april through june, 1996



Matthew Hund ( wrote:
Strangelove is absolutely a classic, A Clockwork Orange is simply cool, and Full Metal Jacket is the best of the best. -- 04/01/96


Tiffany Patterson ( ) wrote:
Well, just like the man and his films... very very cool!Thankya for this great chunk of great stuff!!! -- 04/01/96


Leif Klevje ( ) wrote:
I am honoured to write in your guestbook and I am glad to yourwonderful pages of Stanley Kubrick.Hej! -- 04/01/96


Matthew Lewis ( wrote:
FMJ rules.. -- 04/01/96


Kabir chhibber ( wrote:
I need to find more Kubrick work. Im 15, and i missed most of his cool stuff. -- 04/02/96


At last a hommage to one of the best directors alive...,although Kubrick hasn't been able to get the motion-pictures "A Clockwork Orange" and "The Shining" on screenas well as Burgess and King got it down on paper.I also wanted to wish all the best to Feyenoord Rotterdamin the battle against their own fans, or at least a part of them.Is there a Taratino-site too? -- 04/02/96


Marko Saarijärvi ( wrote:
"Born to kill" -- 04/02/96


remous ( wrote:
very interesring...I'm maiing a report on ACO. i would like some information on the different interpretation of the movie, above all on the social aspects. send them to me. thanks. -- 04/02/96


Owen Sivitz ( wrote:
Can anyone explain to me what the hell that embryo in a planet means at the end of 2001 ?? I loved the movie butthe end completely baffled me.Thanks. - Owen -- 04/02/96


Scott McCaughrinS Scott James McCaughrin ( wrote:
2001 (Twenty 01) changed my life. -- 04/02/96


Jaime Lindsey ( wrote:
I LOVE his movies! Especially Full Metal Jacket and Space 2001!They are all pretty cool! Me and my boyfriend watch them together.This way we don't have to fight over what to watch. we both love them! -- 04/03/96


Romain kochanowicz ( ) wrote:
Kubrick is simply the greatest director .... -- 04/04/96


Christopher Horn ( ) wrote:
Kubrick is without a doubt the greatest filmmaker of all time.I'm glad I found this sight so I could get the latest scoopon his next film. A decade is a long wait for a new movie,but I'm sure it will be well worth the wait. -- 04/05/96


Stevie Davidson ( ) wrote:
Clockwork Orange is amazing. -- 04/06/96


Michael Miler ( wrote:
...all my circuits are functioning perfectly!Great Kubrick place to be! -- 04/06/96


mia ( ) wrote:
s.k great dude! -- 04/06/96


Osganggg ( wrote:
I wish Mr. Kubrick would direct "The Bill Gates Story"(working title). I'm sure he would give it just the rightspin. -- 04/06/96


annamaria Zanaboni ( wrote:
Just curious to see genious' sites -- 04/06/96


Rob Ellin ( ) wrote:
I'd love to see 2060 put to film. After 25 years, I thionk I finaaly got the message of 2001. -- 04/07/96


Monk Man ( wrote:
Dr. Strangelove is certainly his best work!!! -- 04/07/96


King David ( ) wrote:
I just saw 2001 for the first time in many years and was amazed to find that the damned thing hasn't dated one bit! Of course, that was the point.Kubrick is truly one of the greatest and I am thrilled to find credible information about his newest project on your page. This couldn't be an easy feat to achieve from such a secretive man and I for one appreciate it immensely. Keep up the good work and here's to another forty years of great Kubrick films. May he live to be a thousand! -- 04/08/96


Benjamin Peirce ( wrote:
Am I the only one here who became interested in Kubrick for his movies other than 2001? -- 04/08/96


Thomas Mathews H. (none) wrote:
I have seen almost every Kubrick film, he is the bestdirecter there is and ever will be. The only problem isis that he only makes movies when something important needsto be said. -- 04/08/96


Toby Oliver ( ) wrote:
An excellent page devoted to a true master of the cinema. -- 04/10/96


Mick Zeller ( wrote:
Come and get it in the yarbles-if you have any yarbles... -- 04/10/96


Dave Allen ( wrote:
Barry Lyndon is one of my favorite movies, yet is surprising how few people I have talked to about the movie have everseen it. The characters are wonderful, all the way fromBarry himself, to the milktoast reverend, to the pretty fraulein.Terrific movie.And, of course, 2001:A Space Odyssey is the best movie EVER made. -- 04/10/96


