Patrick Larkin ( wrote:
Hello. I thought I'd add the first comment. -- 02/23/95
Terry Miller ( wrote:
This a really great page. I fitting tribute to a true artist. -- 02/23/9 5
Lewis Eugene Kelley ( wrote:
-- 02/23/95
Hectoe Gonzalez ( ) wrote:
I love Clockwork Orange, This is greatCongratulations from Mexico -- 02/ 23/95
Lino!! ( wrote:
Great work! Amazing how the net can allow people in Britain to see samples of Clockwork Orange, yet the BBFC and Kubrick himself won't!Keep up the good wor k!I'll be a regular visitor!! -- 02/23/95
Gilsanty ( wrote:
Beautifully done. I loved the pictures of 2001 and CWO.HAL's sound very nea t. Congrats! -- 02/24/95
Rick Carden ( wrote:
I am a DR. Strangelove Fan. Great to see this! -- 02/24/95
Daryl ( wrote:
It's a shame Kubrick didn't make Lolita in the 80's, if lola can't shock th en it is nothing. I'd love to see how it would be interpreted now, with more re laxed censorship laws. -- 02/24/95
Stefano Martina ( ) wrote:
A pretty good work. Well done! -- 02/24/95
Michael Gallagher ( wrote:
Congrats. Nice page. Would appreciate some brief instructionson what to do with audio files for us newbies, though! -- 02/24/95
Andy Brenz ( wrote:
I can't get enough of HAL. This one's gonna go onto the hotlist -- 02/2 4/95
Tony Semczuk ( ) wrote:
Finally! God geta a page on thw Web! -- 02/24/95
JAMES A.HALL ( wrote:
Ryan Watkins ( wrote:
Nice, well designed pages with good graphics. Hopefully it can become more developed over time. How long have you had this site up? Oh, and feel free to d rop my my site. -- 02/24/95
Burt Altman, Tallahassee, Florida ( w rote:
Enjoyed the color print from "The Shining." Also, the sound quality from " Full Metal Jacket" was excellent. Would like to see more audio and video from " The Shining," one of my favorite Kubrick films. -- 02/24/95


Judy Douglas ( ) wrote:
Great page........Lolita is one of my top ten favorite films, and Humbert H umbert is my all-time favorite obsessed man. -- 02/24/95
Hari Nair ( wrote:
Good work. I heard there is a publicity still out for Kubrick's next film, "AI"! Apparently of skyscrapers sticking out of the ocean after the world has been flooded. If that's true, you gotta put it here! -- 02/24/95
Ron Crawford ( wrote:
Some super audio. I added a couple of WAV files to my personal collection. -- 02/24/95
Mike Clark ( ) wrote:
Excellent page -- 02/24/95
Rich Zweiback ( wrote:
Good luck with the page!I really ENJOYED it (so far). Any chance of getting some more .wav files from Clockwork, Shining (especially "Here's Johnny" andand Strangelove? Any chance of getting actual scripts?Anyway, looking forward to com ing back! -- 02/24/95
J. Brett Sloan ( wrote:
Neat. I like it very much. -- 02/24/95
The Fish Monger ( wrote:
Wonderful grafics! Keep it up! -- 02/24/95
Valerian Bennett ( wrote:
Kubrick...oh, Kubrick. -- 02/24/95
Walter Mallory ( ) wrote:
A nice piece of work. I look forward to visiting again. -- 02/24/95
Dave Murphy ( wrote:
Can we have an image of the USS Disconvery? -- 02/24/95
Negativsteve ( wrote:
Super groovy cool. -- 02/24/95
Beni Serfaty, Israel. ( wrote:
In my opinion, Kubrick is one of the greates artist in the 20th centuary. I 've found great depthand unbelieveable visions in his films. I was very happy to find this site and I'll come back againto check it up... Thanks - Beni -- 02 /24/95
Diablo (alias) Qld Australia ( ) wrote:
I just had a quick browse but will call back again when I have more time. B ut it looks great -- 02/24/95
jgreen ( ) wrote:
Shoot, a guy could have a pretty good time with a home page like this! -- < i>02/24/95
Al Meadows ( wrote:
Really enjoyed the page. Strangelove is one my my very favorite films. - - 02/24/95
Richard Batey ( ) wrote:
Thanks for a well done page. -- 02/24/95
R Harvey
Cool: got to re-live some films from undergraduate days. Thanks for the ex perience. -- 02/24/95
Dean Olmstead ( ) wrote:
Right on! -- 02/25/95
Rick Cousins ( wrote:
Thanks, I found this on the Yahoo list. -- 02/25/95
boo boo mcdaniel ( ) wrote:
kubrick is the greatest filmmaker in the last 40 years,and certainly on of the greatest all-time. keep building,keep adding, there can never be too much sp ace devoted tostanley kubrick! -- 02/25/95
Amer Siddique (Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) (amer@uxa.cso ) wrote:
Kubrick has directed some of the greatest films ever made! "Paths of Glory," "Strangelove," "2001," "Clockwork," are standards by which all others are measured. Few directors will ever be able to achieve his level of artistry; or even attempt such bold,keen and personal insight into the human condition. The films are benchmarks for their respective genres. I hope to see this page turn into a well deserved retrospective of all his past and future works. Good Job, and I'll definitely keep tuning in. -- 02/25/95
Ben Park ( wrote:
Pretty cool. Would really like a wav. file of HAL when he says "What are yo u doing Dave!". That would really blow my mind. You have made some of the best films I have ever seen, but there just aren't enough of them. I WANT MORE KUBR ICK!!! -- 02/25/95
Steve Cabito ( wrote:
Cool! But where's Marisa Berenson??? -- 02/25/95
Dick Lewis ( wrote:
Always admired your work. Sounds don't play properly; you or me? -- 02/2 5/95
Stephen Kyle Tapp ( wrote:
Please put up the Strangelove frame where Slim Pickens ridesthe bomb out of the bomb bay! -- 02/25/95
Doug Brahm ( wrote:
Great fun, Kubrick deserves all praise! -- 02/25/95
Brian Aby ( wrote:
Well done. I really enjoyed what you've presented here. If you are planni ng to add some stuff from Kubrick's other films, I would suggest you concentrate on "Paths of Glory," and especially "The Killing," which are two of his best. Thanks. -- 02/26/95
Steve Meek ( wrote:
Nice job. I'm curious to know what Kubrick is up to now. Any idea? -- 02 /26/95
Sylvester Bennett ( wrote:
I'm curious. Why are no Black people despicted in Kulbrick'sfilm's? -- 02/26/95
Kevin Leinbach ( wrote:
Great 2001 pics. How about an image of HAL's panel "eye" that I could use for wallpaper? Thanks. -- 02/26/95
Ani Gupta ( ) wrote:
Hello. I liked the page and all the netscape enhancements :)I just have one sugestion. Maybe you add links to the CardiffDatabase for the movies, but rest all is really cool. Hope tosee more stuff.-Ani -- 02/26/ 95
Jouko Salo ( ) wrote:
Greetings from snowy Helsinki, Finland. 26.2.95 -- 02/26/95
Chris Williams ( ) wrote:
In reply to the person asking "why no black people in Kubrick's films?" Did n't this person see eitherThe Shining featuring Scatman Crowthers as the hero or the black soldiers in Full Metal Jacket ...this magnificent sp ecimen of prime Alabama black snake. But it's not too damn "boo koo"! -- 02/26/95
Charles E. Peck ( wrote:
Great stuff! Kubrick buffs who are interested may wantto email me for deta ils on the 1994 British book I am nowselling by mail in the US. "2001 - filming the future" byPiers Bizony. The book on 2001 that we've all been waitingfor! - - 02/26/95
Matt Fisher ( wrote:
Glad to see there's plenty of interest about Kubrick on the net. Anyone got anything really interesting, like perhaps the script from Dr. Strangelove with the missing scene? -- 02/27/95
Albert F. Ross ( wrote:
Outstanding! A fitting tribute to one of our greatest artists.When I get a personal home page up I would like to point tothis page if you wouldn't mind. - - 02/27/95
Rich Victor ( wrote:
You are doing the Lord's work--God bless you. Do you know of any Jerry Lew is pages? I was in 2001, by the way. You know the ape who holds the baby? Yep . -- 02/27/95
Nate Thompson ( ) wrote:
This is a truely great page Patrick! Way to go. -- 02/27/95
Sean Kole ( ) wrote:
Thank You. Applause for your informative approach, don't bog down the site with B.S. interpretations -- 02/28/95
David Rolon ( ) wrote:
This is an excellent page. I am a very serious and devotedkubrick fan. Your work is terrific. I am aware of some otherkubrick related books which I would b e happy to tell you about at your request. What do you know about "AI"? Have you ever visited Borehamwood? What do you know about Leon Vitali?Keep up the GREAT w ork. -- 02/28/95
Brian Siano ( wrote:
Lovely piece of work, with well-chosen GIFs and sound bites. Wish there wer e more, but your home page is genuinely wonderful as is. The Dr. Strangelove GIF -- Buck and Strangelove-- will now be my Windows wallpaper. Thanks a LOT. -- 02/28/95
Heboy Shieh ( ) wrote:
oh! It's good!! ^o^ I really like it ! -- 02/28/95
Peter Ross ( ) wrote:
Cyber-tastic. I'll be back for more. -- 02/28/95
Yudts ( ) wrote:
Yudts in Rochester NY say "way to go Pat!". Keep it up. -- 03/01/95
Steve Sparks ( wrote:
I'd really like to find a picture of HAL9000's eye for the background in my Windows. ;) -- 03/01/95
Patricio Lopez Guzman ( wrote:
Awesome page. -- 03/01/95
Jim ( ) wrote:
Thanks for the great page. Great to see the master recognized on the web. Where'd you find these images btw? I'd love to see more. I'm here -- 03/02/95
Sean Tubbs ( wrote:
Great page. Nice inline images to break the page up. If only someone would do a similar page for Woody Allen.However, see if you can add some more sounds f rom Clockwork.That's what I was hoping for after seeing this page on Yahoo. -- < i>03/02/95
Burton Fitzsimmons III ( wrote:
This page RULES! Good job...will be back to visit! -- 03/03/95
Tomas Andersson ( ) wrote:
:-) -- 03/03/95
( ) wrote:
Hello! Greatings from Ole in Norway! I'm a wholeheartedfan of Kubrick's wor k and want to thank you for initiating such a fine project as making information about him availableon the internet. Keep up the good work! -- 03/03/95
Andy Nodes ( ) wrote:
It's not before time that someone has finally dedicated a page to Stanley Kubrick. The man is a genius - keep up the good work. -- 03/04/95
Dave Veloz ( wrote:
It's great. I'd like to see some clips and some commentaryof what Kubrick d id -- composition, editing, directing actorsetc. -- that has drawn him so much a ttention. -- 03/04/95
Peter Fahnestock ( wrote:
Nice work, keep it up. -- 03/06/95
Martin Davidson ( wrote:
Thank's for a wonderful page! I really got a kick out of it. -- 03/06/95
Mikkel Andreas F. Brondbo, Norway ( ) wrote:
Nice page, but som more 2001 stuff would be great (especially images) -- 03/09/95
Mikkel Andreas ( ) wrote:
Hi, it's me again. Some info on Kubrick's next project(AI, for Artificial I ntelligence, I believe) would be extremely interesting also. Can't wait to see i t! -- 03/09/95
John Shaft ( ) wrote:
Thank you for this much needed page. -- 03/09/95
Peter Djurovich ( ) wrote:
Hi. This is an essential resource. I thought you might be interested that there is a book titled"The Making of Kubrick's 2001". Unfortunately, I forgot the author's name (Agee?) and I believe it is out of print. However, if you can obtain a copy it is a great resource of information about the film and Kubrick. Also, a suggestion--the font used for your subheadings is too small and diffic ult to read. A larger point font would be better. -- 03/09/95
Mohammad Faisal Siddiqui ( ) wrote:
hmm .. this is the only stanley kubrick 'page' that i have seen. It's prett y cule .. yuou might add a bit by getting the original source for all his movies somehow .. likeburgess for Clockwork Orange -- 03/10/95
Alex Reynolds ( wrote:
Best Kubrick server I've seen to date...Great job! -- 03/10/95
Troy Nesfeder ( wrote:
Diverse and entertaining! You cover Kubrick's early worksas well as his cl assic films. I can't wait to seeDr. Strangelove again when it plays at the 19th StreetTheatre... -- 03/11/95
Good page,but... WE WANT MORE PICTURES OF HAL! -- 03/13/95
Shayne Schecht (cenobite@hooke ) wrote:
Wow!!!! This is the BEST!!!! I am THE ORIGINAL Clockwork fan having seen th e film on it's first runread the book no less than 18 times and own a copy of th e film as well as a RARE film score by Walter (Wendy) Carlos. Not the Soundtrack , but,the original film score! Even named my son Alex! This is a true homage to thegenius of Mr Kubrick's work and adaptation of A Clockwork Orange. The Shining stuff was killer too!!! -- 03/14/95
Peter Shanel ( ) wrote:
Wow, great job on the ONLY original, brilliant, most groovy director workin g today. Let's just hope Kubrick directs another movie before we all die! -- 03/14/95
Martin Schr"oder ( ) wrote:
Great! I just want more about Barry Lyndon :-) -- 03/14/95
Erich Walrath ( wrote:
Very VERY cool!! -- 03/15/95
Douglas Mcgowan ( wrote:
Wonderful. Nine more and you'll have as many as Tarrantino. Sigh. Anyway, o nly way to improve is try to cover AI and that Berlin picture in pre-production. We're all in the dark. Also, add something more about "Barry Lyndon," which is perhaps Kubrick's best--and certainly most underappreciated--work. You're to be commended for not running a cheesy fan-boy operation but a serious information b oard. Bravo. -- 03/15/95
Tim Moore ( wrote:
Great. This is the first (and only) Stan. page I've found.Stan. stuff is so mething we're seriously lacking in the UK. -- 03/15/95
Alan Latteri ( wrote:
Very nice.....wouldnt mind having the audio encoded at a standard sampling rate...i.e. other than SGIs cannot play these back. Sounds and mo vies...I want more. -- 03/17/95
Rick Seeley ( ) wrote:
Great page!! I really enjoyed my stroll through Kubrick's work. Congrats also on what I feel is one of the best designed pages on the web! -- 03/17/95
Brian Siano ( wrote:
The page has certainly improved since last time.I'd suggest that you tra ck down Alexander Walker'sstudy "Stanley Kubrick Directs." It's a good critical discussion, and Walker's a friend of Kubrick's, so thathelps it a lot. -- 03 /17/95
John M. Medved ( wrote:
Great job! Your area represents one of the few places a true movie afficia nado can go to for some great information. Keep up the good work. Have you tho ught of adding Bertolucci? -- 03/18/95
Bouch (aka Don King) ( ) wrote:
Joe Pa - Your page is great! I'm sitting here with Kirkdrinking beer and ad miring your page. Keep up the good workand then hens are cackling on. -- 03/1 8/95
interesting collection...i found the .wav's particularly useful...what the web's for! sound and vision! -- 03/18/95
Martin ( ) wrote:
Took a while to get here but worth the wait. Great page. -- 03/18/95
Chris Horymski ( wrote:
This is one of the best sites I've stumbled upon. Mind if I steal some gifs for my homepage?Outta sight. -- 03/20/95
Penguin ( wrote:
Just saw Dr. Strangelove on the big screen a couple of days ago. Great film. The presidents conversations with the premiere are wonderful satire. -- 03/20/95
Sean S. Murphy ( ) wrote:
Excellent page! I have been a fan of Kubrick's for years. Too bad for my brother who isn't on internet; he's even bigger fan & we've run up phone bills discussing many of Kubrick's works. By the way, you'll be competing with me at Lehigh to rent his films - I'll be back there in the fall to start my PhD (orig. Class o' 90). -- 03/20/95
Vladimir Sanchez Olivares ( wrote:
I think it's a very good page, withh high quality photos and very welldesig n.I'm from Chile, South America, and I love the good films and movies.I live in Valparaiso.Bye!!! -- 03/22/95
Ryan Kehoe ( ) wrote:
It is nice to see that Kubrick gets the attention hedeserves in the electro nic world. This site is an excellenttribute to the master. -- 03/22/95
Shari Duke ( ) wrote:
A wonderful tribute to an incredible director. -- 03/23/95
Perry ( wrote:
Good Stuff!! -- 03/23/95
Tomas Andersson ( ) wrote:
Thank you for a tremendous page. About A.I.: "Reliable sources" claim that this film is to be based on the superb book "Martian Time-Slip" by the most extraordinary Philip K Dick. When two such brilliant minds come together, the result should easily be one of the greatest films ever made, possibly even greater than 2001! I bet we'll see John von Neumann in there somewhere, too... -- 03/23/95
tim wingert ( wrote:
nice! -- 03/23/95
Frank Rickett ( wrote:
Brilliant content and well thought out presentation. It justdrips with styl e. I design web pages for a living so countthis as high praise indeed! For a rec iprocal visit you'reinvited to The Web Lab. -- 03/24/95
Arthur Reed ( ) wrote:
Absolutely OTop DrawerO! The layout allows KubrickOs work to speak for itse lf. What an edifice!Absolutely Terrific. Thanks! -- 03/24/95
Chem ASSAYAG ( ) wrote:
Great job.just one single remark: could you indicate the applications neede dto run the sounds and images -- 03/24/95
Davide Terziotti ( wrote:
Congratulations, a verty good idea !!Bye and tanks -- 03/24/95
Fred Davis ( ) wrote:
A great tribute for a great man. "Let me see your war face. 'AAAAAAUUUUGH' , that's a war face." -- 03/24/95
Michael Cramer ( wrote:
Great stuff...I don't remember how I got here or whenI got here, I just kno w I'm glad I found it. Time to add another link in my Home Page. -- 03/25/95
Rankin HickmanRankin Hickman ( wro te:
I am a film major at the University of Southern Mississippiwho worships the works of Stanley Kubrick. It was really wonderful to browse this information. What do you know about Kubrick's newest movie that is supposedly in production? -- 03/25/95
Patricio Lopez (Mexico) ( wrote:
Fast, Fast, Fast loading, awesome page layout, tons of infopictures,picture s,pictures, sounds,sounds, sounds awesomeawesome, awesome -- 03/25/95
Lisa Beal ( wrote:
Nice collection of pix and sounds! Make my seem rather dryby comparison. A fine tribute to Kubrick, one of my favorite directors. -- 03/26/95
Chris Willis ( ) wrote:
"I wanted to see exotic Vietnam, the jewel of SoutheastAsia."Please keep me informed about that upcoming film.Great layout. -- 03/27/95
J.J. Torres ( wrote:
Excellent idea. My students will be very pleased. Congratulations. -- 03 /27/95
Kevin Dunlap ( wrote:
A fitting tribute to an amazing artist! I have already addedit to my hotlis t! -- 03/28/95
K. Bowlware ( ) wrote:
Great page! I will definetly check back in the future formore additions. This is the first place I've heard a rumorpertaining to his next movie. SUGGESTI ON: More CLOCKWORKORANGE sounds please. -- 03/28/95
H.L. ( ) wrote:
a brilliant director honored.good work. -- 03/29/95
Dr.Bombay ( wrote:
Nice tribute. Hope Stanley has or will visit. As for my own two cents,The re are only two pictures that are better than Paths of Gloryever made (you guess ). Then on the other hand, as near perfect the screen version of Lolita is, the book is surelythe great american novel -- and this by a man for whom englishwas his 3rd language -- 03/29/95
Brian Franzen ( wrote:
Dr. Strangelove! I love it... Mein Fuehrer! I can walk!
-- 03/29/95 < A HREF="">Lupin's Homepage.- 03/29 /95
David Franca Mendes ( wrote:
Great work, a great place to visit. I will come back,I will tell my friends there still are people wholove very good and deep and brilliant filmmaking.Cong ratulations. -- 03/30/95
Montgomery Burns ( wrote:
Excellent,Patrick! -- 03/30/95
Greg Bryant ( wrote:
Nice collection of images. I only wish I had sound so I could hear Major K ong's yell. (Of course, Icould just go home and watch the movie on video!) -- 03/30/95
Bob Martin ( ) wrote:
You've done a fine job. Is there any way to get info onwhat Stanley Kubrick is up to these days? Perhaps a littleup-to-date area would be cool. Also, any c hance of gettingthe pie scene from Dr. Strangelove as a vid clip? -- 03/31/95

