to finally see shots from Eyes Wide Shut as Mr. Kubrick intended them. But now that I've seen them, I wonder if the masked version is better after all. This isn't a porno flick. No need to be so graphic. Furthermore, I see no need for this website to be so graphic. The pictures should be removed. -- April 20, 2000

giuseppe mele ( wrote:
any of his movies justifies the exhistence of cinema (nice party, isn't it?) Thanks a lot Mr. Kubrick. -- 28 april 2000

Donna Clark ( wrote:
This is a great website. And Kubrick films are the greatest. I'm working on watching them all. The ones I've seen so far are excellent. -- 04/28/2000

Stuart Galbraith ( wrote:
Viddy Well fellow Kubrick fans. I would like to start by saying what a great and insiring director Stanley Kubrick was. I don't think that he was given enough recognition when he was alive and has only just become a really popular director. His films have made me concentrate on the directing more than what is actually going on in the film. If you were to look at my 10 favourite films of all time you would see that my top 3 is devoted to Kubrick (they are The Shining at No1, A Clockwork Orange at No2 and Full Metal Jacket at No3.) It is hard to find a director that has directed so many different types of movie from horror such as the Shining to Science Fiction like 2001: A Space Odysee. From Historical such as Barry Lyndon to a war film like Full Metal Jacket. I think that Kubrick brought a certain kind of magic to the sceen which no other director could. -- 5/5/00

Brad Henderson
Kubrick is the God of Film making, no other film director will have the impact as the true master did. Other directors can only strive to achieve what Kubrick did to film making. His work will live on forever and has set the standard that no one else will ever do again. My favourite Kubrick Films 1.Barry Lyndon (Highly underated, the most beautiful film ever) 2.Eyes Wide Shut (Will be regarded a masterpiece in years to come) 3.A Clockwork Orange (Set the standard for violence in film) 4.Paths Of Glory (The Greatest Injustice Film Ever) 5.Lolita (Kubrick was brave enough to make this film in 1960) 6.Dr Strangeglove (Hilarious) 7.The Killing (Tarantino could only dream of making this) 8.The Shining (Too scary to be his masterpiece) 9.2001 : A Space Oddysey (What more can you say) 10.Spartacus (Kubrick shouldn't have disowned this epic) 11.Killer Kiss (Could Only go on to greatness) 12.Full Metal Jacket (The first 40 minutes is so good that the rest of the film fails to compare, Kubrick still delivered the best Vietnam film ever. -- 12th May 2000

Shaun the Composer ( wrote:
Only one established director alive, other than Scorcese, could successfully carry out SK's vision for AI. Mr. Spielberg, thank you for taking on this immense project! I had this flash in my head while he delivered the all-too-short eulogy on SK at the Oscars last year -- the flash that he and SK had been sitting behind closed doors plotting this all out. On to the music. AI seems to be one of those projects that will not require a grandiose Romantic Period orchestral score. I HIGHLY respect John Williams as a composer, arranger, conductor and historian -- AND as Spielberg's creative partner. Mr. Williams has composed some of history's most unforgettable (beautiful and frightening) music. However, I cannot seem to aurally juxtapose his stylistic approach(es) with what I assume AI to become. For some reason I hear sparse Impressionistic melodic material... even Satie? Moreso, music based on Late Medieval rhythmic and plagal modes. Oh then again, I've had a lot of coffee. Bye. -- 14 May 2000

Gabriel Salinas Ochoa ( wrote:
MAESTRO DEL CINE!! NO HABRA NADA IGUAL COMO A CLOCK WORK ORANGE Ojala que el nuevo proyecto de AI Spielberg no ponga dinosaurios ni musica bonita!! Theres nothing like a clock work... Saludos a todos los fans!! -- 20 de Mayo de 2yk

DAvid L. ( wrote:
I rememeber when I saw 2001: a space odyssey and Full Metal Jacket on t.v. I was about 10 years old. Now, 13 years later, I was bless to see Eyes Wide Shut on the big screen... words cannot explain it all...but I'll still remember the magic... -- 00-05-26

grace ( wrote:
kubrick is the greatest. -- june 27th

Gianfranco Gentile ( wrote:
To all those who love spending cold winter nights watching Kubrick's masterpieces: please write me! I'm an Italian 26 years old worshipper of the "Maestro" who happened to pop into a smalltown cinema in 1987 to watch FULL METAL JACKET never to come out of Stanley's unique visionary world again. That was my initiation to Kubrick. What about yours? -- 26/07/00