Philip Giddings ( wrote:
I just have to say that Stanley Kubrick is a genius. -- 04/10/96


Jen Steele ( wrote:
My first Kubrick movie was A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. The man's a genius. I also have fallen in love with THE SHINING, LOLITA, and DR. STRANGELOVE. -- 04/11/96


Fredrik ( ) wrote:
Kalasbra, schysst site liksom typ va. -- 04/11/96


David Serventi ( ) wrote:
What is Aryan Papers about? -- 04/11/96


Tom Spain ( wrote:
Great page! I have been a Kubrick fan since 'Paths of Glory'and 'Lolita'. Most folks I talk to don't even know who Kubrickis! Can You Imagine? My all time favorite is still '2001', whichI think is more a religious film than science fiction. OthersI particularly like, the great 'Dr. Strangelove', 'ACO', 'Full Metal Jacket'. Only real disappointment was 'Barry Lyndon'. Can hardly wait for more. Come on Stanley! More! We're bothgetting older. (Tom Cruise?... If he pulls that one off he may be an even better director than I think he is.) -- 04/12/96


halis ( wrote:
The taste? Love it.hhhhmmmmmmmmmmm!thanks for dinner -- 04/12/96


francesco campominosi ( wrote:
wonderful!!!!!!! -- 04/12/96


Ing.Marco Cremonini ( ) wrote:
La pagina è splendida.Io sono un grande ammiratore di Kubrick.Dato che come per Fellini anche per Kubrick la colonna sonora è fondamentale,non sarebbe possibile avere maggiori dettagli sulle stesse. -- 04/13/96


John Elias ( wrote:
The films of Stanley Kubrick originally got me interested in the movies. After seeing A Clockwork Orange and 2001 (the best sci-fi film ever made) I began to realize the power and beauty of cinema. He definitely occupies a special place in my heart, along with other artistic greats such as John Coltrane and James Joyce. I literally cannot wait for his new movie. He is truly one of the masters in his craft, and I'm thankful to you for setting up this site dedicated to him. One characteristic that makes Kubrick's films so great are their rewatchability (i'm not exactly sure that's a word); I'll probably watch 2001 continuously till I die, and I've seen Dr. Strangelove probably more than any other film. He's a master of creation, and his ouvre is perhaps beyond the scope of any current award that can be bestowed upon him. -- 04/13/96


steve high ( ) wrote:
good page, thanks for your help, I found it useful in my home page. -- 04/13/96


George Joji Ohama ( ) wrote:
This is my first time I have ever got an access to internet. I saw his film "A Clockwork Orange" about ten years ago when I was a teenager, and it was a majorshock. I'm writing this at a friend's place in Tokyo, Japan.Kubrick has lots of fans here in Japan, too. -- 04/14/96


H. Madjlessi ( hemad @ wrote:
Barry Lyndon is one of Kubrick's greatest and mostunder rated films, and Dr. strange love is the best blackcomedy ever made by any film maker in the history ofCinema. -- 04/14/96


Hugh G. Rection ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick is the man! -- 04/14/96


Jason BisnettJason Bisnett ( ) wrote:
I would like to give a possible reason for the "Weird Scene" in "The Shinning".I believe this is just an abstract image parrallel to the climax of the film. Shortly before this scene Jack Torence killed the cook, and was at the height of his madness. As Shelly Duvall runs through the house trying to escape the entire house is having a mass orgasm. The blood in the elevator, jack is having a sphycological orgasm, all his horror released. Shelley is trying to find escape. The weird scene is just an abstract image of release. -- 04/15/96


Jason Sorel ( wrote:


Paolo Gregori ( PO BOX 13866, 01216 Sao Paulo, Brasil) wrote:
ok guys you are all very smart, but the next film kubrick is gonna shoot is about his neighbour cutting a tree in his garden.... get it ?? -- 04/15/96


nicolas besserer ( wrote:
Love ya!!!!!!! -- 04/16/96




Farzad Bakhtiar ( wrote:
Great site, keep up the great work. I hurt myself laughingat the clips from Dr. Stranglove. The best movie ever made!Cheers -- 04/16/96