Sorry, video clips are too big, unless someone donates me some space! :)

Francois ( ) wrote:
[1] This page is a beautiful tribute to the master.[2] Informations about A .I. I've read from two independent sources that the novie's starting point was a Brian Aldiss short story "super toys that last all summer long" (appro ximatively). All the "informations" available concerning the cast are cont radictory. -- 03/31/95
Lindsey C.Vickers Mr. ( ) wrote:
I was always sure that there would be "Out There, Somewhere"a page dedicate d to one of the truly great technician/artists working in the cinema of this age . Here in the U.K.we are pleased to have Stanley residing as well as working.I hope he sees this page, and pays us a visit. Well done ! -- 03/31/95

Me too!

Sean Siska ( ) wrote:
This is cool. If you can find more FULL METAL JACKET stuffstick it on. It's my fave Kubrick. -- 03/31/95
Matt Bilder ( wrote:
Nice idea. It's good to see Kubrick get the recognition he clearly deserve s. And I really dug those Dr. Strangelove sounds. -- 04/01/95
Scott DeHart ( ) wrote:
Liked the info. 'preciate it and the photos.Keep it up! -- 04/01/95
Dennis Deutsch ( ) wrote:
Great page! I've been an ardent fan of Kubrick's since myfather took me to see 2001. A Clockwork Orange is one ofmy most favorite films. I love the musica l themes associatedwith his works. As an aside, my wife, Marianne, works as ast udent activities coordinator in the Ulrick Center. -- 04/02/95
C.J.Gopinath C.J.Gopinath ( ) wrote:
Real horrorshow, o my brother! -- 04/03/95

Feeling warm in the guttiwutts, oh my brother? -Pat

Michael Benedetti ( ) wrote:
Very nice work. A suggestion - seperate each film section to a seperate pag e. This will make initial access to your home page a lot faster. -- 04/04/95
Tony Ingebrigtsen ( ) wrote:
Hi hi hi there, I have been looking for a good page about the greatest director of all time. Finally found it. Thanks! -- 04/04/95
A.E. Rubin, Washington, D.C. ( wrote:
Well-done! (Can you id this quote: "Your men died wonderfully.") -- 04/ 04/95

That would be Paths of Glory, one of my all time favorites. -Pat

( ) wrote:
Bertrand Santini.3 avenue Villemain - 75014 PARIS.Bonjour ! Vous avez oubli ,, me semble t'il un court m,trage datant de (sauf erreur) de 1952 : "The Seafea rers". Il est maintenant temps de r,aliser un CD.ROM sur Kubrick. -- 04/04/95
Wafiul Hasab (WHasab@Coe.Edu) wrote:
Awesome! At last somebody is paying homage to this genuis -- 04/05/95
Paul Younghouse ( ) wrote:
Great stuff. Good to see the genius of Kubrick celebrated.Ah nuts, now I'll have to come back all the time to find out more about "AI." -- 04/06/95< p>
Howard W. Celnik ( ) wrote:
A truly wonderful Web page. As a Kubrick fan for over20 years, I feel right at home. Congratulations on a job welldone! -- 04/07/95
Thank you, thank you, thank you! This page is a delightful tribute to a bl oody genius. Keep up the good work. -- 04/07/95
Duane Young ( wrote:
This brought back fond memories of when I first saw A Clockwork Orange. Ha rd to believe that it was over 20years ago! Happy surfing, http://www.slonet.or g/~dyoung/home.html -- 04/07/95
Matt Kangas ( wrote:
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You have created one of the most splendi d temples of worship on the Net. I can onlyagree with the gentleman who stated t hat you are doing theLord's work. -- 04/07/95
Nick Bates ( wrote:
Very, very nice pages. -- 04/07/95
Brad Simpson (brad.simpson@poo wrote:
Iam a huge fan. Clockwork is my favorite movie and I think I'll name my fi rst born after it (Clockwork O. Simpson). -- 04/08/95
Wtin Jalanugraha ( wrote:
Very well done! I saw BL years ago and thought itwas a great movie. Well, t hree hours of it was a little too long but it certainly looked great. -- 04/ 09/95
Alex Droog ( ) wrote:
Congratulations on an entertaining homepage. Clockwork, Shining,and all the rest make for fine entertainment. -- 04/09/95
Pat DoderoPat Dodero ( ) wrote:
Enjoyed your work. Kubrick is one of my favorite directors.I currently own Spartacus and 2001 on laserdisc. -- 04/10/95
John Fernquest (Fernquest@Dartmouth.EDU ) wrote:
Great stuff, worth checking out. -- 04/11/95
Jeff Cadieux ( wrote:
Nothing like a page of Kub to sharpen you up for the ol' ULTRAVIOLENCE... - - 04/11/95
Sam Longoria ( wrote:
I had a strict religious upbringing, no movies, no tv. When I was 14, I sneaked out to see "Fantasia." When I came home, my father beat me up. The next night, I sneaked out (with a GIRL!) to see "2001 - A Space Odyssey." Holding hands, to the "Blue Danube," flying to the moon, I had a religious EXPERIENCE. I said "I don't know how they do it, but THAT'S what I want to do, for a living!" The girl turned to me, and said "Shh!" When I came home, my father beat me up, but it was no use. I was ruined for regular work. I wanted to be a filmmaker. And so I am. My favorite filmmaker is STILL Kubrick. Nobody else comes close, maybe Disney, hmm.) My first Hollywood job was doing 65mm visual effects for "2010." (I shot and printed matte paintings, and other things.) That almost ruined me, to work on the moronic sequel to my favorite brilliant movie. Welcome to cinema hell, Sam Longoria. But now, years later, I've come to cinema HEAVEN, your WWW site! What a wonderful, original tribute, to a thoroughly deserving subject, the wonderful, original Mr. Stanley Kubrick. If anyone in movieland is on the Internet, I would think he would be. I hope he checks in, and appreciates it as much as I do. And then he comes over to my site, IndyCine, so that I may grovel at his feet. -- 04/12/95
Gerardo A. Vargas (GAVARGAS@CSUPOMONA.EDU ) wrote:
I think that it is great that there is a place just like thiswere one can o ffer a few good words about an extraordinarydirector. Please keep up the work. -- 04/12/95
Franco Della Torre ( wrote:
A good Job!My compliments! -- 04/13/95
Bernt Olav Okland ( wrote:
Takk -- 04/15/95
Jarrett Lee ( wrote:
Excellent page! How's about getting more A Clockwork Orangestuff, my brothe r? Perhaps more .wavs? Right-o? -- 04/17/95

You got it, my brother!