Kim Sargeant ( wrote:
As a Kubrick fan for over 30 years, I much enjoyed your comprehensive site. Can I just mention that in honour of the greatest film our BBC National Orchestra of Wales gives a concert on the first day of THAT year/the new millennium featuring music from 2001 and The Shining, together with other works with a space theme: Mon 1 January St David's Hall, Cardiff [tx Radio Cymru LIVE, streamed on the web] Conductor Grant Llewellyn 2001 - A Musical Odyssey Strauss Also sprach Zarathustra, Op.30 33’ (as used in 2001) Ligeti Atmosphères 9’ (as used in 2001) Strauss Blue Danube Waltz 9’ (as used in 2001) <<>> Josef Strauss Music of the Spheres 7’ Ligeti Lontano 11’ (as used in The Shining) Holst Suite from The Planets [Mars, Venus, Jupiter] 25’ - other Kubrick aficionados please note! Kim Sargeant Artistic Administrator, BBC National Orchestra of Wales +Room E4101, Broadcasting House, Llandaff, Cardiff CF5 2YQ ( Tel: +44 (0)29 20 3(2 2274) ( Fax: +44 (0)29 20 3(2 2575) ( Mobile: 07970 022184 1 e-mail: 0 internet: -- 27 July 2000

elsuperbrain ( wrote:
Since I know only a few people were gifted at birth to be able to enjoy a one of a kind film like "Barry Lyndon" it is been quite pleasant to have found in the Internet several people who actually think it is the greatest film of all times..... I advise you all to watch it. Even if you think it is boring: do it as an act of faith..... Because it is probably the greatest film of all times....(Please excuse any errors in my english) el -- August/2000

elsuperbrain ( wrote:
Since I know only a few people were gifted at birth to be able to enjoy a one of a kind film like "Barry Lyndon" it is been quite pleasant to have found in the Internet several people who actually think it is the greatest film of all times..... I advise you all to watch it. Even if you think it is boring: do it as an act of faith..... Because it is probably the greatest film of all times....(Please excuse any errors in my english) el -- August/2000

Chris Cartaya ( wrote:
Admirer of Stanleys work and tallent, as well as his persona, I find him one of the greatest filmakers of our day of sensational special effect loaded no talent films. What i find more interesting to me is standleys background, how the eduaction system of Taft high kept trying to push him in one direction, while destiny pushed him in another. I like his charater and passion for perfection. He is an example of doing what YOU want to do, not what THEY want you to do. If not, what are we but apes with cars cellphones, morgages and carrers. He is a motivation and example of me to be more than that as i am now in the process of writing 6 novels hopefully to become screenplays and later films. Visit my webpage at, a webpage about death, despair, depression, suicide and ultra-violence. --Cartaya -- 08/11/00

i love stanley kubrick and his movies but something has been troubleing me. why the need for the colours red and blue to be highlighted in The Shining, Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut. Where they just his favourite colours or is there something behind it all. It might be in other films i havn't noticed them as much. -- 1/9/00

Shaun the Composer ( wrote:
Dear Addy Lisa: Three months and 15 days? Are we having a film festival in Australia? :O) Love, --Me. -- 4 Sep 2000

Shaun the Composer ( wrote:
For Newie: To help you along in your quest for the color question: 1)Consider that in the spectral world, black and white create the greatest amount of visual contrast, yes? But when you consider the COLORIZED aspect, red and blue would be the primaries that compliment, yet fight against, each other best. Kubrick was a huge fan of film noir ("black film") as is evident in his B/W projects. While producing a colorized film, would it not make sense then to highlight Reds and Blues as the colored versions of the necessary contrasting shades in film noir? 2) Color may be used as SYMBOLISM with implications that "cool" colors (blue, green, violet) suggests serenity ot tranquility, whereas "warm" colors (red, yellow, orange) suggest aggressiveness, violence and stimulation. Perhaps Kubrick was after this effect. 3) Perhaps Kubrick attempted to create new compositional balances by employing color where B/W may have successful before, or that his highlighting of specific shades may be nothing more than a jolt to increase the audience's feeling of displacement -- lost in a scene that is familiar in life, yet made creepingly unfamiliar by Kubrick's mastery. (He never wanted you to remain in the mise en scene, thus in his head, for too long -- remember this.) Some other directoral/cinematographic examples: Scorcese, Fellini, Truffaut, Spielberg (look at Close Encounters), and especially Akiro Kurosawa's films all provide excellent approaches to the emotional and psychological effectiveness of color. SMK. -- 05 Sep 2000

Shaun again
Addy, what's the first on the list for the 1st Annual A.L.Hill Kubrick Festival? Um, perhaps Strangelove? -- 05 Sep 2000

Adrienne Lisa ( wrote:
hmm....well I was actually thinking Lolita....seems I might have something in common with some characters....there is something beautiful about the movie, I really love it, and I really love you Shaun Michael Kelly... -- 6/9/2000

Kane ( wrote:
We can say he was a genius, we can say he was one of the greater directors we have had, maybe he was just a man has given us his perceptin of the existence across the images (and this is not few);i just know we'll be able to talk for a long time about him, i just know we'll continue to find something of great in his works, i just know he was touched by the grace, i just know we are in need of his look. -- 15/09/2000