Sylvain Huard ( wrote:
Hello there syd the wyz went surfing on you're site i'll be back to show that to my brother Bob ok fine work -- 04/16/96


Peter Koehn ( wrote:
I think Stanley Kubrick is a very good director. -- 04/16/96


Gian Carlo Vilanueva ( wrote:
Mr. Kubrick films are so grate. I´d trying to follow hisfilmography.My film works in university tried to follow his feeling atthe celuloidGian Carlo VillanuevaBachelor in Communications SciencesLima UniversityPERU -- 04/16/96


Rugo BettaRugo Betta ( ) wrote:
Great homepage! Nice to find all my favorites in one spot!(Clockwork, Spartacus, Barry Lyndon, Dr. Strangelove...) -- 04/16/96


Hello Everyone, I am a first-time feature film-maker looking for others who are interested in doing a shot by shot break -down and analysis of his films, from Dr.Strangelove on. The best way to become a master is to study your own master's secrets. -- 04/17/96


clifford newton ( ) wrote:
G'day mate. top work. dont let your meat loaf. -- 04/17/96


Derek James Wolfe (penglerw@cyberhighway ) wrote: 2001 the book....yes, the movie does justice...I was in space...we were dancing...having a very memorable, nice time......I had a dream...that A Clockwork Orange was a bad 'first date movie'....still I had an extreamly good time....dancing.... -- 04/17/96


Michael Golightly ( wrote:
nice page. does anybody know where i can find a comprehensive location of movie scripts? thanks forany help. -- 04/17/96


Glenn Kauppila ( ) wrote:
A widescreen print of 2001:A Space Odyessy is currently touring with the National Film Registry. Mr. Kubricktouched up the color. This may be your only chance to see2001. Catch it a museum near you!! -- 04/17/96


I have 2001 LD. It's best Movie!! -- 04/17/96


Dave Leeney ( ) wrote:
San Dimas High School Football rules!.......and so does Stanley Kubrick. -- 04/17/96


Cheung Wing-tim (from Hong Kong) ( ) wrote:
I was a film student in the university time and now work in a TV station. Kubrick's films always shock me whenever I rewatch them, especially 2001 and Clockwork Orange. It's too great to knew that his new film is coming. -- 04/17/96


PHILIP ( wrote:
I'm new at this and stupidly rather bashful but as a Kubrick fan your site is wonderful. Thank you -- 04/18/96


Thomas Johnstone ( ) wrote:
When asked what did he see as he looked into young Kubrick's left ear, the doctor replied -"My god , it's full of stars!"KUBRICK IS GOD!!!!!! -- 04/18/96


Ken Jencks ( wrote:
Having been a long time fan of Kubrick, I can only say that his films are only a starting place for our imaginations to wander. -- 04/18/96


Phillip McCrevace ( ) wrote:
I just loved your page. Please let me know about any future pages you may be creating that will interest my type of person. You do such a fabulous job. Kisses. -- 04/18/96


Victor Rouleau ( ) wrote:
Nothing to say for now. I just signed in and I didn't have time to explore too much. I will comment very soon. One thing I can say for now is that me and a couple of my friends are great admirers of Stanley Kubrick's work. Since I am the only one on the web, I will without a doubt submit to them this great web page. Keep up the good work. -- 04/18/96


Jon Ash ( ) wrote:
Clockwork Orange is cool or something. -- 04/18/96


f.Cousineau ( ) wrote:
I really licked your site for th sound clips of youryour moovie "Full Metal Jacket".I would have prefered too hear the platoon songs that they sang because I really licked them -- 04/18/96


Sari Vartiainen ( ) wrote:
For you with a taste for adventure! I think Finland is the place for you. Where else could you go moonbathing round the clock and enjoy as much as 24 hours of darkness aroundChristmastime? WELCOME! -- 04/19/96


Emanuele Tassi ( wrote:
Congratulations! Great work! -- 04/19/96


Fabrizio Biscio ( ) wrote:
Every time I see 2001 I ask myself :"what does it means?"I know that many of you could say he's crazy, but that's my feeling about it.Anyway every time I see it I say to myself It's pur poem.Thankyou to be here so you will help me to understand him a little bit more. -- 04/19/96