Steve McCann ( ) wrote:
Good page! Kubrick is a GENIUS!!!!! -- 04/17/95
Marcos Osorno ( ) wrote:
Nice, I give it 14 thumbs up.... -- 04/17/95
Gail Morgenstern ( ) wrote:
What a great tribute to one of the best directors of all time. -- 04/17/ 95
Dexter Gresh ( wrote:
Clockwork Orange and 2001 are two of my favorite films ever. It was great to get a copy of the poster and some sounds. The Pix were great too. Nice job. If you're ever in the neighborhood, drop by my movie sounds page and pick up some sounds in return. Thanks. -- 04/18/95
Zach Woods ( wrote:
Excellent Web Page! I'm certain I will be back . . . -- 04/18/95
Dave Pichler ( wrote:
Very good page. Add links to FAQ's for the films to improve it. -- 04/18/95
Kyle Henry, Rice University Media Center ( ) wrote:
This is a great resource! As a Kubrick nut and beginning filmmaker, my obsession runs deep! The Rice Media Center, Houston (Texas) is running 35mm scope prints of 2001 and CLOCKWORK ORANGE this weekend (4/21-22/95). Stop by if you are in Houston. -- 04/19/95
Kevin O'Toole ( or wrote:
Great page for one of the greatest directors in cinematic history! Kevin O'Toole Entertainment Coordinator CiTR 101.9 fm Vancouver, BC Canada -- 04/19/95
Anthony Nolen ( wrote:
I really like this site, but can you make available more 2001 WAV files. -- 04/19/95
Duane Moore III ( ) wrote:
This is a *great* page. Keep up the good work. -- 04/20/95
Mark Groff (Anon. ) wrote:
Everything Kubrick has done that I have seen has been great, even The Shin ing-though I dislike King. Great Page. -- 04/20/95
Shannon L. Ritter ( wrote:
I am glad to see people who make the net a great place to be. I love Kubrick and resources like this html are invalueble. I also like your other html's.Thank you for your effort in maintaining the net and especially this Kubrick html. -- 04/20/95
Leonardo Ju~rez ( ) wrote:
I've loved Kubrick's films since de first time I saw 2001, so you can imagine what this page means to me. In fact I've added it to my bookmarks. Congrats from Mexico! By the way, here are some titles in spanish, guess which ones: Naranja Mec~nica, Cara de Guerra, El Resplandor, Casta de Malditos, El Beso del Asesino. -- 04/21/95
Mark Cobb ( wrote:
Love the Page...but can't getmost of the graphics. -- 04/21/95
Ari Tikka ( wrote:
Greetings from Lappeenranta University of Technology This was a great page, which I enjoyed a lot! Thank You! -- 04/21/95
Steve C. Tozin ( wrote:'re the most popluar guy in Lehigh! I wish MY guestbook was that big! I think Full Metal Jacket was Kubrick's best film. The Drill Sargeant has me rolling constantly! I have an .AU of him telling Prv. Joker and Snowball? to clean the head so shiny that "The Virgin Mary herself would be proud ta take a dump." Priceless.... Hey, when you're done reading this....visit THE HOUSE OF CARDZ ! -- 04/24/95
Mathew Krueper ( ) wrote:
This page is great. I want more Drill Sergeant sound clips!!!! -- 04/24/95
Curtis Wilcox ( wrote:
An important site to have on the 'Net. Well done. I just saw _The Killing_ for the first time this week. How amazing! -- 04/24/95
Jesse Kornblum ( ) wrote:
Hi! This page is *very* cool. I'm a big Kubrick fan really enjoyed this page. Please stop by my homepage! -- 04/24/95
edan & arwen in rochester, NY ( wr ote:
This page is truly a godsend. I was very impressed with the amount of work which went into it. I am very curious as to the true details of AI. For now I'll be content with the still from LOLITA. Excellent job! Keep up the great work! -- 04/24/95
Nickolas Borders ( ) wrote:
I have always admired your ability to create a world. They are true and accurate even though they may be fantasy -- 04/25/95
T. Bargas ( ) wrote:
-- 04/25/95
Josh Whitehouse ( ) wrote:
Thanks for putting together a great page on a great director! -- 04/25/95
Todd Mintz ( wrote:
Far out man. It was like totally awesome. -- 04/25/95
Inpectre 6 ( ) wrote:
This is a REAL resource on the net, not just greasy computer freaks showing their immaculate collection of Kathy Ireland picures. This actually helps, thanks. -- 04/25/95
David Shuey ( wrote:
I remember my freshman year at the UO when I put on the "Night of the F'd Up Movies" with "Deliverence" and "Clockwork Orange" -- one of the all-time masterpieces in any realm of art. Well, everybody in the end thought "Orange" sucked (or thought it was sick) which only proved to me one thing: I go to school with morons. Kubrick forever! (oh yeah, damn good job on the web page.) -- 04/26/95
Doug MacIntyre ( wrote:
"That's the best damn Web page from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine. Or Portland, Oregon for that matter." -- 04/26/95
John Vondracek (ARTGEEK) ( ) wrote:
hey, I love Kubrick's films, but in truth, nothing beats the original text! This file comes damned close, though! Good work! -- 04/26/95
Joseph F. Wilson (Portland, Oregon) ( w rote:
A Tribute to THE MASTER. -- 04/26/95
Toby A. Loftus ( ) wrote:
Very nice. With so much chaff and noise on the net and the growing WEB, it's great to see some useful, creative, and entertaining works like this. Good job! -- 04/27/95
George Tzamalis George Tzamalis George Tzamalis ( wrote:
Excellent work. A fine piece of information on one of the best film directo rs of alltime. I loved BARRY LYNDON,THE SHINING,FULL METAL JACKET. I also think that 2001 is the best sci-fi movie ever made. Lolita was also excellent. I cant wait for Stanley Kubrick's next film. He is THE BEST. -- 04/28/95
Erik Iversen ( wrote:
Fantastic job! Kubrick is indeed a master, and your site is a great source of information on his work. I can't wait to check out some of the sound files. Thanks for spending the time to add some real content to the Web. -- 04/28/95
Robert Stringfellow ( wrote:
Great Page. I'll be back. -- 04/29/95
David Manley ( wrote:
Hi there, nice design and layout. info is impeccable! nice work -- 04/30/95
J. Ashot Kozak ( ) wrote:
I loved to viddy the glorious images of thy Little Alex that was... -- 04/30/95
The Technic ( wrote:
Truly excellent to see Alex of Clockwork on a homepage.. :) Actually, I was unaware that Kubrick had made The Shining, but now my droogies I have viddyed and slooshied. A tolchok to the gulliver and let the red red crovey flow. Keep up the excellent work! -- 04/30/95
Jason R. Tippitt ( JTippitt@Utm.Edu) wrote:
Great page. Something the Web's needed for a while... -- 05/01/95
rudegirl ( ) wrote:
clockwork orange rocks! -- 05/01/95
Charles Davant ( ) wrote:
Well done -- 05/01/95
Eric Peterson ( ) wrote:
Great page; The sites and sounds are awesome from some of the best movies I've seen. -- 05/02/95
John Fleming (KINGSTON, Ont. ) wrote:
Best movie ever made Dr. Strangelove. -- 05/03/95
Martin Kunert of Kunert/Manes Ent. ( wro te:
Great idea and tribute to an artist I aspire to be like. His films inspired me to pursue filmmaking as a career and art form. -- 05/04/95
Joan Greco ( wrote:
Excellent work. Kubrick is probably the most brilliant and most important film director to date. Please include more audio from Full Metal Jacket -- particularly the "duality of man" line! -- 05/04/95
Pete Lunde ( wrote:
I saw 2001 in Wash D.C. in 1968 at the original length. I watched Keir D. e nter the theater which had a 150 degree wrap around cinerama screen with stereo sound. Saw it three times in a row. Mind blowing! -- 05/05/95
John Martin ( wrote:
Great page. One of the best I've seen on the Net. -- 05/05/95
Melanie Goldstein ( ) wrote:
Great page--nice variety of sounds, clips, etc. The poster art is a nice touch and makes great wallpaper! -- 05/06/95< /i>
Peter DePasquale ( wrote:
Great page, but I think the Full Metal part needs two more clips....the Duality of Man.....and the you are all equally worthless...... -- 05/06/95
David Volk ( wrote:
Kubrick is the BEST! A Clockwork Orange rocked ... along with the Dr. & 2001 ... -- 05/06/95
Roderick Munday ( ) wrote:
Great graphics & background textures I really like the way this page is lai d out and the care that has gone into it's construction, it takes a long time to upload at 14400 but it's worth it. -- 05/06/95
Martin Keienburg ( wrote:
Hej! Very neat, indeed. What about storing the larger film sections (eg Lolita) in pages of their own? This would speed up loading and the film pages could get Yahoo entries. -- 05/06/95
Michael Zuzel ( ) wrote:
Lots of Web authors have mastered HTML but have nothing to say. Lots of others are bursting with ideas but produce sloppy, ugly pages. Your pages are among the most attractive, coherently designed I've seen -- and they're filled with superb information. Plus, I'm a Kubrick nut. -- 05/06/95
Filippo De Vita ( wrote:
Pretty cool page, I must admit. Especially when compared to the vast majori ty oof HTML pages on the WWW at present. Just one little thing: PLEASE more Quic ktime clips. That would make the page yet another step ahead! Well done! -- 05/06/95
Ala'a H. Jawad ( wrote:
Wow! A web site for my favorite movie maker! You've done a great job detail ing the works of Kubrick. The links, pics, sounds and other information constitu te a model for what a web site should be. This page is going to be one of my fre quent surf locations!!! -- 05/06/95
Erik Chapla ( wrote:
Great tribute to A Clockwork Orange and Dr. Strangelove! -- 05/06/95
Maximiliano maza ( ) wrote:
Congratulations! One of the best pages on the entire Web. -- 05/07/95
Jerry Lundy ( ) wrote:
I can only echo what others have said: Great layout, excellent content. A great work! -- 05/07/95
Jeremy Berg ( wrote:
Damn cool site! Info, sounds, picts, what more can I say? Thanks for the cr eation. -- 05/07/95
Max James ( wrote:
Just looking for movie descritpions. I'll be back. -- 05/07/95
( ) wrote:
Your hard work is appreciated Patrick. Mike Clattenburg -- 05/07/95
Laszlo Jakab ( wrote:
Really nice WEB page,excellent selection,and fantastic pictures.Unfortunately,the access is kind a slow, but it worth waiting for it. Thank You -- 05/07/95
Knuckles ( wrote:
Brilliant! Film/Video is the medium of our time, and Kubrick is a genius. (Anyone know where to find a Kurosawa page?) I love the quotes. Access to a very mysterious artist. I didn't know he made Lolita or Barry Lyndon--shall definitely check those out. The rumors about AI are so excruciatingly tantalizing I could scream! -- 05/08/95
Sasha Lutsky ( wrote:
Hello from Israel, IBA - Israeli TV, TV SHOW "FROM THE MOVIES". -- 05/09/95
Dennis McCauley ( wrote:
Great! Love it! More sounds, especially FMJ & Clockwork Orange! FMJ - we need the soliloquy from the grunt (forget his name) who introduces Joker to the dead VC. "These are the finest people we will ever know...we're Jolly Green Giants, walking the earth with guns..." -- 05/10/95
Jonathon D. Colman ( wrote:
Great pages... Kubrick would be proud. -- 05/10/95
Mary G. Pratt ( wrote:
Beautiful graphic at top of page. Particularly liked 2001 portion -- and thanks for linking to Voyager's homepage -- appreciate that, of course. -- 05/11/95
Steve Shimada ( wrote:
bravo... excellent page on the master.. -- 05/11/95
Josh Allen ( wrote:
Great page! -- 05/12/95
Don Evans Joelton Tennessee (Evansdh@CTRVAX.Vanderbilt.Edu ) wrote:
I just came back from The Timberline Lodge on the higher edge of Mt. Hood...the drive up was just as eery now as then...and even surrounded by thousands of skiing tourists I could hear hushed references to The Shining. This is good work! -- 05/12/95
Ken Sayers ( ) wrote:
I love it. Thank you very much! I mean it sincerely. -- 05/12/95
Andrew Tsonis ( ) wrote:
This is one of the finest web pages I've had the pleasure to visit. Thanks so much; I'll be back. -- 05/12/95
John Warren (jbwarren@cencom>net ) wrote:
Thanks for the Kubrick Page-clearly one of the most satisfying experiences on the net so far. Outstanding FAQ-I'm sending it to friends. I'm looking forwar d to regular return visits -- 05/13/95
Sakchai Phanawat ( ) wrote:
My applause to you. Great web page for us,cinebuffs. I'm looking forward to seeing more great films directors get their cyberpage. -- 05/13/95
Robert Goldberg ( wrote:
Great stuff, keep posting info and rumors about AI -- 05/13/95
Bob Koopman ( wrote:
I like your Web page very much. I told my friend about it and he can't believe it (he has an Amiga and I am trying to convince him to get an IBM so he can get on the Internet and access this great page). -- 05/14/95
Salvador Calder>n, from Mexico City ( wrote:
Great page! I'm a big fan of Kubrick. You made it into my bookmarks. Congratulations! -- 05/14/95
Damien Miller ( wrote:
An excellent page for an excellent director -- 05/14/95
Bjartmar _>rdarson ( ) wrote:
I think that your page is very well done, but PLEASE write more about "The Shining",im begging you!!! -- 05/15/95
Richard $ ( wrote:
This is one of the BEST Web sites -- 05/16/95
John Zaozirny ( wrote:
I really loved your page! I searched the entire net and I couldn't find anything on Kubrick, except for your page that is... It's great to find a Kubrick fan who is also a a PK Dick fan.... -- 05/16/95
Jere Hakala ( wrote:
Absolutely BRILLIANT! I'm fan of Kubrick's films (especially Full Metal Jacket and Shining). Keep up the good work! -- 05/16/95
Tim Fulmer ( wrote:
It's a great page, and the FAQ was tremendously useful. But is there any chance of making the original scripts available?--Especially Strangelove and Clockwork. -- 05/16/95
peter scott ( wrote:
FABULOUS -- 05/16/95
Brandon Burr ( wrote:
This is a great page!!!! Check out my developing page here -- 05/16/95
Enrico D'Urso ( wrote:
Outstanding work! Kubrick's fantastic cinematic adventures are very deserving of the many hours you have devoted to this web site. -- 05/16/95
Shawn Spear ( ) wrote:
-- 05/17/95
Greg Hunter Heart Development Group Medical College of Georgia Augusta, GA ( ) wrote:
Your Kubrick page is very nicely done. I'll definitely be back for more visits. -- 05/17/95
Alexandre de Lencastre ( wrote:
Great job, Patrick. Kubrick is one of my favorite directors, and you have done him a great service. I like the images, the sounds, the links, and especially the voting setup. I think it's good to have feedback from other people on the quality of his movies, even if it's purely numerical. -- 05/17/95
Brendan Simmons! ( Don't you wish...) wrote:
Wow. -- 05/18/95
Zack Kushner ( wrote:
Many thanks. How about early films? -- 05/18/95
Jon Bonne ( wrote:
You did! You did say something about the duality of man! You must be a funny guy, a joker maybe. Was it the Jungian thing? I loved this page. I'm coming back. Again and again. If anyone has any free time to play, come visit me at A HREF=" jbonne/tarantinoworld -- 05/18/95
Jordan Meisel ( wrote:
This is a great website. Looking forward to AI. -- 05/18/95
Charlie from Sydney
Excellent dedication that merits a possitive response. I am a big fan of Kubrick and I appreciate this resource. Well done! -- 05/19/95
C,dric THUILLIER ( ) wrote:
When I saw 2001 on TV, I thought it was an intellectual film; yesterday, I saw it in a cinema; I now think it's a global experience, impossible to summaris e; one of the film which can not be seen on TV to be understood -- 05/19/95
Charlie Levenson ( wrote:
Obviously, this page is a labour of love. Thank you for your hard work. -- 05/19/95
James Tucker ( wrote:
I agree that Stanley Kubrick is one of the most brilliant directors ever, and his movies (with few exceptions) are a reality unto themselves. I just wish he'd make movies a little more often. -- 05/19/95
James Dawe ( ) wrote:
What a great page! I put in a link to it right away. Dr. Strangelove and 2001 are two of my all time favorite movies. I especially like the sound clips of General Ripper and of HAL. Please stop by my (James Dawe's) home page. -- 05/19/95
TOM BURTON ( wrote:
Matt Bronstad ( ) wrote:
Great work! I have been entertained, and wish more people with similar passions were endowed with a creativity of the same caliber. -- 05/20/95
David Lowe (Sydney Australia) ( wrote:
Great site. Is there any detailed bio info concerning Kubrick on the Internet? Keep up the good work. -- 05/21/95
chika ( ) wrote:
keep up the beautiful link for posterity. the net has tuely come of a pragm atic age .I am sure Kubrick may be swearing at technology for exposing his talen ts to the world at a flick. -- 05/21/95
G.Battista Tondo (Italy) ( ) wrote:
A very nice, interesting and well-done page. Uh, What about something more regarding "The Shining" ? -- 05/22/95
Charles Waldie ( wrote:
Outstanding. Best film page I have seen yet. Would love to see more Full Metal Jacket jpeg's and wav's... -- 05/22/95
Roger Viry-Babel ( France) wrote:
Fine work on Kubrick's films.Very interesting. I hope to find a complete bi bliography. -- 05/22/95
Jonathan Moser ( wrote:
Patrick- I jumped to this guestbook as soon as I saw what you had done. I a m writing and producing a documentary on the making of 2001-Keir Dullea has agre ed to host for (hopefully) Turner. If you have access to any archival or anectdo tal material please call me at 203-431-9621 or leave me E-mail. I am looking for aspects of the production and/or notes about Kubrick's development and executio n of the film and his reaction to public perception of it. Thank you. -- 05/2 3/95
Mike Tredeau ( ) wrote:
What's next? -- 05/23/95
Michael Wiplich ( wrote:
Grat page. I'll pass it along to others. -- 05/24/95
Yuichi Tao ( ) wrote:
Very nice! Impressive. I really enjoyed this page. Thanks a lot. -- 05/24/95
Hannu H,rk"nen ( wrote:
When I will one day write a home page of my own, this page will certainly be accessible from there. Great page. Real treasure for a person who does not find Kubrick's films too rough... -- 05/25/95
Chuck Corway ( wrot e:
Outsranding Web page! No serious Kubrick fan should miss it! -- 05/26/9 5
Mark Ross ( wrote:
A much-needed and well-implemented page. Thank you! -- 05/26/95
Robby Richkus ( wrote:
Thank you so much for so much great information on a great director. Helpfully Oliver Stone can be added at a later date. -- 05/26/95
Elihu Rozen (PSU '84) ( wrote:
Patrick, Nice page. I'll have to mention it to my brother, who is a big "Clockwork Orange" fan. (Are you the one who is always in r.s.f.c?) -- 05/26/95
Patrick Besha
Better than sex! Wow, what an orgasmic page! A fitting tribute to one of the most cutting-edge directors of all time. Stanley would be proud. Perhaps he will make a movie about your page. This is the first time I have used the Web, and in the first ten minutes, I searched for Kubrick material and found your site...praise the Lord, I have found the Promised Page. -- 05/27/95
Laurie Rhodes ( ) wrote:
Enjoyed the page a lot! -- 05/27/95
Christian Weaver Fletcher ( wrote:
Thank You! Thank you! Thank You! It is so very important the heart and soul of film-making part of this "new" medium we call the www. You are doing a great sevice to all of us! -- 05/27/95
Leighton Russell Jones ( wrote:
Hi - Would greatly appreciate it if someone could point me in the direction of, or E-mail me a detailed-ish explanation of 2001. Have seen it several time s and still don't really understand everything. Thanks. com -- 05/28/95
Graham L. Futerfas ( ) wrote:
Cool... -- 05/28/95
JOY ( ) wrote:
The only Kubrick films I have seen are The Shining and A Clockwork Orange. Let me just say that Clockwork scared the shit out of me. It was so horrific yet it is a wonderful peace of cinema in its own way. -- 05/29/95
S.C.Boyd ( wrote:
I finally made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can rest knowing that it's out there. -- 05/29/95
M.E. Holt ( wrote:
Superb collection of stills and information. Loved it :) -- 05/29/95
Ken Taylor ( wrote:
Hardcore Joker, definitely hardcore... -- 05/29/95
Jed Share ( wrote:
Proper respect for one of the true masters !!! -- 05/30/95
yvon vernaillen ( wrote:
years waiting for a new kubrick movie is too long -- 05/30/95
Roger Fahlstr"m ( wrote:
Roger a Kubrick Fan was here -- 05/30/95
Tom Grassia ( wrote:
This is a great site! I might even put it on ym companies list of real coo l sites if the Webmaster lets me. Oh wait, I *AM* the Webmaster! Just please, more Full Metal Jacket Quotes. I must have gotten a thousand sayings from that movie! -- 05/30/95
Buzz Fusco ( ) wrote:
Nice collection, but where are the really dramatic naked, violent, trippy s cenes from Clockwork? -- 05/30/95
Michael McGrath ( Belfast, Ireland) wrote:
Good pages - I was looking (and listening) to your 2001 and Full Metal Jacket stuff. Have a look at my GAA pages if you like. -- 05/30/95
Benjamin ( ) wrote:
Hello, just wanted to say that its a wonderful tribute to a truely great artist. -- 05/30/95
Robb Gardner ( wrote:
Thanks for the superb home page on one of the finest directors of all time. -- 06/01/95
Joey Schwartz ( wrote:
Congratulations on a great tribute to Kubrick. Very good electronic reference material. -- 06/01/95
Gilbert Conwoop ( ) wrote:
Great info. Can't wait for AI, if it ever happens. It's a shame that Kubrick doesn't make movies on a more regular basis. That's the price of being a genius. I could talk for hours about The Shining (what technical prowess) and Full Metal Jacket. Keep up the good work, I'll check in often. Austin, TX. -- 06/01/95
Grant Bennett ( ) wrote:
For once, someone who digs Kubrick for things other than "Clockwork Orange." The page is very well done. Don't back down on the "2010 sucks" bit. That movie brought down Kubrick as well as Clarke. I shall return often. -- 06/01/95
Grant Bennett(Beatrice, Nebraska) ( ) wrote:
For once, someone who digs Kubrick for things other than "Clockwork Orange." The page is very well done. Don't back down on the "2010 sucks" bit. That movie brought down Kubrick as well as Clarke. I shall return often. -- 06/01/95
Silvio Gordiani ( ) wrote:
"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy". Beautiful page, congratulation s from Italy. -- 06/02/95
Giancarlo Cairella ( wrote:
What can I say? Neatest film-related page I've seen in a long time! Since you encourage adding links, I'll just put my own Movie Cliches List page URL: -- 06/02/95
Giancarlo Cairella ( wrote:
Whoops! Here it goes again: The Movie Cliches List . Try it! -- 06/02/95
Hamdani Milas (Hong Kong) ( wrote:
A very worthy tribute to a master of the cinema. He has singlehandedly set new (and mostly unsurpassed) standards in the art of movie making. 2001 changed my life when I first saw it on the big screen at age 18. -- 06/02/95
Joseph Vladic Joseph Vladic ( wrote:
Well, that's certainly a thorough compilation of an amazing director. Thanks for the information, apocraphal or not, about AI. I'll keep checking this page for updates on the latest film. -- 06/02/95
Mike Colahan ( wrote:
What a great page! I've been a Kubrick admirer since I was a kid and first realized 2001 and Clockwork Orange were made by the same man. Clockwork was the first movie I snuck into when I was under-age, a terrific milestone! Please include Alexander Walker's "Stanley Kubrick Directs" in the book list. -- 06/02/95
Jeffrey Harding (compuserve 75242,2054) wrote:
Its about time What is Stanley up to these days and why is it so hard to fi nd info on himJeffr -- 06/03/95
jeffrey Harding (compuserve 75242,2054) wrote:
Whats the man doing these days -- 06/03/95
Mike Barbarelli ( wr ote:
Your page is what I am to-referring. Greaty-weighty! Thank you! -- 06/03/95
Ludovic LEFEBVRE ((France) ) wrote:
"Mon Dieu! C'est plein d',toiles!"... 2001, the best SF film I have ever seen. But, I'm allways waiting for 2061... -- 06/03/95
Patrick Winslow ( wrote:
Thank you! Thank you! I never thought I'd ever encounter so many Kubrick fanatics in one place. I've found meaning in life! -- 06/04/95
Javahead ( ) wrote:
Hey, Nice job!!! I really like the Dr. Strangelove section. Any chance of getting the "Precious Bodily Fluids" Sample?? Keep up the good work! -- 06/05/95
Javahead ( ) wrote:
Hey, Nice job!!! I really like the Dr. Strangelove section. Any chance of getting the "Precious Bodily Fluids" Sample?? Keep up the good work! -- 06/05/95
Marco R. Morello (Milan, Italy) ( wrote :
Good job, of course. But... no sounds, soundrack or quicktime movies from Barry Lyndon, my favourite movie? Ooooooh, why? Hi! -- 06/05/95
Dan Wiwchar
Great Stuff. It's been a long time since I last saw Clockwork. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada -- 06/06/95
Peter Fagerdal ( ) wrote:
great to see a Kubrick page on the net. But what the h... is the man doing now ? Please add some up to date info on this. -- 06/06/95
Just a big fan....thats all -- 06/07/95
N.Howard ( wrote:
I'm a big "Shining" of the scarier movies I've seen..... -- 06/07/95
Thomas Rynell, Stockholm, Sweden ( ) wrote:
This is my first visit ever here in Kubrick'ville. I,m truly amazed over your Homepage. Keep up the good work! -- 06/07/95
Horace Sun (VUYE23B @ wrote:
The Best for Kubrick that I've Seen. Keep up the gret work -- 06/08/95
Sean David May ( wrote:
Thanks for this great resource. You've done us fans a tremendous service, and I hope the site continues to grow and prosper. Sean -- 06/08/95
Geoff Smith ( wrote:
Nice pages... A little hierarchical but also very easy to browse. -- 06 /09/95
Robert Austen-Brown, North Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA ( ) wrote:
Kubrick is a masterful director, I am glad that he is recognized on the net . Please keep up the great work that you are doing. -- 06/09/95
Douglas Wirnowski ( wrote:
Quite an interesting (and fun) compilation in sounds and images. My suggest ion to make it even better: how about a quote compilation from each movie?! Stra ngelove and Clockwork Orange have some priceless quotes! -- 06/09/95
Josh ( ) wrote:
Fascinating....I'd like to find out more about the soundtrack for The Shining. Keep up the good work. -- 06/09/95
Jonathan Dakss ( wrote:
What a great page. There are only a few directors who maintain such balance, artistry and impact in their films, and Kubrick is one of them. Check out my homepage at for neato links and stuff. -- 06/09/95
Carlos Daudt de Oliveira ( wro te:
Congratulations! This is a great tribute to a great artist! Browsing throu gh these pages has been a truly Kubrickan experience. Thanks a lot, and keep on with this fantastic job. I'll be coming back, and back, and back! -- 06/10/95
Ward Swain ( ) wrote:
In the words of our droog Alex, "Horrorshow, real horrorshow, Patrick!" I just took a quick glance around (if you can call it quick via a 14.4 modem), but I'll definitely be back! Viddy well, droog! -- 06/11/95
Roberto Michelini ( ) wrote:
Mr.K.may be happy of this! -- 06/11/95
Will Mahoney-Watson ( ) wrote:
Great stuff! Your 2001 sound archive listings are great! -- 06/11/95
Steve and Shane Fera we love u ( ) wrote:
s -- 06/11/95
Dave Edelman ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick's films deliver one of the most dead-on- target analyses of the human condition that this century has to offer. Thanks for providing a comprehensive reference to the work of this (mad?) genius. -- 06/12/95
Rudedog ( wrote:
Well thought out site. My only complaint is that one of the "Clockwork" li nks is appearantly unavailable. -- 06/12/95
( ) wrote:
Nice Web page. I having difficulty with the B/W JPEG images. Just will not display without black and whit banding in the images. I hope that its not my OS/ 2 web browser viewer. I have been a devotee of Kubrick since seeing 2001:A Space Odyssey in a big screen theatre in 1969 (only 4 families in the place) The movi e became, and remains my favorite (This was also the first theatre I had ever be en to). BTW, the double bill with this was Grand Prix (which played first) I wo uld be interested in conversing with anyone having access to artwork, images etc ., about this film. reach me at Thanks (I have also enjoyed Kubri cks many other films as well..) -- 06/13/95
Tad Watanabe ( ) wrote:
Well, well, well, this is really wonderful. I do appreciate all your effort to maintain this www page. -- 06/13/95
Nicholas Johnston ( nick@freenet.f wrote:
Hey! I liked 2010. sure> -- 06/14/95
Hoffman, Eric ( ) wrote:
I thought for sure I read that Kubrick was doing a film version of the nove l, "Wartime Lies", about a child growing up in Nazi occupied Poland. In any case , Kubrick is the coolest. -- 06/14/95
Andy Nodes ( ) wrote:
Just a quick note - Kubrick did actually start filming the novel "Wartime L ies" as he decided that "modern-day" special effects were not good enough for him to be happy filming a science fiction film he had in mind. Then he saw "Jurassic Park" and realised what could be done. He promptly abandoned filming of "Wartime Lies" and started on "AI". After that, who knows what has hapopened. -- 06/15/95
Bob Guthrie ( ) wrote:
Provides some good audio and video on films from the past that provoke a great deal of thought. -- 06/15/95
Gordon Fitzsimmons ( wrote:
oooh nice. BUT your audio icons are horrible and the page takes far too long to load even at 28.8k bps. i'd spread your wonderful work over a few pages to make it a little lighter going. all the same a very nice and informative page. -- 06/16/95
John Solomon ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick is the greatest living fimmanker. It would be nice to hear more about his future projects. Thanks very much. -- 06/16/95
Mike Barbarelli ( ) wrote:
You know, I've already commented here before, but this page is so great tha t I just had to add praise once more. Wow. It's real cool. -- 06/16/95
Craig Foley ( wrote:
Being a film/Journalism graduate I think I could spend way too much time delving through your page. Extremely well done and well researched. Your link is at the top of my list. CF -- 06/16/95
Harv Laser ( ) wrote:
Wow. What can I say? I'm impressed. This is definitely the best sentence I've typed all day. Oh, and your page is pretty nice too ;-) Dear kids: you haven't seen 2001 until you've seen it in Cinerama. Trust me. Stanley Kubrick is one of my lifelong kulture heros. I anticipate each one of his new films with large amounts of drool. Absolutely THE most amazingly talented director of motion pictures who has ever lived. -- 06/16/95
Mark Matuska ( wrote:
Great! Spectacular! I have been looking for this all my life? -- 06/16/95
Rainer Luginb?hl ( ) wrote:
I am a kubrick-fan for more than 15 years and a newbie since 2 months. This is the place i was looking for! -- 06/17/95
Ante Jelic ( wrote:
Really, great page. Thanks. -- 06/18/95
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You have more sound bites from Full Metal Jacket. All those scenes with the Drill Sergeant are great. -- 06/18/95
Tommy Jonsson ( wrote:
Great page! -- 06/18/95
michelle r roberson ( ) wrote:
excellent site: like most everyone else here, i am a huge clockwork fan--was surprised to see that it only earned 7.9 stars...i give it a 10! -- 06/18/95
Jim Harris ( wrote:
Kubrick is God!! I want to party with him!! -- 06/18/95
Vlad Toljaga ( ) wrote:
Your page is impressive in its scope & erudition. Kudos! -- 06/19/95
Chris Conner ( wrote:
Very nice... I hope your rumors segment on "AI" turns out to border on premonition... -- 06/19/95
Michael Hudecek & Anton M. Aigner ( wr ote:
The first thing I saw in Internet! Impressing. But - We wonder when you have the time to do all this stuff ? -- 06/19/95
John Munoz ( wrote:
This is great. I thought that I was the biggest Kubrick fan, but I can see that I'm one of many. I am intrested in finding a copy of "Fear and Desire," to complete the library. My favorite of all His films is "Barry Lyndon." I would love to see Criterion do this film for laserdisc. I would love to see out-takes,promos,and trailers etc.. I would also like to here commentary from Ken Adams and John Alcott, on how Kubrick saw this film comming together. As far as AI goes, I recieved a Blue Sheet a year ago that, Kubrick was going to film WARTIME LIES first. He signed Joseph Mazzelo(Jurasic Park) to play the son of a woman who try to escape a painful situation. I would like to see a similar web site for Pier Paolo Pasolini, wouldn't you? -- 06/19/95
Yves Bessette ( ) wrote:
Super job! Un superbe travail qui honore l'un des grands du cin,ma: Kubrick. -- 06/20/95
Sarah Cooke ( wrote:
Great job on the Kubrick page! I am pleased that someone is making an effort to present information to the viewing public on this cinematic genius. Thanks a bunch! -- 06/20/95
Tom Murphy ( wrote:
Great Page! "... you gotta keep regular if you're gonna be happy ..." -- Dick Halloran (Scatman Crothers) in "The Shining" -- 06/20/95
Sevag Koundakjian ( ) wrote:
Great page, excellent layout! Nice to see a director get such outstanding coverage. I admire your devotion to the art of film making, if only every- one else would do the same people would see the wisdom and insight Kubrick has about human behavior, the world just might be a better place. "Mr. President, I can walk" -DSLorHILtSWaLtB -- 06/21/95
Chad Hobbs ( wrote:
Nice page... Even before I knew who Stanley Kubrick was I loved ACO, Full Metal Jacket, and 2001... When I found out S.K. did them all I was in love... Thanks for the great page. and keep up the good work...