Shaun the Composer
Okay, Addy.... what will be second? Um, "Barry Lyndon?" -- 15 SEP 2000

Adrienne Lisa ( wrote:
uh no thankyou.....that was someone elses favourite....which makes me not really want to watch it. -- 17/9/2000

Jeffrey r. Greene ( wrote:
nice sight -- 9-4-oo

Artur Piskorz ( wrote:
Hi! I have been (the late) Stan Fan for over 20 years now. I wrote my master thesis about '2001' and now I am preparing my PhD. about SK. I am looking for the VHS copies of Kubrick's short films as well as (though I quite realize I am fantasising now)the copy of 'Fear & Desire' since this is the only film of SK I haven't seen. Is there anybody out there who might help me in this matter? Thanks. This site is great! -- 6/10/2000

Michael Gammon ( wrote:
My father had the pleasure of meeting Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick came to my fathers factory in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England. At the time he was shooting A ClockWork Orange. He asked my father if he could borrow a audio turntable to use in his film, he gave him one for free. The table appears in the bedroom scen with Alex, in which Alex has just taken his snake out of the draw and turns round and puts some music on. The table you see is a Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference Turntable. My fathers company was called TRanscriptors England. It also appeared in the hospital scene. To find out more, either contact me via email or visit the official web site at Regards Michael Gammon -- 05/11/2000

Lord Shier
Directed by Stanley Kubrick. A Film by Stanley Kubrick. Stanley Kubrick's The Little Corporal. That Napoleon film would have been the greatest piece of art the cinematic world would have ever seen. I'm sorry, but Spielberg can't do justice to A.I. I'll watch it, knowing that if Lord Stanley had made it, it wouldn't look anything like Steven's picture. Where are you Stanley? See You Next Wednesday. -- November 5, 2000

Erik North
Stanley Kubrick was truly one of the greatest cinematic geniuses of all times. The only other director I have been as high about has been Steven Spielberg, who conversed with Kubrick quite a lot--and who is now making "AI", the film Kubrick had planned to do after "Eyes Wide Shut." He will be sorely missed. But I'll always remember the genius that made "2001" THE ultimate science fiction film. -- November 25, 2000

Adrienne Lisa ( wrote:
To my love Shaun Michael Kelly..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love you.... Lets watch Kubrick movies and grow old together..... Addy Lisa. -- 28th November 2000

Tracey ( wrote:
I visit this site fairly often, but never got round to praising you up!! I'm a member of various Kubrick/ACO clubs on Yahoo! but they can never be as informative and well presented as this site, I salute you! :) -- 29 November 2000

Marco Bonnici ( wrote:
Has Kubrick ever explained why he opposed to his films being released on VHS/DVD in widescreen? Considering the aspect ratio of his later work, this does not extremely alter or damage the visual element, but it would be a treat to experience his films in whole – imagine the deterioration of the fish-eye lenes feature in A Clockwork Orange in full-screen? Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen seeing as it is said Kubrick has a court order against anyone fiddling around with his films, which is understandable under most circumstances, but I find this full-screen syndrome just as degrading as the censoring of the US release of Eyes Wide Shut and puts me in the rare position of opposing my mentor’s decisions. Ultimately, this ‘tampering’ restriction also prevents his work from being remastered for the most part, which is ludicrous as these are important works of the 20th century and should be preserved. Perhaps Kubrick was striving to attract the popcorn crowd? This would be ironic and disappointing if true, but it seems a possibility, especially when considering that ACO capitalises on its graphic content in advertisements. -- 3rd of December, 2000

Luna ( wrote:
Very interesting pages! I'm very big Stanley Kubrick-fan, and all Kubrick fans: write to me! (I'm 13-years old and from Finland) -- 3.12.2000.

MUSICMAN ( wrote:
A Happy New Year!! Thanks for your great informations! I cannot wait to watch A.I.!! -- Jan.2.2001

Margaret Musso ( wrote:
Kubrick was,is,will INFINITE!!!!! -- 03.01.2001

Luna ( wrote:
Hi hi hi there... Everyone... I read just your texts of Stanley Kubrick, and I was very touched. I almoust cried. Becouse many peolpe in the world, in many different countries loved Stanley Kubrick, and love still. I love you Kubrick, and I appreciate you so much. I hope that we''ll meet someday. Your, Luna. ''We'll meet again, don't now when, don't know where, but I know we'll meet again, some sunny day.'' We miss you! We love you now and forever! -- 4.1.2001.

Luna ( wrote:
I'm sorry about my ''writing mistakes''... I'm from Finland, that's all. *Luna* P.S. Shaun, write to me soon if you can. -- 4.1.2001.