Alejandro Romero ( wrote:
I think it is very interesting to see there is a few placesin the net that still mantain culture as a flag.Perhaps you would like to send me some information about your cultural activities and specifically about Kubrick'sphilosophy. He's the best film director and I would liketo know a lot more about him.Congratulations for tour work.Receive greetings from Mexico. -- 04/19/96


Jake Kaligis ( ) wrote:
Pat... excellent site, it seems you've been using yer gulliver me droogie! Long Live Delta Bong, (and wawa coffee). Look for "Durango '95" in '96. Best of luck and keep up the fantastick' work. -- 04/20/96


Glenn Kauppila ( wrote:
Just saw 2001:A Space Odyessy as part of the Library of Congress' National Film Registry Tour. It wasfantastic! I never had the opportunity to see it on the bigscreen and this may be YOUR only chance also. A lot of thecolor was retouched by Mr. Kubrick himself. It's a muchdifferent movie on the big screen. Check with the muesum nearest you!! -- 04/20/96


R. Randolph ( ) wrote:
Being a vietnam vet I loved Full Metal Jacket. But allKubrick films are execlent. -- 04/21/96


jaekun kim ( wrote:
how are you i am korean i love kubrick's film -- 04/21/96


Andrea Felli e Sabrina Zanetti ( wrote:
Abbiamo apprezzato moltissimo questo appassionato omaggio a Kubrick, uno dei nostri registi preferiti.Da parte nostra un grazie e un incoraggiamento a portare avanti questo paziente ed entusiasmante lavoro di ricerca.Andrea Felli e Sabrina Zanetti -- 04/21/96


Roberta Gramazio Roberta ( wrote:
This site is very interesting! -- 04/21/96


Eric Dohrman ( ) wrote:
Nice! -- 04/21/96


jake cecil (sccecil) wrote:
I think stanley is a great director and producer -- 04/21/96




Stephen Pink ( ) wrote:
This looks pretty coolAre screenplays for lolita available on the Internet(please tell me) -- 04/22/96


Bryan Neely ( wrote:
What can I say...The man is Stanley Kubrick!!! -- 04/23/96


Alpha 60 ( ) wrote:
Kubrick follower since '68. Went without food for 2 daysto have money enough for "Barry Lyndon". Proud ownerof large French film poster of "2001" as well as a very rare Polish Poster (see 'Graven Images') of that film aswell. Have signed letter from Kubrick responding to mycomments to him on negative "Barry Lyndon" reviews inUSA. -- 04/23/96


Alpha 60 ( wrote:
"The Making of 'The Shining' " is available on vhs tape.There is an extended cut of 'The Shining' that was editedby Kubrick and shown on English TV. Kubrick has beendirectly involved with Warner Bros in "mastering" new"wide screen" prints of "The Shining" and "Barry Lyndon"on Laser Disc.He also worked with Criterion on same for"2001". Other books on Kubrick include "kubrick" by Ciment , "Stanly Kub a Film Odyssey", "Stanley KubrickDirects" , "the Cinema of Stanley Kubrick" (Kagan), "2001Filming the Future", and Nelson's "inside a film artists maze -- 04/23/96


Marcos "cachopolla" Jimenez ( wrote:
Os voy a correr a ostias a todos como en LA NARANJA MECANICA!!! -- 04/23/96


Tom Sjölund ( wrote:
Clockwork Orange eju liiti fiin!!! -- 04/23/96


El heroe Desechable ( ) wrote:
Es Alex acaso un mounstro o tan solo lo que somos todos,las creaciones de la mente se vuelven realidad -- 04/23/96


Alan Verrette ( wrote:
Terrific sight. I love all the info. I'll definately put a link in my page to it. -- 04/24/96


Patrick Lim ( wrote:
I have to say that I'm not an ardent fan of Stanley Kubrick but I do understandThe brilliance in how he stages scenes. A Clockwork Orange disturbs the hell out of me.He is a genius, only I can't seem to connect with his film.The genius lies on the fact that his films are generally emotionlessyet in some strange way, touches the nerves. Great homepage tothe one of the masters of cinema. -- 04/24/96


Jaime Riley ( ) wrote:
Very nice site, lots of info. Still, do you know where I can find more info on his earlier films, specifically THE KILLING? -- 04/24/96