-- 06/21/95

Steven Kochones ( wrote:
This is one of the most well-conceived pages I've seen. Keep up the good work! By the way, sources tell me that Kubrick is quite the agoraphobic these days and spends his time watching and re-watching his films, over and over. I hope he can get it together and make "AI." -- 06/21/95
Aaron W. Collins ( ) wrote:
Great site! Truly fitting for an artist of Kubrick's stature. He may well be the last true genius of cinema. -- 06/21/95
Arun Mahajan ( wrote:
Great job! I am a fan of Kubrick's and yours is a great tribute...he would teach Tarantino a thing or two! -- 06/22/95
John C. Kalitka ( wrote:
Brilliant! I'm especially fond of 2001 and Full Metal Jacket, which I own on Laserdisk. I anxiously await the next Kubrick offering. -- 06/22/95
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Hi. I'm a huge Kubrick fan, and I must say this must be THE Kubrick site on the net. Great work! -- 06/22/95
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i have your kubrick link on my page it is the only kubrick link because i considered yours so complete -- 06/23/95
Hamdani Milas ( wrote:
Hi, me again. It would be nice if Stanley was aware of this site. These quotes from the guest book are responses from true fans. Do you reckon he lurks on the Internet? Betcha he does. Hi Stanley, from another film-maker way down the ladder but trying to get up there, love your deadly, incisive cinematic innovations. Keep on pushing the boundaries... The world will be all the richer for it. -- 06/23/95
Gary Kline ( wrote:
Very nice job, a worthy tribute to Kubrick. (You may want to fix one of your image links for 2001--references wrong pic). -- 06/23/95
James Noble ( wrote:
Words cannot describe the depth of this man, but you're making a bold attempt to let people understand him. -- 06/24/95
Graziano Ravizza & Gabriele Pisaneschi ( wrote:
Anche in Italia ci garba Stanley! -- 06/24/95
Douglas .S. Bailey ( wrote:
Great, great stuff. I wonder if there's a way to let SK know about all this? -- 06/25/95
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Great job. I'm very impressed!!!! ( -- 06/26/95
Steven Dubofsky Verona,NJ USA
Thank You,Thank You,Thank You.I love this place.I've found it difficault to find info on S.K. until now.Once again Thanks. -- 06/28/95
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Wow! Terrific work. -- 06/28/95
J.J. Lak
Great Pat! Thanks. See "Entertainment Weekly" 6/25/93 says next film from novel "Wartime Lies" by L. Begley. ALSO see"Sight & Sound" 6/93 Re: K.'s next, no description. J.J. Lak UMASS -- 06/28/95
Sean Quinn ( ) wrote:
Great page. I studied A Clockwork Orange in a film course and I wish I knew about your page at the time. -- 06/28/95
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Kubrick's cool! -- 06/28/95
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Great site. Definate link from my home page. -- 06/28/95
Robert J. Lewis (102217, wrote:
This is a truly breathtaking site, gentlement, truly a great tribute to a brilliant filmmaker. Any info on the now-aborted (or is it?) production of "Napoleon"? -- 06/28/95
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Great web pages! Keep up the good work! -- 06/28/95
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I need a good tolchock in the gulliver..;-) -- 06/29/95
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You are correct about 2010. Cool page, keep that AI info posted. -- 06/29/95
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Sleep on my tongue, oh my brothers, And none will sigh so long as to bother; Let others hunger for home: You, my sweet, will ne'er so far roam. -- 06/30/95
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Yes! That's how it's done! "Disappear, scumbag!" "SIR! Aye Aye, SIR!" Wonderful .WAVs. Thanks, fellow Kubrick groupie. -- 06/30/95
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G'day! Great page - I only wish I'd found it *before* I handed in my term paper. Not to worry - plenty more Kubrick to write about before the year's over... Thanks for a great effort! -- 06/30/95
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WOW, this page is apsolutelly great, I don't know what to say except "keep up the good work". I'll be back. -- 06/30/95
Andrej Arneric ( ) wrote:
WOW, this page is apsolutelly great, I don't know what to say except "keep up the good work". I'll be back. -- 06/30/95
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What a page. What a link. What a guy! -- 06/30/95
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a great page.I really enjoyed! -- 06/30/95
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This is an excellent page and worthy of the great man himself. clockwork orange is one of those rare films which leaves the viewer with a scylla and charibdis? choice as to appropriate social policy and will undoubtably stand the test of time. congratulations patrick best wishes david -- 07/01/95
Robb Gardner ( ) wrote:
Stanley=God Thanks for the page!! -- 07/02/95
John F. Findlay ( ) wrote:
Great page...need more Full Metal Jacket sound quotes. -- 07/02/95
Henry B. Leach ( wrote:
Can Kubrick be the greatest director ever? I think so. Tony Curtis in Sparacus may be lame, but he more than makes up for it with Nicolson (sp) Dullea, and the rest. Is it me, or are all his films about the little boxes we all live in? Help me. OPE, Henry (hleach@ssnet.ccom) -- 07/03/95
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Greetings from Toronto, Canada! WOW, what a great page! -- 07/03/95
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Great job! -- 07/03/95
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Kubrick is one of the most brilliant filmakers of all time... The time between films seems to be getting longer and longer, can't wait for the next...keep 'em coming! -- 07/03/95
christa ( wrote:
For a variety of reasons..thankyouthankyouthankyou... The sound clips are the best! -- 07/03/95
Nancy Olson ( ) wrote:
Kubrick is certainly a genius. Am I the only one who thinks "The Shining" is better than the book? -- 07/03/95
Wayne I. Director Detroit Filmmakers Coalition ( wrote:
Nice page. I was looking for material on 2001 for someone who just saw it for the 1st time. Thanx. -- 07/04/95
jeffrey meyer ( ) wrote:
i had heard kubrick was working on a movie based on a book about WW2 called WARTIME LIES (1991) by louis begley...? and i heard this starred the little boy from Jurassic Park... -- 07/04/95
John Howell ( wrote:
Keep up the good work. Especially the AI info... Excellent page! -- 07/04/95
John Howell ( wrote:
Keep up the good work. Especially the AI info... Excellent page! -- 07/04/95
Ryan G. Mitchell ( ) wrote:
Thank you! I am always in the mood for a little ultraviolence, not to mention good ole Ludwig Van!! Luck to you. Mitcher -- 07/04/95
JR Kelly (Professor of Film) ( wrote:
A model for film pages on the web. Now, if we could only add pages like this on Hawks, Hitchcock, Ford, Sirk, Ray, Welles, Losey, etc. Keep up the good work. -- 07/05/95
David Stansbury ( ) wrote:
Well done. Intelligent, lively, and actually about something--a gem on the Web. -- 07/05/95
Brandon A. Thompson ( ) wrote:
Real horrorshow work! "Clockwork Orange" is my all-time favorite film, and I worship noone on this planet more than Stanley. I seriously enjoy the opportunity to chat with other believers, but not having a steady 'Net account, I have to rely on different means of communication. Fellow fanatics, PLEASE write me at: B. Thompson, 1803 Westside Rd., Healdsburg, CA (USA) 95448. Thanks Kubrick (and Alex) for giving me someone to look up to!!! -- 07/05/95
Brandon A. Thompson ( ) wrote:
Real horrorshow work! "Clockwork Orange" is my all-time favorite film, and I worship noone on this planet more than Stanley. I seriously enjoy the opportunity to chat with other believers, but not having a steady 'Net account, I have to rely on different means of communication. Fellow fanatics, PLEASE write me at: B. Thompson, 1803 Westside Rd., Healdsburg, CA (USA) 95448. Question: Is Walter and Wendy Carlos the same person, and how if yes? Name change? Thanks Kubrick (and Alex) for giving me someone to look up to!!! -- 07/05/95
T Regester ( wrote:
Good Page, You have helped me fulfill a dream, i.e when I exit Windows my PC says "Dave, will I dream?" -- 07/05/95
David Gorsline ( wrote:
You're right. _2010_ was a dreadful movie. Thanks for the visit. -- 07/05/95
Ralph R. Donald, Ph.D. Professor and Chair Department of Communications The University of Tennessee at Martin (RDONALD@UTM.EDU ) wrote:
A terrific tribute to a great artist! I congratulate you! -- 07/05/95
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Hot page, the Hub InterCafe loved it! We'll be linking back to it. -- 07/05/95
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Great site!! Especially liked the 2001 stuff!! Keep up the great work and visit my homepage! -- 07/06/95
Jose Cabrera ( wrote:
Great page, pictures and preentation altogether. Hopefully we hav not seen the end of Kubricks work. AI, if it ever comes to frution, should continue his great legacy. See you at the movies, I'll be the one in the middle. -- 07/06/95
Pete Guidry ( wrote:
Great!, I never pay that much attention to who creates pictures, but Kubrick created two of my favorites (C.O. and 2001). I was pleasantly surprised to discover he was the genius behind my favorite horror flick (The Shining) Thanks. -- 07/07/95
Charles Choi (choi@virginia.EDU) wrote:
Really nice job on this. Stanley should be proud ... -- 07/07/95
Chase Norlin ( wrote:
Chase Norlin AI is supposedly about a future world where the polar ice caps have melted and only the tips of skyscrapers can be seen above the water that enshrouds the earth. -- 07/07/95
Douglas Foley ( ) wrote:
Thanks for the trip through Kubrick land. It's amazing how much brilliance has provided. I can't say I am totally soldon everything he has done but even so-so Kubrick is better than most movies. I had trouble with some of the shound bite (Hrers Johnny and War Room). Keep up the good work. Greetings from Hamilton, Ontario. -- 07/08/95
Typeswithafist ( clanders@huey, wrote:
Nice page. Very nice layout. -- 07/08/95
David Benson ( wrote:
Great site. I'll be listing it in the What's Cool area of my column with The Press of Atlantic City. In addition, if you like Kate Bush, try: -- 07/08/95
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Best web page I have seen in days. Please continue to look for more info, rumors, etc. about AI. I want to know more! -- 07/08/95
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"Thanks for the COOL Kubrick info! Great images, loved the sound bytes. Let's see some MORE! -- 07/08/95
Joe D. Philadelphia,Pa.USA ( ) wrote:
"one of my favorite directors,a very well planned page." thanks. -- 07/09/95
David Rozzen, Agoura Hills, CA ( wrote:
Mr. Kubrick, Your Home page is fantastic, however your movies over the years have left us all "SPEECHLESS". Please don't ever stop! When is "2050" coming to a theatre near us? -- 07/09/95
Yannick P. Lamarre ( wrote:
Je veux correspondre en franOais sur Kubrick et ses merveilleux films... (Montr,al, Canada) -- 07/09/95
Federico della Zonca ( wrote:
Well, what can I say? That's simply great! I just hope you'll pay more attention to european directors instead of focussing only on American works... Anyway you made it big, huge, attractive, mostly totally complete, Congratulations! -- 07/09/95
Foo Chik Chuan ( wrote:
Hi, I jsut saw CWO at the cinema, and was impressed. Didn't realise so many people were as well. -- 07/10/95
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great! When I will be able to listen to these sound I willl come back!! -- 07/10/95
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Hi! Tremendous. -- 07/11/95
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Superbe travail mais cela aurait ete super d'avoir la photo de la pochette du film Stanley Kubrick est un genie !!! Je suis un fan de Montreal (Quebec) -- 07/11/95
Carol Martin ( ) wrote:
Stanley should have his own internet page. Thanks for taking the time to do such a nice job on it. I'll be adding this one to my "movies" bookmarks--my most important address list. -- 07/11/95
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Nice page. I love Kubrick and it's nice to see info about him consolidated somewhere. -- 07/12/95
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excellent!!!!!!!!! -- 07/12/95
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great tribute to a man deserving great tribute. -- 07/12/95
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OH GOD! IS THIS HEAVEN??? -- 07/12/95
Karl McAdorey ( ) wrote:
Stanley Kubrick is one of my favourite film makers. His films are unforgettable. Stanley Kubrick is one of my biggest influences as I am an aspiring film maker. Love the site. -- 07/12/95
Joao Maranha ( ) wrote:
Stanley Kubrick is certainly my preferred director. He is unique in the history of cinema. With so many pages dedicated to so much rubish, this one should be praised. -- 07/13/95
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Terrific page! All Kubrick's fans are grateful. -- 07/13/95
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Clockwork Orange is the best film ever. Thanks for a superb page -- 07/13/95
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A Kubrik homepage, I love it. -- 07/13/95
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A very nice page to one of the worlds great directors! -- 07/14/95
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Hello! from Paris France Xavier -- 07/14/95
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Great Page, holds all of my favorite movies. Does anyone know what that scene in the shining means? Please e-mail me at -- 07/15/95
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I was just thinking today that I had exhausted all of the good stuf on the Web--and then I found this! Great page! Sure beats the hell out of mine! -- 07/15/95
Stan Coleite ( wrote:
I had a great time here. Love Kubrick movies...didn't really know how much until I chanced upon your site. Thanks. -- 07/15/95
Howie Crawford (76570.1405@CompuServe.Com ) wrote:
Excellent work! I wish there where other pages as well done. It makes me want to see the films again. I hope there are others with the passion and talent to create similiar home pages for other great directors. There are so many from the "silent" era through to today and in including many great foreign directors. I enjoy the many post WWII Italian directors.. Rossellini, DeSica etc. Keep up the good work. -- 07/15/95
Jean Breton ( ) wrote:
Great tribute to Kubrick, I just hope you will continue to develop this page and add more stuff to it in order for us to visit you often! I studied in Cinema and actually a teacher of mine at Concordia University in Montreal wrote a book about Kubrick and was published few months ago. I thought you would be interested in that. The guy name is Mario Falsetto. He studied at NYU in cinema like did Scorcese, Copolla and Woody Allen. I don't have the name of the book thought. Have you heard of it?? Tell me if you have any infos on that. Regarding AI, it is also a big mystery for me. I just can't stand that Kubrick take his time like this!! I just hope he will do another film before his death. Again Patrick, great job and keep on searching. If you would like to share with a true Kubrick fan, don't hesitate to e-mail me. I have done some writing on Kubrick stuff at university that might interest you but the problem is that they were written in French since I'm francophone but I can translate them!! Take care, Bye!! -- 07/16/95
Dan Jackson ( wrote:
Cool site! I'll be checking your AI area frequently!!! -- 07/16/95
Helgi Petursson Storagardi 6 640 Husavik Iceland ( ) wrote:
Great page! Being a Kubrick fan Im very happy to have found this page. Adding it to my list of bookmarks and Im going to visit often. Very good and impressive work! Keep it up. Thanks -- 07/17/95
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It's really cool that you have a picture of the weirdest scene I've ever seen in a movie (weird scene - The Shining). A great page altogether. I can't wait to see more. -- 07/17/95
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A wonderful page... Good Work... -- 07/19/95
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Thanx for the pics, they will make a great screen saver for me! -- 07/20/95
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Good to know your page is there out in the wilderness of the net... -- 07/20/95
Josh Longley, Freak MegaCorp ( wrote:
This page is 'Fantastic'...I am now creating a movie page which will carry a link to this is the fifth Kubrick page I have investigated and itis by far the cream of the crop. The movie page will be located at... -- 07/21/95
Paul John Mount Rogers IV ( wrote:
I was pleased to find this, and I predict, that I will keep coming back to this page. -- 07/21/95
Paul M.Heaney ( wrote:
I can sum up what I think of your 'page in one word, "WOW"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great to finally have one of the last true cinema masters given the presence on the 'net he deserves. I have one question for you re: "The Shining". Last year-1994- I.T.V. in the U.K. broadcast a longer of the "Shining" with missing scenes added- is this available on video anywhere in the world to buy? The copy which I have is a third generation dupe' and it's quality is poor. Many thanks for a great page from Ireland! Paul M.Heaney. -- 07/21/95
Yukihiro Saitoh ( wrote:
Very beautiful, thanks, from Japan with love. -- 07/22/95
radrick ( ) wrote:
I first heard of A Clockwork Orange as a small child when I awoke to my mother screaming. I rushed into the room to learn that she had just awoke from a nightmare. When I asked what the dream was about..she told me about the movie. ever since then i've been hooked..... great page! e -- 07/22/95
RRAitken@AOL ( ) wrote:
"You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?... Oh Yeah? Well can you jet the net? If so, check out the Kubrick Page!" -- 07/22/95
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Great !!! Too bad there isn't pictures enough ... But I congratulate you for your job ! -- 07/22/95
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Kubrick. I wonder what movies would have been without him. Better watch 2001 over and over...! -- 07/22/95
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Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Just like Kubrick's films. -- 07/22/95
Hugh Y. Gihm ( ) wrote:
Very professional looking site! Great to find a site dedicated to a genius of a filmmaker. -- 07/23/95
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Great Stuff. Any chance of a "Strangelove" script? -- 07/23/95
Randall Homan ( ) wrote:
I am a brand new net user and this page is exactly the kind of info, graphics, and spirit that I had hoped to find . . . I am researching a series of books on three actors from my favorite movie "The Killing". Can you point me to any links/ info on Sterling Hayden, Marie Windsor, and Elisha Cook Jr.? -- 07/24/95
Marc Butler ( wrote:
I found this while looking for a specific image but I'll be back to browse some more. A treasure! -- 07/24/95
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As a long time Kubrick fan your work is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work! -- 07/24/95
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Truly a nice piece of work! -- 07/25/95
Glenn Riis Glenn Riis ( griis) wrote:
Dig up more info on AI, true or false doen't make any difference, just knowing 'Stan' is making another flick is enough. Great work. -- 07/26/95
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Keep up info on A.I.! -- 07/26/95
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Wonderfully fun! -- 07/26/95
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Excellent page. -- 07/27/95
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A Great page, I'll be coming back to spend lots of time here -- 07/27/95
Yong, Kim(ID. Lawence - from Lawrence Kasdan) ( ) wrote:
Hi, I'm live in South Korea. I Like Stanley Kubrick. Thanks for Your Efforts. -- 07/27/95
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One of my all time favorites...collected all the sound clips...THE definative Kubrick site. -- 07/28/95
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I came to see if there were any other fans of Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" and I found over 10,000 of them! This page is wonderful. Anyone that differs "perhaps needs a good talking to. A bit more than that, if I may be so bold." -- 07/28/95
Joe Aveni ( wrote:
I personaly think Mr Kubrick speaks for himself. Would you please Direct a Movie depicting Dante's Inferno. I wouldn't want to see any other Director attempt this.... -- 07/29/95
David Fishbein ( wrote:
Thanks for finally paying tribute the one of the greatest producers in cinematic history. It was great seeing many images form Kubrick's fims. -- 07/30/95
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Wellie Wellie Oh my Brother, I viddie well thy domy, me glazzies made water they did. Viddie well oh my brother that I will come back for a wee bit of the ole in-out in-out! Hope the lewdies dont fily with ye litso! Got a we devotchka here in me domy so time to see if me droogie is fini with ye old inout in out with she! I crark at ye later! -- 07/30/95
Carol Martin ( ) wrote:
Love this site! I'm going to share this address on Thursday with our local Mac Users Group. The multimedia special interest group is presenting the program on QUICKTIME, so I particularly appreciate the movie clips. Thanks. -- 07/31/95
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An excellent tribute to the world's most underrated and misunderstood cinematic geniuses. -- 07/31/95