Luna ( wrote:
I'm sorry about my ''writing mistakes''... I'm from Finland, that's all. *Luna* P.S. Shaun, write to me soon if you can. -- 4.1.2001.

More news on AI..... check out Spielberg's site(s). Hey Luna you're a cool kid! It's always good to see younger people appreciating art, But his best movie is definitely Barry Lyndon, at least for your age. -- A cold day in January

Luna ( wrote:
Hellou! I I'm here, again... But I don't know what I say... But I want say something! Hmm... Da da da da... Alexander DeLarge rulez! *Luna* -- 8.1.2001.

Luna ( wrote:
Hi! I love this pages! Thanks! Hmm... And I love number nine, today is ninth day of january. Why I all the time write bullshit?! I'm sorry about that... Really. But I want to write something. I want. You perhaps think that I'm crazy... Maybe I am. And now little finnish: Kiitos Stanley, sinun ansiostasi elämässäni on jotain mieltä ja tarkoitusta. Kuollessasi en vielä edes tinnyt sinusta mitään, mutta nyt tiedän. Et ole minulle mikään ''vain hetken loistava tähti'', vaan olet jotain paljon enemmän. En usko, että tahdot kenenkään pitävän sinua jumalana, enkä sellaisena sinua pidäkään. Arvostan sinua vain niin paljon. Niin ihmisenä kuin elokuvantekijänäkin. Amen. Yours, Luna. -- 9.1.2001.

Mark Sweeney (m, wrote:
I would like to congratulate you on a brilliant website. Definitely one of the best I've visited. Being a bit of a Kubrick freak, I've searched the web high and low for a decent site to accompany my appreciation of the great man's work. Yours was one of the first I found. Anyone else out there who wants to trawl the web for information, don't bother! This is the site you want. Keep up the good work. It's nice to know there's somebody out there who gives up their own time and effort to maintain such an excellent standard. I congratulate you...sincerely...Mark Sweeney...Glasgow..Glas...Ma...Mark..Mark............Glasg..Scot....Scotland...SSSSSSSSCCccCCCooTTTT..Sween................................................ ..... .... ... .. . . -- 19th January 2001

armand hash ( wrote:
i admire kubrick in such a way that it is undescribable in words. to me he has been the greatest director of all time, and i can only hope to someday have half the talent he had. -- january 23rd, 2001

Lord Shier ( wrote:
If there is anybody on this site who thinks (like I do) that Barry Lyndon is the greatest film ever made, e-mail me. I won't debate with anyone who thinks Strangelove, 2001, or Clockwork are better because really, ANY Kubrick film is a masterpiece. However, I get pretty riled up when I run into somebody who thinks Barry is boring. You are calling on some serious juju voodoo from me if you think Barry is boring. I will admit it's SLOW, but never boring.You have to prepare yourself for Barry Lyndon. You can't just throw it in the VCR or DVD player. Have some wine. Light some candles.Maybe even put on Handel's Water Music for an hour beforehand. Do some ritual, friends. Because you owe it to yourself (let alone the film) to see it in the right mood. That's all, I love you all, and may there be "Health To The Barley Mow". -- February 12, 2001

koen ( wrote:
is that you John Wayne? is this me? -- 12 feb 2001

Lord: Yes, "Barry Lyndon" is truly ONE of the greatest films ever produced. Wine is necessary, as are the candles, in addition to 3 hours of free time. However, there are three musical works better suited to prepare for this experience: 1) Turlough O'Carolan: "Lamentation" 2) Mozart: Sonata for Violin and Piano in G, KV.379; and 3) Schubert: Trio in Eb for Violin, Cello, and Cello (the Second Movement of which is featured as ongoing theme in the film). Cheers, Fair Lad. Peace out. -- A Cold Day in February

Excuse me: Schubert's Trio in Eb for Violin, Cello and PIANO. --

J. Torrence ( wrote:
Kubrick - the man, the myth, the legend. Apparently he never knew exactly what he wanted, but exactly what he didn't, which, in its own wierd way explains all his films. The greatest artist of all time. Strangelove rules. See ya. -- 17/02/01

Jonas Ahlsgard ( wrote:
Just read about this new 'Kubrick collection',with the new ultimate docy on Kubrick.I just want to know if any fellow 'kubrickian' out there,can tell me if it will be released as a region 2 DVD (Europe)version aswell? --

Marco Bonnici or Mark! If you read this,please contact me ASAP!! --

Leslie Hinge (Lesliehingeoest) wrote:
I'm so lucky, i've just spoken to Jan Harlan, Kubrick's Producer for more then 30 yaers, we had a long talk about kubrick, he answered my many questions about The films, but the best thing was that he gave me an original mask from Eyes wide Shut. I'm so happy!!! Kubick rules! -Leslie -- 11/04-01