Wesley A. Frenz ( ) wrote:
Never has there been another filmaker that has consistanly made such ingenious and memorable films. -- 04/25/96


paolo dadone ( ) wrote:
I have seen the SK film many times. ACO not less than 1002001, Shining, Dr. Strangelove and FMJ not less than 50 timesI adore them!For a new SK film I usually take holiday and I go in the first italian city in which the film is played. I am the firstto go in and usually I see the film two or tree times insuccession.I hope the next will be in 1997! -- 04/26/96


James Eaton ( wrote:
Favorite Kubrick film: Full Metal Jacket2nd favorite: Paths of Glory -- 04/27/96


Great site.. -- 04/27/96


Davide Galli ( wrote:


chico shani ( wrote:
a great site. -- 04/28/96


Chris Potter ( wrote:
Does anyone else wonder why Kubrick is doing a film with TomCruise and Nicole Kidman? It's not my place to question his judgement, but it seems a little odd to me. -- 04/28/96


Creedence ( wrote:
I'm 13. A Clockwork Orange is my fav movie. Kubrick's my fav director. -- 04/28/96


Valerio Cassiano ( ) wrote:
The best page on Kubrik.Please more info about next films!! -- 04/29/96


Takeshi Fukushima ( wrote:
ACO is such a cool film. You made a pretty good site out of it. Keep it up! -- 04/30/96


Tomas G P.... ( wrote:
hello, I'm 16 and I study cinema, I saw 2001 about thousands times and it always get better and better!!!! I 'm mas of what Kubrick's did to the Clarck's novel.... I hope one day I'll be able to do such a film!! I heard that the New Kubrick (Eyes Wide Shut?) will be based on a Phillip K Dick 's novel, if it is trrue it coulb be so good!! I love science fiction!! If someone is interested with talking with me mail me (I wanna make movie but i need money to do !!) or on IRC join #lessivo!!!!!!!!bye........nice to see you nice web page marvellous directore!!keep on going!!!! -- 04/30/96


Ruggero Santacroce ( wrote:
Mr. Stanley Kubrick - specialist in masterpieces. The onlyone we can call "the best of the best"..And you know thereis a great company: think to Charlie Chaplin, Ingmar Bergman,and so on. But he is unique: only masterpieces. -- 05/02/96


Nick RuthNick Ruth ( ) wrote:
Hello, Sir In the future I would really like to meet you and have a chat over a nice cup of coffie -- 05/02/96


Paolo Pasetti ( ) wrote:
Great! Stanley Kubrick is a genius... he's my favouritedirector. -- 05/02/96


John Dorrington ( ) wrote:
YES,YES,YES!!!!!A fantastic pg!!!!Guys like you make the I/Net fees all worthwhile -- 05/03/96


Masamichi Osako ( wrote:
What a wonderful home page it is! I am impressed by thoseinteresting scene clips and audio that bring back me tothe moment I met his films.Thank you and arigato.Masamichi(cheela)Osako, Japan -- 05/04/96


Jerry ( wrote:
Of all the hundreds of movies I have seen in my life, thereare only a handful I wanted to see twice. There is only one movie I have seen 15 times!"2001 A Space Odyssey" -- 05/04/96


Thomas E. Brown ( ) wrote:
Thanks for the excellent page. SK has been my favorite director ever since I first experienced 2001 in the Spring of 1968. The experience changed my life, both as an example of what filmmaking could be and as a personal inspriation in reference to mankind's place in the universe. Since then I have seen, and ultimately collected all of Kubrick's films, and every book and article on him. The net, and this fine page has put me in touch with the thoughts of many others who share my fascination.Thomas E. Brown -- 05/05/96


Sletvold Glen ( wrote:
in Canada, -- 05/05/96


Kriv Stenders ( ) wrote:
Today is the first day I have ever used the internet, and itI am simply amazed. Kubrick was the first item I searched out and it is wonderful to know that there are others out therewho are just as obsessed and influenced by Kubrick as I am. -- 05/06/96


antoniou (102507.2465compuserve) wrote:
this is fun-Kubrick is one of my favorite artists- more! these images are great. since shining has Jack recovered? shining is one of the scariest movies ever better than the book-heh!orange is our future 2001 our hope dr.strangelove doesn't make house calls I vant some more stan -- 05/07/96