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Excellent... -- 08/01/95
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Great site and great pics. Kubrick's an inspiration for anyone desiring to make quality films. Cheers, .M. -- 08/02/95
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Very well done! It is great to run across sites such as yours that really show off some of the more creative endeavors of mankind! -- 08/02/95
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Terrific page. I look forward to more AI stuff...and AI itself of course. -- 08/03/95
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Bravo! Congratulations on a job well done. This is a NICE piece of work. -- 08/03/95
Robert Macnaughton and Jennifer Butler ( & wrote:
Hey,good job with this one.Instant bookmark.How about more D.I. WAVs from FMJ?Or Kong from Dr. S ("A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff...") Again,this was a very enjoyable site. -- 08/03/95
Marco Liconti. Rome, Italy ( ) wrote:
Simply great! -- 08/03/95
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Anyone who hasn't seen Kubricks's films has missed out. I'm impressed with the site it shows very good taste. keep it up If there were more sites like this one may be inclined not to spend so much time watching movies. Nah -- 08/06/95
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FULL METAL JACKET RULES!!!!!!!!!! -- 08/06/95
Nigel Nash
Stunning. I have been searching for information on what has happened to S.K. since full Metal Jacket. Keep going! -- 08/06/95
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Nice job! -- 08/06/95
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Site interessant. Agreable a consulter. Liens facile avec la grande database. -- 08/06/95
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Thanks! Cool page! -- 08/06/95
steve stober ( wrote:
TrSs kool site. Particularly liked the Twins.gif from The Shining. This image was influenced by a photograph done by the late Diane Arbus, titled 'Identical Twins, Roselle, N.J. 1967.' -- 08/07/95
T.Haugland -Norway- ( ) wrote:
Hello!! Great page,great pictures! You know,general Greatness! -- 08/08/95
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Kubrick is the biggest -- 08/08/95
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Great graphics! Great sound - although we still haven't figured out how to TURN UP THE VOLUME! Keep up the good work! -- 08/09/95
Erik Fleming ( ) wrote:
Fantastic Site. Glad someone had the time to do it and do it right. I'm a fellow fanatic, and have several books you didn't list, if you're interested (books on the man are few and far between) I also collect original 1 sheets of his films. -- 08/09/95
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Very nice page, a job well done! The metal jacket section is a bit lacking thou.. no pics.. But it's still a very good page.. keep up the good work! -- 08/09/95
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This is a fantastic start! Now... comes the challenge of keeping your readers up to date on the forthcoming "AI" project. I'm confident that you'll come through with flying colors (or should I say colours?!). Still... I'll have to continue reading this page, in order to keep you on your toes. Good luck! -- 08/09/95
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Hello, and thanks for a great page dedicated to the finest modern director. I know I'll have a link to this in my page. -- 08/10/95
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great to find this page!!! :) i found film titles that are not in my collection. :) i'll pick them up asap!!! they are the first ones before the killing. please email me if you get any info on any of kubricks's work... :) donna -- 08/10/95
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ja man! da kombinashun marihuana and kubrick are forevvah! blunted. -- 08/10/95
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Fantastic! A great resource for any Kubrik fan. -- 08/11/95
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I always thought I'm the only Kubrick - fan in the world, now I find some 10.000. Very satisfying. Congratulations for the greatest site in the web. I'm also very interested in any information on A.I. Please carry on with your descent work. P.S.: I also enjoyed your list o'links. Best so far. -- 08/11/95
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Your among the best, thanks for all the flicks! -- 08/12/95
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Loved the page. But you still need more reel info ( about AI) . Anyway, it's a very good try-out. Hope you can find the e-mail-adress of KUBRICK himself. That would be fun. -- 08/12/95
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one hell of a homepage... the web has many bad pages and few good ones aloha -- 08/14/95
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Hello, I love the movie _A Clockwork Orange_ I want to read the book, but I can't find it anywhere, Can somone E-Mail me a way to get it??? thanks -- 08/15/95
Peter Lawrence Queensland Australia ( wrote:
As the first film I ever saw was 2001 in magical 70 mm I've been a Kubrick fan ever since. Love the site. -- 08/16/95
Andy Koo ( ) wrote:
Not the largest fan of Stanley Kubrick by any means but enjoyed browsing through the nicely layed out page. Great links everywhere. The pics were also clear but not so huge it took forever to load. Keep up the good work! -- 08/16/95
Nick Prescott, Adelaide, Australia. ( ) wrote:
To the person wishing to know about a modern version of LOLITA: I hear there is an update in the works, starring none other than the great Jeremy Irons as Humbert. We shall see. Thanks for the page, but it was a bastard to get a connection! Cool stuff. Stan the Man - hello from me. -- 08/16/95
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Good work. Now I need AI! -- 08/16/95
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Great page. You have lots of nice links, pictures, and I love the wave files. Keep up the good work. Sorry, I don't have anything to contribute. I just can admire. -- 08/17/95
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Pretty good. More video clips would be greatly appreciated. -- 08/18/95
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Excellent page on the greatest living film director. A nice break from all those pages devoted to luscious young starlets I've been perusing. Especially nice was the rumor list pertaining to AI (though that one about filming two months every five years must be B.S. Anyway, keep the faith -- 08/19/95
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I am the prince of perversion! -- 08/19/95
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An ancient Greek Kubrick lover since the "Bomb" -- 08/20/95
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Great idea! The WWW needs this addition on cinema's most reclusive and gifted filmmaker. What a thrill it is to read the rumors about Kubrick's next film, considering it's been almost a decade since his last masterpiece. I cannot wait! -- 08/21/95
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Good Stuff. -- 08/22/95
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Just browsing. I found this home page from a French direct- or ( Check him out! -- 08/22/95
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This is really AWESOME! And this guestbook is really neat too! -- 08/22/95
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Good archive - what Cinemania won't cover ... I saw both the X and R-rated versions & I'm hard pressed to recall more than a few seconds difference - OK with me, still one of my favorites from the Bolshy Sinny. Horrorshow page! -- 08/23/95
Robert F. Benningfield Jr. ( wrote:
You've a done a fine job. See if you can find more stuff from "Full Metal Jacket." Thanks. -- 08/23/95
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This is an incredible collection of Kubrick stuff. It's just the type of sound files and scanned images I've been trying to collect for years. I'm impressed and I'll be visiting often. Thanks! -- 08/24/95
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a very substantial page, but not quite enough discussion. -- 08/24/95
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This a shrine to me and a holy place because I love Kubrick's awesomely powerful films and my most favorite is "A Clockwork Orange"! -- 08/24/95
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Very Cool. Keeps the precious bodily fluids going. -- 08/24/95
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I wonder what HAL would think of all this? He'd probably say, "Very nice." -- 08/24/95
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Who needs movies like 'Speed' and other shit when there's Kubrick........ 2001 should not be for sale on video. Theater only! This page is Absolutly Fab. -- 08/25/95
Sam J. Worthy ( ) wrote:
The scene in The Shining you are wondering about is a scene from King's book. In it are two characters excluded from the movie.They are apart of Jack's final conversion over to hotel, when the New Year's party starts up and the evil spirits try to kill the boy. The point of their inclusion escapes me unless Kubrick was trying to apease those that read the book. In the book these two characters are former guests at the New Year's party. Unfortunately I haven't read The Shining in years so I can't give you specifics. Hope I helped, -- 08/25/95
Sam J. Worthy ( wrote:
The scene in The Shining you are wondering about is a scene from Stephan King's book. In it are two characters excluded from the movie.They are apart of Jack's final conversion over to the hotel, the point in the book when the New Year's party starts up and the evil spirits try to kill the boy. The point of their inclusion escapes me unless it was (gasp!) an editing mistake. In the book these two characters are former guests at the New Year's party. Unfortunately I haven't read The Shining in years so I can't give you specifics. Hope I helped, -- 08/25/95
Romey T. Keys ( wrote:
Excellent graphic layout. This is a site I'll return to. I the rumour section. I didn't know about AI until I checked here. -- 08/25/95
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Congrats on a great job. I belive I'll frequent this place often -- 08/26/95
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Clockwork Orange was a revelation. I was studying Russian in high school when it first came out and got a great kick out of the English-Russian slang. Strangelove and 2001 are also brilliant (obviously). Great page! -- 08/26/95
Nathan Baldwin ( wrote:
The solution to all man's problems, and glimpse into the mind of a genious, are contained in this page. Or maybe not, but it is still great. -- 08/26/95
I liked your Kubrick page. It had some pics I had been looking for ing for. In regaurd to the shining part where you had "Just a wierd scene", Haveyou read the novel by Stephen King? It has a part in there about some guy in a costume at a ballroom party. I think it mentions something else... -- 08/27/95
Owen (Geelong, Australia) ( ) wrote:
Great Page - 2001 Is The best Movie Ever Made! -- 08/27/95
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Very nice indeed - plenty of good links -- 08/28/95
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This is one of my favorite sites on the web. One suggestion, though, how about an index of the nadsat language? Otherwise, I love this page!! -- 08/28/95
Eric Winninger ( ) wrote:
Did Kubrick work on "Apocolise Now" or am I mistaken. It would be nice to see on the page. "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" would be the ultimate *.wav file -- 08/28/95
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Pretty nice page you got there, bucko. Never heard of AI until I checked this page out... Keep up the good work. -- 08/29/95
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If it wasn't for Kubrick, there would be no Kubrick Page. Think about it... -- 08/29/95
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"Precious boldily fluids..." -- 08/29/95
Edward J. Hansen ( wrote:
"Precious bodily fluids..." -- 08/29/95
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It has been a pleasure for me to read this page! Keep up the great work in keeping us informed on Kubrick and his films! -- 08/30/95
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sk is one of my favourites ever and so from now on will be this page -- 08/30/95
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Kubrick is one of the greatest film makers of all time. CT -- 08/30/95
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This place is incredible! The drill instructor (Hartmann) has great quotes in the french version of Full Metal Jacket. If you understand french, you must see it! -- 08/30/95
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Wonderful, truly Wonderful...Thank you. -- 08/31/95
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This page is great! It really celebrates the work of Kubrick! -- 09/01/95
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I'm a film major at University of Miami, and this page is great. Hopefully one day people will enjoy my movies through the Net. Stanley you are a person to learn from. Come visit any time. GO CANES!!! P.S. - Jacks a bad ass!!! -- 09/01/95
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A passion of my teen years has been revived by your work. Congratulations on a superb job! -- 09/01/95
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Settle a debate please...Who is HAL's programmer? I keep meaning to watch Clockwork, but not on enuff Loved Strangelove & 2001OO, by the way -- 09/02/95
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This was a great site to visit, please look for more info regarding AI. -- 09/02/95
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Very nice. I love Kubrick's movies. Such a wide expanse of work. Thanks a lot! -- 09/02/95
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Kubrick has been one of my favorite directors since I saw "A Clockwork Orange" in about 1977. Your web site is a fantastic collection. I used to buy lots of movie books for this type of stuff. Great work! -- 09/02/95
Hugh Shanahan ( ) wrote:
Well Done ! This is a model for any other web site, plenty of details under the bonnet, well referenced, well laid out (though not over-designed and impossible to read) and above all, on a fascinating topic. If you get any chance to find when AI will actually come out, can you please put it on ? -- 09/02/95
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Excellent page - Stanley Kubrick is definately one of the most talented directors ever. A Clockwork Orange is one of my all time favorite movies (and books, for that matter) and Full Metal Jacket isn't far behind. . .Anyhow, keep up the great work! -- 09/03/95
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No spam here just real COOL stuff..Thanks. -- 09/03/95
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I not only LOVE Stanley Kubrick's films, I have concentrated my studies on them; infact, my thesis (I'm graduate since 1993) was based on them. My favourite film is "Paths of Glory". -- 09/03/95
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An excellent job covering the most talented writer/director in cinema. 2001: A Space Odyssey, IMHO, is the greatest film of all time. -- 09/03/95
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Pretty cool page. -- 09/05/95
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Great to know there are supporters of film art around! -- 09/05/95
Matthew Desmond
Stanley Kubrick Rules All! -- 09/05/95
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Felicitation pour le beau travail, filmographie tres complete Congratulation for your good work, very complete filmography -- 09/06/95
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Great Page. Thanks. Dr. Strangelove is one of the best movies ever made, in my opinion. -- 09/06/95
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I am very impressed with this homepage. It seems to have the most up to date gossip on AI. -- 09/06/95
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If Kubrick's production of A.I. goes anything like his previous five or so films we're going to be waiting until 2001 to see it, so it's good to see that I can yap with fellow fanatics in the meantime. Ciao!! -- 09/06/95
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You have taken a lot of care & patience in designing your pages, a lot like Kubrick & his films. -- 09/07/95
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Thanks for the site. No question Kubrick is the most important American-born director of the sound era. Bravo! -- 09/07/95
Andy Steele ( ) wrote:
Speaking of Kubrick's Lolita not being shocking enough, I read in Newsweek that another director (forgot the name) is remaking it and promises a much more accurate representation of the book than Kubrick's. Thought you'd like to know. -- 09/07/95
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A wonderful page. I've been looking for a long time for a good Kubrick page. Thanks for all the work. -- 09/07/95
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Great looking page. The Shining and Clockwork are two of my favorite films. -- 09/07/95
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Excellant Web site! I'm a devoted admire of Kubrick. My first Kubrick picture was 2001: a space odyssey in 1969 at age 11. That profondly changed my life for what I do today in my line of work (Computer Technology/Graphic Arts). I have added your cool Web page to my favorite list of links. If you need any graphic artwork, drop me a line! -- 09/07/95
Steve Barnett ( ) wrote:
An excellent piece of work, authoritative and enjoyable. Please add to you bibliography Alexander Walkers' definitive book "Stanley Kubrick Directs" which covers his work up to and including "A Clockwork Orange". -- 09/07/95
Brian Anderson ( ) wrote:
x, Wonderful site! I enjoy Kubrick and plan to explore more of your links in the future. I especially love 2001, Dr. Strangelove and Clockwork Orange (not to slight the many other fine works!) -- 09/08/95
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Great to finally find some interest in Kubrick after so many months of net-sufing. You've don a great job! -- 09/08/95
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A Clockwork Orange is the greatest movie ever, and Full Metal Jacket really makes you think. -- 09/08/95
Jeff Eustis ( ) wrote:
Only had a few minutes to glance at your Kubrick site, but from what I've seen, it looks great. One question...Is there any way to get a videocassette copy of Fear and Desire? -- 09/08/95
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I like a lot of Kubrick's work. Full Metal Jacket, Dr. Strangelove, and Clockwork Orange work on so many levels. I'm going to be a walking advertisement for this page. -- 09/09/95
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I've loved Clockwork Orange since the first day I saw it years ago. Thanks for the great pics! :-) -- 09/09/95
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This page is brilliant - serious information and lots of it. Only thing is: It's slow. Very slow. Maybe a lofi version with less (or smaller) images would be a Good Thing(tm). If anyone bothers to read this far down, they just might be stupid enough to click here. -- 09/12/95
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Great page! I love Clockwork Orange....I just can't get enough of lil' Alex and his droogs! -- 09/12/95
Daniel T.Kewley ( 0342608@SHEDU) wrote:
Kubrick's CLOCKWORK ORANGE was a crazy flick. I myself enjoyed it because it showed how menace and malace are apart of of man's everyday life. Alex may have been insane,but he was also realistic!...I want to find out how to get posters! My favorite scene was when the Droogies brawled on the dock. -- 09/12/95
Josh Marteny and Geoff "Spud" Knudsen ( jdm3 and gtk2 (both wrote:
Two monstrous Kubrik fans and fellow Lehigh Engineers just giving you a thumbs up on the whole thing. Josh's personal faves are Clockwork, Doc Strangelove and The Shining. Spud's are the same minus the Doc, (don't ask me why). Keep it up, droog! -- 09/12/95
Mario Amati
Hey Stanley, your movies are my youngest ages, I can't forget them...never. Thanks. -- 09/12/95
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As a longtime admirer of Kubrick, I greatly appreciate your website. Let's hope the talented Mr. Kubrick keeps creating films so you can add and update to this excellent site. -- 09/16/95
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Very Impressive! I need a question answered. What was HAL's full name in 2001: A Space Odyssey? -- 09/17/95
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Luvverly - real horrorshow. The perfect thing for fans of Kubrik wherever they may be. - Col -- 09/17/95
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A thoughtful and informative page. I'm going to tell all my friends so they too can see this kewl stuff. -- 09/19/95
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Kuber-cool! When I grow up, I'm going to be just like him, but until I do I'll just obsess over your page. I'd like to see more info on his acting hobby. Not too many people know this but he's been in some movies, that wacky Stan, he played Chewbacca you know of course. -- 09/19/95
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Great Page, one of the best and most useful I have come across. -- 09/19/95
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I've been searching so long for Kubrick and his works on the web. Thank you so much for the great photos from The Shining. -- 09/19/95