Colin McDonald (GOJIRA85@AOL.COM) wrote:
Kubrick working with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman? Say it ain't so. -- 05/07/96


Stanley Kubrick is a magnifficent creator of inspiration. -- 05/07/96


mario calise mario calise ( wrote:
Kubrick ? Simply the best !He is a magician whose works are fascinatingmilestones of cinema's art.Thank you Stanley! -- 05/08/96


Heidi Fagin ( ) wrote:
adoration for THE film exceeds mine for any other.Green job, sir Kubrick... -- 05/09/96


Daniele Massano ( wrote:
Italians do it better , and Daniele is the best . -- 05/10/96


Jeff Block ( wrote:
Nice site about a great film maker. I am the biggest fan of 2001. It was released the year I was born. It is the most thought provoking film. I enjoyed the sub-menu featuring it here. -- 05/10/96


Doug Warzyn ( ) wrote:
FullMetal Jacket made Platoon look like a cartoon. -- 05/11/96


michel rainville ( i`m just sitting in this café,dunno.) wrote:
thanks for the good news,i thought he might be DEAD!,for all i knew -- 05/13/96


Dr. Henning Herrmann-Trentepohl ( ) wrote:
Nice stuff! -- 05/14/96


Godzilla/Italy ( ) wrote:
Kubrickians of all lands unite! -- 05/15/96


Godzilla/Italy ( ) wrote:
Kubrickians of all lands unite! -- 05/15/96


FART BLUNT ( wrote:
A Clockwork Orange is the radest book of all time. It is the FART LORDS theme movie. WE watch before doing the ultra violence -- 05/16/96


Joe Meyer ( wrote:
awesome. -- 05/16/96


Mark Boelman ( swanson@net.ins.) wrote:
I just saw A Clockwork Orange for the first time. It is the DOPEST movie!!!!!!!!!!!!Does Stanley Kubrick have any other rad movies like that? -- 05/17/96


Shawn ( ) wrote:
excellent site. imitated but not duplicated. thanks. -- 05/21/96


Matt Corry ( ) wrote:'Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide is by far my favourite moviepage. So good, that I have linked it from my excuse for apage. Please check it out for other links. -- 05/24/96


Sergio Mannu ( wrote:
Thanks to have dedicated an Internet site to the greatest movie director of every time: Stanley Kubrick. His vision of life, his personal style that cannot be confused with the other ones, his exceptional genius and amazing at each time we see a film of his, his particular technique in the machine movements are an honour and a moved homage to cinema and to art. My favourite Kubrick's films are "2001: A Space Odissey" and "A Clockwork Orange", absolute masterpieces which must be seen by everyone who wants to measure his intelligence and sensitivity. Good bye ! -- 05/24/96


Leor Jakubowicz ( wrote:
stan...! -- 05/24/96


Eiler ( ) wrote:
Kubrick! -- 05/24/96


ramati ( ) wrote:
we is israel l o v e your movies -- 05/25/96


Phil Vendy ( wrote:
URL major Web site for 1996, featuring an extended originaldissertation on "2001: A Space Odyssey" and the closestanalysis ever published of Hal's behaviour.Supported by reviews of other important scifi films,including Solaris, and references to a wide range of relatedtopics.All visitors welcome, especially fellow Kubrick admirers! -- 05/26/96


Andrés Stoopendahl B Film ( wrote:
Jag älskar dig Stanley! -- 05/26/96


Nathan Clark ( @34223425452) wrote:
Stanley is the all time best director ever to walk thisworld. I need to talk to you Stanley. -- 05/26/96


Magnus Grander ( wrote:
I can feel it............2001 will be the best film ever. -- 05/27/96


John Linton ( wrote:
When I cover the Cold War in my Western Civilization class I use Stanley's film Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. One of the questions I give the class is to come up with the name of the President. They have found your page to be invaluable. As for me, I think Stanley has directed three of the greatest films ever made-2001, Paths of Glory, and Doc Strangelove -- 05/27/96


Eric Downing ( ) wrote: -- 05/27/96


Michael Webster ( ) wrote:
What can I say. Kubrick is my favorite director hands down. -- 05/29/96


Bruce Shawen ( wrote:
Clockwork Orange was one of the finest images of how appallingly violent our future society will eventuallybecome. Some people hold Rocky Horror as a cult movie, well Clockwork Orange is my cult movie. Scenes such as those in Clockwork Orange truly needed to be made in order to shake our modern society from it's current view of itself as an enlightened society! Three cheers for Mr. Kubrick... Hip Hip... -- 05/29/96


Denise Johnson ( wrote:
Only took me 2 months to find it and it was worth the waitand the search! -- 06/01/96


Phil Landon ( ) wrote:
A very useful page on Kubrick. Next Winter I will be teaching him in a film course and would like to add your site to my on-line syllabus that will be part of my WEB page. -- 06/01/96


simon murrell ( wrote:"> -- 06/01/96


Dan Newman ( ) wrote:
Stanley Kubrik is a god! Anyone interested in starting a cult? If yer really bored go visit my page, even tho it doesn't have anything to do with Stan the man. It's still kinda neat, anyway. -- 06/02/96




Clint Potter ( ) wrote:
My thanx to Stan for the greatest movies of all time A Clockwork Orange I've read the book and seen the movieI'm also lucky enough to have a copy on video and will remain forever blown away .THANX AGAIN! -- 06/04/96


Jordan PatersonJordan Paterson/Film Student SFUJordan Paterson Film Student SFU ( ) wrote:
Learning about Kubrick's techniques has driven me crazy. I'm sick and tired of everybody's interpretation of his intentions. If I could find out more about his directing techniques in his own words, I would be amazed. His films helped and opinions have pushed me to the end of my own creative process, and opened my eyes to the start of a new................. -- 06/04/96




ian ( wrote:
i'm new on the net and it's wonderful to see a 'place'where people from all over the world can share the sameinterests, without colour, race, sex, ..., discrimination -- 06/04/96


Dan Kearney ( wrote:
You've definitely got your shit together with this page--it's rad. Kubrick is going ahead with Eyes Wide Shut because he wants to delay the pu out of AI (too much like Waterworld--he may rewrite it and take out the fact that the ice caps melt) and Aryan Papers (too much like Schindler's List). Keep it going my man. -- 06/04/96


ToMaS .....:) ( wrote:
very nice web and fabulous director.....I hope that kubrick will gfo on directin such films (like 2001!!!!!!) my favo=rite film maker of course......carpe diem -- 06/05/96


Chad Taylor ( wrote:
I've loved Kubrick's films since I saw Strangelove on TV when I wasa kid. I'm a writer and his work's a tremendous inspiration. He's athorough craftsman and a great storyteller. (And *this* is agreat site!) -- 06/05/96


Maya Serna ( wrote:
I was just looking for Clockwork stuff and stumbled upon this page..i think it's really great! Clockwork is the mosy awesome movie i've ever seen :) -- 06/05/96


Lauri Luhta ( wrote:
Has Kubrick ever made a bad movie? I guess he hasn't. -- 06/06/96


Chris Creason ( wrote:
-- 06/06/96


Dawn ( ) wrote:
Excellent page! I always find the "connections" betweenvarious movies (same director, actor, etc.) fascinating.It's not mere coincidence that some of our best movies ever:ACO, The Shining, and Full Metal Jacket were directed bythe same man! -- 06/06/96


Art Hoppes ( ) wrote:
At the age of 11 years I first saw 2001. I had always beeninterested in space travel and science fiction. The beautyand splendor of the movie added excitment to the manypossiblities yet to come in space flight and my ownimagination. So far ahead of its time, it literally left mein awe and to this day I get great injoyment and pleasure inwatching it. A technical masterpiece, and an inspiration tomany at a time when we where looking for something to truelycaptivate and amaze us. I first saw it at the Cinedome inLas Vegas, where I have lived since 1963. What an experiencethat I shared with my father that I shall never forget.The next time I saw it was in Cork, Ireland, while I was there on a summer trip at the age of 16. the next time I sawit was at the old MGM in Las Vegas before it burned andreopened in 1980. Of course now I have it on video tape andwatch it from time to time. But the most rewarding experience has been to watch it with my son, and watch the fasination in his eye, just as it was in my years ago. Thank You So Much A. Hoppes -- 06/08/96


Peter Ramsey ( ) wrote:
Thanks for a great page. There seems to be a dearth of good in depth info on Kubrick and anytime I find something as meatyas this it makes my day. -- 06/08/96