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This's great. I just can't get enough of Dr. Strangelove's "Mein Fuhrer, I can walk!". -- 09/20/95
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Through the years I've found your films to be both thought pravoking and entertaining. There's never a time when I watch one of your films and it dosen't make me think about the world we live in. Your movied are truly works of art. -- 09/21/95
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Great web site! You're linked from my "Cool" page! Check it out...
"Ken's Cool Links & Other Weird Stuff" -- 09/21/95
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Your Internet top 5% rating is well deserved. Keep on the good work. -- 09/22/95
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Nice site. Perhaps you should include some info on the remake of Lolita by Adrian Lyne starring Jeremy Irons and Frank Langella. Two actors playing roles created by Peter Sellers. Irons is Humbert and Langella is Quigley (sp?) Oh well. I'll be back. -- 09/22/95
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Great page befitting a great moviemaker. Good on you. -- 09/23/95
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Hello, we think that THE SHINING was very good indeed. Thank You Stanley. -- 09/23/95
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My first topic of searching when I got on the Net was anything involving Clockwork or Kubrick. And I found all I needed at this page. Thanks! One of, if no the, best pages on the internet. -- 09/23/95
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Splendid !! Voila un serveur formidable pour les fans de Stanley ! J'adore tous ses films ! -- 09/24/95
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great page and also visit my home page at -- 09/26/95
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Phenomenal site. Stan should be proud. I'd like to see the image of the Star Child from the very end of 2001, though. -- 09/27/95
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Exceptional site, well done. -- 09/27/95
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First of all....a very fitting page to one of the greatest film artists who has ever lived. The genius of Mr. Kubrick is in the direction he takes us with his camera. The images he creates are unlike anyone else. -- 09/27/95
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Inspired me in so many ways, truly a superb film. Thank you. -- 09/28/95
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They should be sent to the Danube at Dawn -- 09/28/95
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Outstanding page! Kubrick is totally the best director ever. Who has a better filmography? This is a wonderful tribute to him - let us wish him a long life so that we can see even better films (if that is possible) in the future. Every frame, every foot of film he has shot is a masterpiece! -- 09/28/95
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Kubrick is worth any number of pages, and this a very good one indeed. Keep up the excellent work. Oh, and give my regards to HAL! HAl is god!!! -- 09/29/95
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"good stuff" -- 09/29/95
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i like your page a lot.. it is great to find so much information,. quality information. -- 09/30/95
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So glad to see that someone appreciates the intricacies of Stanley's mind. I love to see the effort made on behalf of creative thinking. Bravo! -- 10/01/95
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Horrorshow page, droog! Nice to see someone who appreciates Kubrick's genius in the present creative stagnation. -- 10/02/95
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Good job for a long time Kubrick fan! You could use some sound from THE KILLING if possible. Perhaps the end when Johnny barks, "what's the difference!" as the police are closing in. -- 10/02/95
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K U B R I C K !!!!!!! -- 10/04/95
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AH ORANGE MECANIQUE!! Bravo pour le rappel des souvenirs votre web est tres complet c'est un petit bonjour de la France. -- 10/05/95
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Great Page! One of the best on the Net actually. But please, for the love of God, get more AI info. We've got to know, there's more rumors circling around this thing than the Kennedy Assassination. -- 10/08/95
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I appreciated your work. Kubrick is the so great... I'll come back to know new rumours about AI, waiting for the film.. Ciao from Italy -- 10/11/95
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Wow, such a comprehensive layout on one of America's top artists of the twentieth century. Please don't quit. Thanks. -- 10/11/95
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My candidate for AI's literary source: Clarke's THE CITY AND THE STARS. -- 10/11/95
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Kubrick is one of my favorite directors. His work fascinates me in a way no other director does. Your page is well-appointed. -- 10/11/95
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Great page, was looking for sounds from Full Metal Jacket and you had some, thank you.. -- 10/11/95
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Full Metal Jacket was well conceived and executed and the actors were first rate. Congradulations on making a truly timeless classic -- 10/13/95
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A joy to visit your page! Thank-You! -- 10/13/95
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Not much to say tonight, but wow! what a collaboration. I am a film major @ u of iowa and am building my appreciation for this man's aesthetic genius. I guess I've seen more of his films than I thought...but I am not nearlky done...I haven't seen Strangelove yet!!! Thanks. Fuller -- 10/14/95
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The only site worth visiting. Period. -- 10/15/95
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Patrick, You make an excellent work. The result is a beautiful webpage to Stanley Kubrick. Congratulations. (16/10/95) -- 10/16/95
Mitsushige Iwase ( ) wrote:
Cool!!! -- 10/16/95
Scott K. Van Den Berg ("" ) wrote:
Congratulations. Your site does justice to and is worthy of the films of Kubrick. Thanks. -- 10/16/95
Jeff Watson ( ) wrote:
Neat. I came here looking for info on AI and must admit that I am now more puzzled than ever. Will check back later for more rumors. -- 10/16/95
John Wenzel ( wrote:
I'm not nearly as much of an expert on Kubrick as you, but I know enough to know that your page has it's shit together. I was extremely impressed and I'm encouraged that such a fine film maker has such a wide audience. Thanks for the great page. -- 10/17/95
Frank Rizzo ( ) wrote:
Love Clockwork Orange. More sound files would be nice, keep up the good work!!! -- 10/17/95
Grant Sherrill
At last! A real, live Kubrick section. I have a personalized "KUBRICK" license plate on my car that gets lots of attention, so you know that I will keep an eye out for more "A.I" info in this column. Thanks again!! -- 10/17/95
Tim Finlayson ( ) wrote:
dandy. -- 10/17/95
Ruggero Di Maggio, Palermo, Italy ( ) wrote:
Questa è la pagina più cazzuta del net!!! :-)))))) -- 10/17/95
Willem Wennekers ( wrote:
What a wonderful page. I am a film student in regina, saskatchewan, canada. I first saw 2001 when I was 11 and I haven't been the same since. -- 10/18/95
Francis "The Enforcer" Scollari ( ) wrote:
I think it's great. You got much potential kid. You'll go far in this business. Just don't punch out any camera men on your way to the top. -- 10/19/95
Suresh Nieves ( wrote:
Thank you! I love and admire Kubrick and his work. ESPECIALLY A Clockwork Orange. Definitely my favorite movie. And please put some more pictures and .WAV files for A Clockwork Orange. -- 10/19/95
Ted McCarthy ( wrote:
Nice job. Very much enjoyed looking at your site. -- 10/19/95
Tony Hubert ( wrote:
Great site for one of this centuries truly seminal directors of cinema. Thanks! -- 10/19/95
Ben Timberlake ( wrote:
Damn! I'm sick of waiting around for a new Kubrick movie. I love the old ones, but ole Stan isn't getting any younger. Is there any way to contact him? -- 10/20/95
R. Lawrence Porter ( wrote:
Good work! Liked his Barry Lyndon and 2001 best. Also one of those people looking for more graphics and sound files on HAL and 2001. -- 10/20/95
Robert Cook ( ) wrote:
Very impressive page; I'm glad to hear that Kubrick is (maybe) working on a new movie -- 10/20/95
Manuel Espendez ( ) wrote:
This site truly is a tribute to the one and only, the best, Stanley Kubrick. -- 10/20/95
Aaron Stuart Clark ( ) wrote:
great page, i just saw the shining for the first time.... and now i understand why so many poeple love his films... full metal jacket is great, god he's the man. -- 10/21/95
K. Neal (ScrNeal) wrote:
Kevin Neal Saw 2001 when I was 10, didn't understand it. Got to see it again after this. Read Clockwork in MAD first, then read the book in '80, then saw the movie. Indelible memories. All in all an EXCELLENT presentation on your part. Thanks -- 10/21/95
Melbourne ( ) wrote:
The movie is cool because Janine saw it first and Janine truely is her own goddess -- 10/22/95
Justin Bois ( ) wrote:
Get displays! Kubruck is a genius. My friend's band, the Evil Horde Does a really cool song called "655321" You might wanna check it out! -- 10/22/95
S.Hutchinson ( wrote:
Nice to see someone finally applying a proper tribute to a man of genius. Full Metal Jacket is the best thing since sliced bread. Congratulations Mr.Kubrick! -- 10/22/95
Jay Walsh ( wrote:
Coolness, just saw 2001 in a local theater, crappy copy but everyone was still in awe. I'll be back here a few times... -- 10/23/95
Jesse "HAL" Glen ( wrote:
Memories of Kubrick.....Daisy, Daisy, Give me yoourr answer, dooo....Come and get one in the yarbles, if you 'ave any yarbles...Honey, I think you hurt my head real bad......... An Amazing Man -- 10/24/95
Paul Hargreaves ( ) wrote:
An most entertaining site. -- 10/24/95
Stefan & Alex Pietrzak ( wrote:
C'mon Stanley, sign the damn guestbook! -- 10/24/95
Cool Guy ( wrote:
Yea... That was cool -- 10/24/95
Cool Guy ( wrote:
Yea... That was cool -- 10/24/95
Cool Guy ( wrote:
Yea... That was cool -- 10/24/95
Matt Buchanan ( ) wrote:
Nice page. This makes my class project on Kubric my one-stop shopping center! -- 10/24/95
Excellent, real horrorshow, really filled with the ultra- violence. I have been a Kubrick fan since even before I knew we came from apes and criminals and madmen. "I still can't hear you!" -- 10/25/95
Bradley Haas ( wrote:
Greatest page. I mean to send an Antonioni page into cyberspace very soon. You have set the standard. -- 10/27/95
Craig White ( wrote:
It would seem that a page dedicated to the man who clearly dedicates himself to making movies would have to be a monumental effort. Don't quit. Keep it growing. I love it! -- 10/27/95
Dave Barak ( wrote:
Kubrick is God. And you are a prophet. Thanks! -- 10/27/95
tHom fondano
no time for the old in-out love, just stopped to read the meter -- 10/28/95
Ed Gonterman ( wrote:
great stuff, but shouldn't you really use a spell checker -- 10/28/95
Ed Stafford ( wrote:
awsome -- 10/28/95
Jocelyn Deschênes ( wrote:
Très beau travail qui permet à plusieurs de découvrir des oeuvres importantes faites par un grand réalisateur. Bravo! -- 10/28/95
Charles Brown ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick is God!!! If I could I would especially thank him for creating what is, in my opinion, the greatest movie of all time: Dr. Strangelove: Or... Hot damn!!! The satire... -- 10/28/95
SuperTal ( ) wrote:
Greeting and Salutations from Tal's Very Exciting Super Fantastic Web Page! -- 10/29/95
Alex Chapman ( wrote:
One of the best pages on the net. Keep on with the good work. -- 10/29/95
Nikos Liapis, Lyons, France ( wrote:
Wonderful stuff. Will be coming back for more and more. -- 10/29/95
Fernando Félix Redes ( ) wrote:
Great! JCN was here! -- 10/29/95
joe ward ( ) wrote:
just caught a clockwork orange a couple of weeks ago i've seen it several times and it only gets better ! the " pulp fictions" of modern cinema owe a great debt to this masterpiece .... -- 10/29/95
ADRI LONA ( ) wrote:
Steven Lynch ( wrote:
A great tribute to one of the finest movies ever made. -- 10/30/95
Rachelle Bergeron ( wrote:
Wow, i love A Clockwork Orange but please remember who wrote the story... -- 10/30/95
chris gorman chris gorman ( ) wrote:
clockwork orange was the only movie that i have ever seen that made me think. it had to be the most frighteningly real movie ever made. -- 10/30/95
Andrew Finhert ( wrote:
Great site, clock-work orange was a smash Ludwig Von would be honored! -- 10/30/95
Martin White (The Next Stanley Kubrick) (martin.white@st-anne' ) wrote:
At last a point of reference! Information on Kubrick is scarce and it's nice to know I can be kept up to date. Keep up the good work! -- 10/30/95
Yum ( wrote:
Thank you, thank you, thank you -- 10/30/95
Keanon Liggatt ( wrote:
Wonderful site paying tribute to a wonderful artist. Keep it up.... -- 10/30/95
Joe ( wrote:
Cool page! check this one out: JOE'S PAGE -- 10/31/95
Marcelo B. Ribeiro ( ) wrote:
Very interesting page. It is great to get some info about Kubrick's latest project. -- 10/31/95
Richard Hudgins ( wrote:
Outstanding presentation and intresting material! -- 10/31/95
Darrin Fiddler ( wrote:
I've been amazed and awed by Stanley Kubrick's work The Shining was the first movie I ever bought. It was perfect for the last night in dorms before Christmas break. -- 11/01/95
Luke Washbrook - Martha's Vineyard, MA, USA ( wrote:
Great job putting this web site together. Very easy to use. -- 11/01/95
Dante ( ) wrote:
I believe Clockwork Orange to be one of the most powerful films of all time. -- 11/02/95
Asia Siddique ( ) wrote:
Hi! I've been looking for this information for a couple of days now. I'm a big fan of Kubrick and his movies, and i want to know if there is a film tour going through Chicago this weekend. Thanks, I look forward to your e-mail. -- 11/02/95
Steve Blahitka ( wrote:
Thank you, Mr. Kubrick. Thank you. -- 11/03/95
MAtt Pappas Matt Pappas ( wrote:
I have a new found respect for stanley after seeing Lolita. -- 11/03/95
Dryden ( wrote:
Wow, I really like the alterations you've made here in the past month. -- 11/03/95
Bob Malos ( ) wrote:
Kubrick is clearly one of the true artistic geniuses of our time. "Paths of Glory" is the greatest anti-war film ever made and "2001" is one of the greatest films period. Thanks for a wonderful source of Kubrick material. -- 11/03/95
Sean Weitner ( wrote:
This is a remarkable and exhaustive Web site. It's nice to know that in the aesthetic vacuum that has come to comprise so much of the Internet, there are still those who thrill to artists like Kubrick (as I do). Thanks, Patrick. Purity of essence always. -- 11/03/95
Zack Miller ( ) wrote:
Kubrick is one of the greatist geniuses of all time in the field of filmmaking. This page merits recognition for its successful mission to represent him. I linked this page to mine, The Demesne of Zack Miller. -- 11/04/95
Geoff Pevere, Toronto ( ) wrote:
How wonderful to find you here. Then again, you've always been here, haven't you? Best S.K. homage of the year: Todd Haynes' Safe -- no Kubrickian can afford to miss it. -- 11/04/95
Marko Pallari ( ) wrote:
Greetings from Jarvenpaa, Finland. Nice page - keep on the good work... -- 11/04/95
VIVA MIKE ( ) wrote:
Claudio Montecinos Alvarez ( ) wrote:
Great page . Here in Chile are a lot of Kubrick fans.Keep adding new stuff -- 11/04/95
fiver rabbit ( ) wrote:
this is a very horrorshow page...makes me want to tolchock one of my brothers in the gulliver and watch the red kroovy flow.... -- 11/05/95
Fernando Ferroni ( FERRONI@ROMA1.INFN.IT) wrote:
Thanks for this page ! -- 11/05/95
Lauren Halley ( wrote:
A very enjoyable page...I haven't much to say about it, but it is definitely interesting and helpful for fans (of which I am one). Thanks much! -- 11/05/95
Ray Gabrietta ( wrote:
Hail to the chief. Your the best. Kubrick films are an inspiration and allow release and expression in our world of shit. till the other side of morning -- 11/06/95
Brandon Atchison ( BAtchi4200@aol.comn) wrote:
I have always enjoyed Stanley Kubrick. I am also a big Stephen King fan. One of my favorite actors is Jack Nicholson, too. When Mr. Kubrick made The Shining I was stunned. Not only do I think it is arguably Kubrick's best movie, I also think that it is the best movie ever made based on a King novel, and that it is Jack Nicholson's best performance ever as an actor. -- 11/06/95
jeff boaz ( ) wrote:
Good choice of colors for opening page. Kubrick began working in black and white so it seems only fitting you should incorporate this color scheme. -- 11/06/95
Philippe Cheng ( ) wrote:
Wounderful! I think Kubrick is one of the best directors in the World. Nice to visit here!! Thanks! -- 11/07/95
Sobe Wheaton College ( wrote:
I am a big fan of Kubrick's work, particularly The Shining. This film was not only entertaining but a great medium for studying the techniques and styles of film. -- 11/08/95
Leo Lawrence ( wrote:
Great site! Enjoyed it thoroughly. Keep it up or "you'll be standing tall before the man." -- 11/08/95
Mike Connor ( wrote:
One of the best websites I've been to. It's great to see something dedicated to one of the greatest directors in the history of film. Especially one who is so underrated. -- 11/08/95
the anti-christ ( everywhere) wrote:
This Page is Very Cool...... -- 11/08/95
Max Steiner ( ) wrote:
Wasn't "Full Metal Jacket" one of the best pictures you ever saw? -- 11/08/95
Brad Simpson ( wrote:
Keen page. Kubrick is God. -- 11/08/95
Y. Aït Kaci ( Paris,France ) ( ) wrote:
Yesterday, I saw THE KILLING, today, I saw THE KILLER'S KISS. Each week, I see a Kubrick film and I'm glad to see his Internet Page is so complete. -- 11/08/95
SOHAILA ( wrote:
wicked page!!! loved the movie 'a clockwork orange',it just reminded me of so much that i think. it's now time to see some more of his movies!!! see ya (from newfoundland) -- 11/09/95
Aaron Stuart Clark ( wrote:
great page, great movies -- 11/09/95
Geir Åkerland ( ) wrote:
I just love Stanley Kubrick. 'Full Metal Jacket' gives me a great 'movie-orgasm' -- 11/09/95
Mark Henderson ( wrote:
You're right. This is an excellent page which I plan to visit often. -- 11/09/95
Jesse Kornblum ( wrote:
Wow. This is a really cool page. I'm a big fan of Kurbrick, especially FMJ, 2001, and Dr. Strangelove! Please keep up the good work! Visit my homepage 11/10/95
Earle McCartney ( ) wrote:
I am become death, killer of worlds. -- 11/10/95
Justin Allen ( ) wrote:
What's the plan, Stan? -- 11/10/95
Denise Connor ( ) wrote:
Your movies are incredible -- 11/11/95
Andromeda Tanguy ( ) wrote:
Stanley Kubrick is a god; we should all worship him by swimming in vats of red Jell-o. -- 11/11/95
Jonas Magnusson ( wrote:
I just watched "2001" at "Draken", the biggest and best cinema of Sweden. Great stuff! -- 11/12/95
sciflyer ( ) wrote:
sciflyer was here... long live brother alex! -- 11/12/95
Allan David Radcliffe
I think the Kubrick page is horrorshow -- 11/12/95
Jacob Beach ( wrote:
This site is a wonderful tribute to the greatest director of our time. Kep up the good work. -- 11/12/95
Jacob Beach ( wrote:
This site is a wonderful tribute to the greatest director of our time. Kep up the good work. -- 11/12/95
Liz Nixon ( ) wrote:
This is swell page. -- 11/13/95
trent ( wrote:
it is time for a little bit of the ultra-violence -- 11/13/95
Ruben Sanchez Jr ( wrote:
The picture and sound files are outstanding, they really made me wonder what the year 2001 will be like. The movie was an experience that I'll never forget....Thanks Stanley -- 11/13/95
Chris Okon ( wrote:
what a labor o' love! thanks -- 11/13/95
Jason Lang ( ) wrote:
I am a fan of all good film artists. However, Kubrick' choice of subjects and ability to cover them so artistically has given me a special awe in regards to his skills. -- 11/13/95
Peter Noss ( wrote:
Just saw 2001 at CineramaDome in Hollywood last night. It was a new 70-mm print. Fantastic. Very difficult to fathom that most of the principle photography was completed in 1965. It looked so fresh. It was a thrill to see it up on the big screen once again - where it belongs. -- 11/13/95
Sammi Childers ( wrote:
I know this is sick, but The Shining is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I should say that I still haven't seen all of the more gory scenes. My eyes seem to close on reflex. -- 11/14/95
Michael Tarabokia ( ) wrote:
Wellie well well it is a horrorshow of a page me brothers -- 11/14/95
Jesse Daves ( ) wrote:
Great Page. You have some great stuff here. I didn't even know about some of those films, and wouldn't have with- out your page. Thanks! -- 11/14/95
Pieter G. Weinrieb ( wrote:
Great page. .Kubrick is a genius. .cant wait for the next film. . .keep up the good work -- 11/14/95
yooko ( ) wrote:
I love cinema ! kubrick is great. I want to see "2010"and "full metal jacket",next. -- 11/14/95
Adrian Davies ( wrote:
Excellent pages, especially those of The Shining, by far one of my favourite movies. -- 11/14/95
Brandon A. Thompson ( wrote:
I'm curious: can anyone recommend any Kubrick biographies that focus focus on him and not his work? I want to know more about him and his current personal life. Also, is the Ballantine Books Clockwork Orange screenplay still in publication? Oh yeah, I recommend Kubrick: Inside The Film Artist's Maze for filling out technical information and what not: it's got a ton of production notes, and credits many of the cast members you have listed as 'unknown.' Write me and I can help you out there...keep up the good work, Patrick and me fellow droogs! -- 11/14/95

-- 11/14/95

Wyatt Bernstein ( wrote:
Wow!! I'm writing an imaginary sequel to A Clockwork Orange in my history of the future class. Those pictures were excellent. What a great compile of one of the best directors of our time.Keep up the good work. Can't wait for his next movie!! -- 11/14/95
Wolverine ( wrote:
Here's Johnny!! -- 11/14/95
James E Wilson ( ) wrote:
I've been a fan of Kubrick's for a long time and am pleased to see so much interest on the web. Keep up the good work! -- 11/15/95
Jason Kolowski ( wrote:
Strasvetsea! Just another droog giving his two cents, becuase I know how high to stack the shit... -- 11/15/95
Jason Kolowski ( wrote:
Strasvetsea! Just another droog giving his two cents, becuase I know how high to stack the shit... -- 11/15/95
Paul Roer ( wrote:
Finding this site made my year. I sleep easier at night knowing Kubrick exists. 2001 the best display of images put on super-panavision. put on any film type. -- 11/15/95
Paul Roer ( wrote:
Finding this site made my year. I sleep easier at night knowing Kubrick exists. 2001 the best display of images put on super-panavision. put on any film type. -- 11/15/95
Ashley S. LaMar ( ) wrote:
nice tribute to the master -- 11/15/95
martijn de bruin (martijn.debruin& ) wrote:
Thanx.Kubrick,Bukovski & Beethoven helped me a lot. -- 11/16/95
john ( wrote:
well done. -- 11/16/95
andrew ( wrote:
well done. -- 11/16/95
Leticia Fernandez Leticia Fernandez ( ) wrote:
I consider Odissey 2001 a real example of semiotic poetry. I loved the psycologic game that Stanley Kubric stablishes in An Orange Clockwork with a perfect combination of violence and irony. -- 11/17/95
Alan Thomas ( wrote:
What an introduction to the Internet and Films. Excellent page - thanks. -- 11/17/95
Jamie Bibby ( wrote:
I am a huge Kubrick fan, and stumbled across this page by accident! What a thrill it was to see other Kubrick fans! -- 11/17/95
Dan Hill ( ) wrote:
Hi! Stan the man! -- 11/17/95
Eric Wais ( ) wrote:
Just what Kubrick has always deserved. A fitting tribute to one of the industry's finest man. -- 11/17/95
Joel A. Werkema ( wrote:
Full Metal Jacket is one of my favorite movies. Cool site! -- 11/17/95
Thaddeus Tierney ( wrote:
Kubrick is often times God and other times nearly God. It just depends on what mood I'm in. Can't wait until his next film. I hope he is able to finish it. (I think he is about 67 but I don't know) Anyway this page will be forever be bookmarked in stone. -- 11/18/95
Akihiko Hanaoka ( wrote:
My favorite movie director is Stanley Kubrick. I like "A clockwork orange" best of all his movies. -- 11/18/95
Mike Fischer ( ) wrote:
this is great -- 11/18/95
Maxell ( wrote:
Please add " A jelly Dounut!" to the FMJ waves thanks. -- 11/19/95
geiser ( wrote:
slim pickens is a god. -- 11/19/95
D. Robert Williams ( wrote:
What a stimulating web site! Truly an appropriate shrine to one of the best visualists! -- 11/19/95
Brynmor Evans, Norway ( Sletvold@Telepost.No) wrote:
Dette er en tåpelig beskjed fra Norge. Hum, Hum Men uansett: Kubrick' sine filmer er noen av de beste på denne planeten. (This is norwegian, so if you don't understand it, sorry) -- 11/19/95
mark power ( ) wrote:
kubrick great, very cool -- 11/20/95
Neven Ivanic ( ) wrote:
Great work. Thanx :)) -- 11/20/95
Al Miller ( ) wrote:
You have done a great job of creating a homepage for one of the greatest directors ever. -- 11/20/95
Jeff Kuchak ( ) wrote:
I loved the way it made fun of all the trendy people from the 60's. and the overall impact of the movie was awesome. just great work. -- 11/20/95
Jose Alaniz ( ) wrote:
Very nice. I'm involved in a Kubrick class at UC Berkeley, and would appreciate hearing about any new stuff that you might happen to come across. -- 11/20/95
Jeff Korte ( wrote:
Looks great!! -- 11/20/95
John Makarewicz ( wrote:
Real horrorshow page, brother. Keep up the good work. Viddee well.

-- 11/21/95

Joe D. Johnson ( ) wrote:
Nice pages. Great movies. Feel free to kerchunk my page anytime at Thanks, Joe -- 11/21/95
Christopher Smith (cpgsmith@acs.uc.calgary.alta.can ) wrote:
WOW!!! simply amazing page. I never realised how many of us their were out there -- 11/21/95
tony obleo ( ) wrote:
great page!!!! all my favorites are here. could use s'more sound bits -- 11/21/95
Jeremy Berg ( ) wrote:
I love your site! I've been looking for the Kubrick Rolling Stone Interview forever. Thanks! Just saw 2001 at the Cinerama Dome in LA. Best movie going experience of my life! -- 11/21/95
Duane Peralta ( ) wrote:
Cool! -- 11/22/95
Larry Makow ( wrote:
This is great stuff. What a wonderful surprise that someone has gone to all this trouble, but it is truly worth it. Al -- 11/22/95
Lee Chi Kin ( ) wrote:
This is the most fabulous page I have ever seen. Well done for one of my favourite directors! -- 11/23/95
Todd Lassa ( wrote:
Thanks for ending the mine shaft gap. -- 11/23/95
john houston letterkenny ireland ( none ) wrote:
allo brothers aco is geogeous gorgsitiy init! -- 11/23/95
Bryan A. Gilmore ( wrote:
What a great page. You pull off a very impressive job. The most interesting aspect is the info on the upcoming films. Gimmie more! Thanks. -- 11/24/95
Macneil Shonle ( wrote:
Very neat page. -- 11/24/95
Julien Wilk ( wrote:
Greetings from a French, totally crazy about Kubrick's work. Hey, Stanley !! What bout another incredible release ?? -- 11/24/95
Julien Wilk ( wrote:
Greetings from a French, totally crazy about Kubrick's work. Hey, Stanley !! What about another incredible film ?? We are all waiting for too much time. -- 11/24/95
Fred Larmondin ( wrote:
Great page! Interesting stuff on the new,secret movie. -- 11/24/95
Brandon Hebert ( wrote:
Stanley is one of the best directors of all time. His films have had a profound impact on my life and what I now expect from a good movie. -- 11/24/95
Issay Okazaki ( wrote:
I try to live just as Alex since I watched the movie, Clockworks Orange. Alex is my best friend in my heart. -- 11/25/95
Arelahti Tuula ( ) wrote:
Please, let me know what is the program in the pc-world to see the presentations (the clips). Regards Tuula Arelahti -- 11/26/95
Gunnar Hansen ( ) wrote:
Terrific! I saw 2001 in its original 70mm format. It was, as more than one person has said, a religious experience. It inspired me to persue my career in film. Kubrick is still the greatest director. Thanks for this cool site! -- 11/26/95
Victor Luk ( ) wrote:
Kubrick is a great director who dares to work on films of different subject. -- 11/27/95
Chris Duhon Chris Duhon Chris Duhon ( wrote:
The Shining is my favorite movie of all time. Send me any additional cuts from the movie that you may have, as well as the screenplay. -- 11/27/95
Phil Noir ( wrote:
All work and no play makes Stan a fascinating boy. Shine on, Mr. K & fans! PS, actors & techs who've worked with SK, please contact my e-mail. -- 11/29/95
Jon Gorsky ( ) wrote:
Kubrick is the master of all Genres. The best Sci-fi, the best Horror, Comedy/Satire, Drama, and War. He is absolutely amazing. Looking forward to "A.I." (or whatever it may be). -- 11/29/95
Mohammed Yaser ( wrote:
Did stanley Kubrick teach the rest of the movie world how to make a Veitnam movie in "Full Metal Jacket" or what?! I mean this was definitely not his best film yet it was so realistic and touching... I guess I'll never get tired of watching this movie. -- 11/29/95
Jared Faria ( wrote:
:) -- 11/29/95
Ben Belkin ( wrote:
No comment at this time -- 11/29/95
Dave Tabb, Jr. ( wrote:
The stuff on Kubrick in here is awesome. I am 18 years old and a big fan. Hope to see more added. -- 11/30/95
shelby gull ( ) wrote:
this was a great information source, oh my brothers, for a report on A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. keep up the good work. -- 11/30/95
Matt Millheiser ( wrote:
Wonderful page, a lovely treat for Kubrick devotees. See you next Wednesday! -- 12/01/95
Yasuo Saito (() ) wrote:
"Its origin and purpose still a total mystery." -- 12/01/95
Michael O'Shea McGoldrick ( wrote:
I am interested in Kuberick films.... -- 12/01/95
Andrew Miller Andrew Miller ( wrote:
I enjoyed your display on Paths of Glory, most certainly Kubrick's finest film. Well, one of them at least. -- 12/01/95
Andrew Miller Andrew Miller ( wrote:
I enjoyed your display on Paths of Glory, most certainly Kubrick's finest film. Well, one of them at least. -- 12/01/95
Eric McDonald ( ) wrote:
I was bowled over at the end of "Paths of Glory". I'm a sentimentalist, so seeing Kubrick's wife sing that song brought me to tears. -- 12/02/95
Bradley Harrison ( wrote:
12-2-1995 -- 12/03/95
Sebastien Martinez ( ) wrote:
Kubrick, c'est la perfection cinematographique au service de tous profitez en et merci à Mr Benayoun du collège Bon Secour pour nous l'avoir fait découvrir. -- 12/03/95
Aaron B. Smith Aaron B. Smith ( ) wrote:
Kubrick is the the most innovative director I have encountered thus far. His work is unsurpassed by any other. His has a gift for capturing was is plain and ordinary and using it to show the conflicts we all face in our lives. He shows the constant opposition of the world to humanity with his every shot. He a true artist and I anticipate further works by him. -- 12/03/95
E. Church ( ) wrote:
My flim teacher totally got me hooked on Kubrick this last year I am comming to believe that he is a god right up there with Luc Besson. -- 12/04/95
Berthold Shin ( wrote:
Your page sucks! (Actually, it kicks ass, but you need a few negative comments here and there.) Come and visit me at Bert's Page. It's a modest personal page, but it's got plenty of good links, a lot of multimedia, and it changes every week. -- 12/04/95
Andy Katz ( wrote:
Kubrick is the master of cinamatic details. I can't wait for AI! -- 12/04/95
Allan Ashton ( ) wrote:
4/12/95 -- 12/04/95
Alex Graves ( wrote:
"Mandrake, do you realize that while we sit here chatting so enjoyably... " -- 12/04/95
Paul Hanley ( wrote:
We came, we saw but please don't turn me off Dave -- 12/04/95
Barbara Hamilton ( wrote:
Loved the Shining and Clockwork Orange...but the Shining especially. Am a major Stephen King fan. I think Kubrick is the only director who can reproduce King adequately to the screen. Totally intense filmmaker. -- 12/05/95
Jeroen van Sintanneland ( ) wrote:
This is Fun, Keep it up. -- 12/05/95
FRITZ SWANSON ( ) wrote:
"In memory, all things are set to music." T. Williams, The Glass Menagerie Kubrick understands this... and so much more. -- 12/05/95
bill via ( wrote:
great page,professionally down -- 12/06/95
Jeff D. Harvey ( ) wrote:
No other filmmaker can explore so many different facets of life in such a profound way. Thank you for giving serious film lovers movies to judge all others by. -- 12/07/95
Katie Reefe ( wrote:
very interesting page, i like the accessibility i will visit again soon... -- 12/07/95
Lance Rouch (Lance ) wrote:
What a great page! Kubrick is one of the first directors that made me start taking films seriously. Watching "The Clockwork Orange" was a turning point for me as a film lover. -- 12/07/95
Lance Rouch (Lance ) wrote:
What a great page! Kubrick is one of the first directors that made me start taking films seriously. Watching "The Clockwork Orange" was a turning point for me as a film lover. -- 12/07/95
andrea gardner (neuro3156 wrote:
i don't really have any just that clockwork orange is my favorite of all time -- 12/07/95
andrea gardner (neuro3156 wrote:
i don't really have any just that clockwork orange is my favorite of all time -- 12/07/95
Thomas Livelli ( ) wrote:
it's gorgeous and georgeosity! -- 12/08/95
Thomas Livelli ( ) wrote:
it's gorgeous and georgeosity! -- 12/08/95
Nirav S. Desai ( wrote:
The more Kuberik films I see, the more I am convinced that he is the best director ever. -- 12/08/95
Jun M Goo ( wrote:
Nice page. -- 12/08/95
Troy Lance ( ) wrote:
Sometimes, man, you just gotta wonder...could someone BE this cool? Kubrick deserves a big cake! -- 12/09/95
Peo Olsson ( wrote:
SK is absolutely one of my top directors. I hawe seen 2001 five times an A Clockwork Orange 14. -- 12/09/95
Marcus ( ) wrote:
12/09/1995 -- 12/09/95
( ) wrote:
Testing -- 12/10/95
Douglas Brown ( ) wrote:
As i live in the UK i am not supposed to see A Clockwork Orange. But....I have it and it is one of the BEST films ever. It can only be copied never equalled (see Natural Born Killers!!!!!) -- 12/10/95
Christian Hayden ( ) wrote:
A nicely designed page; and I enjoy the fact that it's in black-and-white: a touch that SK himself would appreciate, I think. -- 12/10/95
chip eversole ( wrote:
bad ass page man! a page honoring on of the best writers of the century. -- 12/11/95
Jake Blackford ( wrote:
Obviously the water on the hill at Lehigh is heavily fluoridated. What next? Beer? College kids' beer, Mandrake? -- 12/11/95
ori kowarsky ori kowarsky ( wrote:
superb page...hope more info on his latest work comes in soon! -- 12/11/95
Daniel F. Higgins ( ) wrote:
Amazing... My favorite movie is A Clockwork Orange, I also love these Others, I didnt realize they were from the same person. Neat-o. Check out my page at: Soon to be a Clockwork orange page there... -- 12/11/95
Craig Barron ( wrote:
Patrick- 2001 is the film that got me intrested in film and visual effects. I remember my father taking me to see it in 70mm. when it first came out. It was a long, long drive to Sacramento and it's the first film I remember seeing as a kid. Your Kubrick page really makes the Web worth while. Kubrick is lucky to have such a talented individual creating his page, especially when you consider that others pay a great deal of money for far less results. I assume that you created this work on a non-commercial -- 12/11/95
Antal Szijj ( wrote:
This web page looks great from what I've seen of it so far! Ton o' good information. I'm especially interested in the AI (or whatever) rumor mill. It's been too damn long, Stan! -- 12/12/95
JN Gothie ( wrote:
Lafayette sucks - cool page - go engineers -- 12/13/95
David Prather ( wrote:
I fully enjoyed looking through and watching the great works you have created. I have not seen it all but I will return to this site again and brouse. Thank you for making me think. -- 12/13/95
Jim Kaelin ( wrote:
Cool stuff! The best Kubrick Multimedia connections I've found. Thanx for a lovely visit! Sincerely, Jim Kaelin -- 12/14/95
Roger Hawkins ( wrote:
Kubrick is the best Director of his generation. -- 12/14/95
Roger Hawkins ( wrote:
Kubrick is the best Director of his generation. -- 12/14/95
Félix & Marie-Josée ( wrote:
L'Orange Mécanique est un chef-d'oeuvre artistique. Salutations à Stanley... -- 12/15/95
Darren Walker ( ) wrote:
This is so cool! Great 2001 images. Incidentally, Keir Dullea starred in the 1973 Canadian-made film Paperback Hero which was filmed in Delisle, Saskatchewan and my hometown of Saskatoon! -- 12/15/95
PUPPY-Chitose ( puppy@media.or/jp) wrote:
I love Clockwork Orange,and tried to read the book ,but it it was too difficult for me to read it in English. -- 12/15/95
Super cool! adore Hall! Kubrick is number one! greetings from Mexico -- 12/15/95
Helge Lind ( wrote:
Great pages ! I have already made a link to the Stanley Kubrick page from my own homepage. The homepage is so far only in norwegian, but some day I'm going to make an english version. -- 12/15/95
Danny Oller ( wrote:
"I have recieved satisfaction" (Barry Lyndon) -- 12/16/95
Bernardo Spinelli (from Brazil)
Hi, I'm a film student here in São Paulo. I don't speak english very well, man, so I just wanna say MR. KUBRICK IS PRETTY COOL. REALLY HORRORSHOW AND STUFF AND I THINK FULL METAL JACKET IS THE BEST FILM EVER MADE -- 12/17/95
Bernardo Spinelli (from Brazil) ( wrote:
Hi, I'm a film student here in São Paulo. I don't speak english very well, man, so I just wanna say that MR KUBRICK IS PRETTY COOL, REALLY HORRORSHOW AND STUFF, DUDE, AND FULL METAL JACKET IS THE BEST FILM EVER MADE BECAUSE MILITARISM SUCKS -- 12/17/95
Mark Arcieri ( wrote:
It's nice to see a web page of a true artist. -- 12/18/95
bissardon ( ) wrote:
merci Kubrick -- 12/18/95
Magdalena Mikofsky ( wrote:
I sincerely love this page. It is so awfully refreshing to see something worth reading these days. Stanley Kubrick is my most favorite director of all-time and I couldn't recall how many times I have seen all his movies, it's been so many. Anyway, i like it. **This has been done in the name of the all-american anti-christ superstar, the Rev. Marilyn Manson** Hail Manson! 666 Hail Kubrick! 69 If Blake Bronson-Bartlett is reading this...I love you, and I want you my dark angel. -- 12/19/95
Tomi Heiskanen ( wrote:
A very nice page indeed. By the way, what are YOU doing here? Reading this rather boring guestbook? Get back to those marvellous sights and sound by the master himself! :) -- 12/19/95
A.M. Joseph ( just somewhere in the uk ) wrote:
Well, this was my first intro into the WWW - how fitting really!! -- 12/19/95
Phil DeGisi ( wrote:
I'm doing a 15 page term paper on directors who transcend directing. One of my ain topics is Stanley Kubrick and I can't tell you how much this page has helped. Thanks for continuing the legacy of Kubrick. -Pvt. Pile -- 12/19/95
benayoun ( ) wrote:
I thought he was still working ' (hard, I suppose..) on his "Napoleon" , but I couldn't imagine Tom Cruise as a Kubrick actor... Nobody's perfect... -- 12/20/95
Bill Ward Bill Ward ( ) wrote:
Fine page. The Shining remains the scariest adult film so far made. It proves that claustrophobia is more terrifying in a large enclosed space than in a small one. Cf. life. -- 12/21/95
Zach Douglas ( wrote:
Excellent page. One of the few I'll actually come back to to visit! Hopefully more info on SQ's new mystery movie will be revealed -- 12/21/95
Martin Veider ( wrote:
Movies made by a director, not a banker! -- 12/21/95
Steve Woodall (SWoodall@GNN.Com ) wrote:
I guess it was HAL who has pushed many of the technolgies that we're using right now to get to this great site. Ideas are what a film should spring forth. -- 12/22/95
Adm_Jaba (admjaba@io.ccom ) wrote:
This is one Righty Right web page me brothers. -- 12/22/95
David Schuster ( ) wrote:
I just love this site. Thank you! -- 12/22/95
Jenna Wiggenhorn ( ) wrote:
Dr. Strangelove-great movie; good info very insightful -- 12/23/95
Gee Tzu-Che Hsiao ( wrote:
Kubrick's films enriched my flim experiences ten years ago. Kubrick's up coming release evoke my memories. This site make it possible Kubick is always on my mind. I'll visit here frequently. -- 12/23/95
dina kelberman ( wrote:
Hi Hi Hi there! A lovely little page you've got here, brother! -- 12/23/95
Random Diessner ( wrote:
I love your movies, but everyone says that so i say, "We are all Dorks". -- 12/25/95
Guy Teague ( ) wrote:
A great page paying homage to a true cinema genius. Well done. -- 12/26/95
Dan Kornaus ( Mr. wrote:
There is not much I can say that would do Mr. Kubrick justice so I will just comment on the site. The site is great. It gives a great tribute to a great filmmaker and an all around cool guy. Keep it up! -- 12/26/95
jonas tottmar ( ) wrote:
Michael Miley (Sav wrote:
This site is almost as cool as the man himself! Keep up the good work. -- 12/27/95
Karl Siever ( wrote:
Terrific page, real horrorshow! Stanley, please work faster! -- 12/27/95
Keren ( ) wrote:
I think this page is great. I am a huge fan of A Clockwork Orange, and I was very pleased to find your page. -- 12/27/95
patrique malaise ( wrote:
it's good to see people still like to see good movies... -- 12/28/95
Shawn Stevens ( wrote:
Looking forward to more in the future. -- 12/29/95
Jonathan Mitchell ( ) wrote:
great page. -- 12/29/95
Marc Cooper ( wrote:
Nice work. Always good to see someone with a sense of style and asthetics AND good taste in cinema. -- 12/30/95
Sandra L. Villani ( ) wrote:
I think this is a great tribute to one of the greatest directors of all time- it's getting a mention in my web page! -- 12/30/95
Raimy Nurit (RNR96@AOl.Com) wrote:
I didn't even have to go to the library for my thesis paper. -- 12/30/95
lorenza jachia ( wrote:
hello! I love these movies! -- 12/30/95
Graham Lewis ( wrote:
Elstree studios will forever be indebted to Stanley Kubrick as the director who stayed in England making great movies long after all the other Americans had left for tax reasons in the mid seventies. Not only did he keep the studios in production, but they were brilliant films. -- 12/30/95
Omar De la Cruz C. ( ) wrote:
I love cinema. And Stanley Kubrick has given us some of the best pictures ever made. Thanks to him, and to the people that set up this page!!! -- 12/31/95
Pierre CLAUSE ( wrote:
Je suis absolument ravi de trouver un serveur Web sur mon metteur en scne favori! Longue vie, et bientt. -- 12/31/95
Mark P. Krasselt ( wrote:
Whoa!!! Not that I ever thought I was the only who loved this man's art - but this site is quite extraordinary. I will spend many hours perusing all the info here. In film school I wrote a 50 pg. paper on Kubrick - it's always very interesting to read what other insights we can gleen from others. --MPK -- 12/31/95