Michael Ferguson ( ) wrote:
Got hooked with 2001, a fan ever since -- 06/09/96


Scot Shelley ( ) wrote:
Stanley Kubrick is the Beethoven of our time, and 2001 is his 5th Symphony. -- 06/11/96


T. Biddle ( wrote:
It's heartening to find so many cinephiles with such good taste as to adore and respect the genius of Stanely Kubrick. I have been agog ever since seeing 2001 at the age of 10 -- not understanding any of it but intoxicated by the visuals. Since then I've seen the film dozens of times and I seem to see something new or experience a new notion about life, death, and the movies each time I see it. Thanks for this great page! -- 06/12/96


Timmy Weaver ( http://zero.@pumpkin) wrote:
Geez, wish I could've seen more stuff about THE SHINING, the best movie ever made. -- 06/12/96


Dan Mason ( wrote:
Mr Kubrick, if you're reading this.....Thank You."..but I know we'll meet again, some suuuunnnnyyyy dayyyy.." -- 06/12/96


Simon Josefsson ( wrote:
Perfect page about a perfect director. I can feel mymind is going... -- 06/13/96


paul laplante ( wrote:
We were just talking about 2001 at supper tonight, and the thought that they might just make a remake of it for the year 2001 occurred. Oh well! Do you think this could be better. Cetainly the effects would be better, if Kubrick is redoing his current film based on the digital effects of jurassic park, what do you think a new 2001 would be like. I have mixed feelings after all 2001 is my favorite movie. I don't know? -- 06/13/96


Yoobin Lee ( wrote:
The most creative, artistic and brilliant director the worldhas ever produced. The Shakespeare of film direction/produc-tion. I have nothing but respect for this man. He is truelyan artist. To describe him would be to exhaust the vocabularyof superlatives. In a word: brilliant. -- 06/13/96


Bjorn Mathiassen ( wrote:
It just occurred to me - it's just five years to the year 2001....and when are we going to have a moon base at Clavius?Thanks, Stanley & Arthur, for making it possible for us to see what could come true - some 10-20 fiscal years into the future! -- 06/14/96


Fred Pflantzer ( wrote:
Stanley is my one boyhood idol left. I know Dr. Strangelove by heart. I remember when 2001 was called "Journey to theStars" free tickets were being offered on the back of Rice Krispeeboxes. I'm glad I found this site. I have been starving for info about Kubrick. Looking forward to more work from the master.I'm a filmmaker myself. There isn't a moment when I'm looking through the viewfinderthat I don't feel his influence.Looking forward to communicating with other Kubrick people.Yours -- 06/15/96


Jay Fitzgerald ( wrote:
Thanks for putting together such a great page!Strangelove still gives me nervous laughs after the upteenthviewing! Maybe that's because I'm in the military, and somethings just ring soooo true. Perhaps you could get an imageof Ripper as shot from below (you know..cigar was a perfect angle!). I recently got to seeStrangelove in a theater in Santa Barbara, and it was a wholenew dimension. I wish all of us could see our favorites onthe Big Screen. Again, thanks, thanks, THANKS! -- 06/15/96


Martin Wendelborg ( ) wrote:
Last night i had a dream. "Eyes Wide Shut" had its worldpremiere - at my high school! I was waiting outside, andI saw a limo approaching. Out of the limo came SharonStone. She ran out of the car and into the gym (where themovie was to be shown.) After a while, I also started walking inside, and suddenly Kubrick entered the room. Helooked about 30, and wore black leather. I asked him for hisautograph, and gave him a piece of paper. He wrote "G'DayMate" and then walked into the gym, as did I. I gave myticket to the ticket-person, who was Loni Anderson, and thengot seated. The Credits started rolling (Gold lettering overwavy background) and then I woke up.How's that for insane, eh?Btw: If anyone would like to volunteer to tape the Channel4documentary on Kubrick for me, please make contact. -- 06/16/96


Marcel Siemerink ( wrote:
A Clockwork Orange is a very special movie for us "Chellovecki". That's why we named our (student)fraternity (or "jaarclub" as we call it in Holland) "Chelloveck" (remember ACO-fans it means: friends). And Chelloveck live(s)!!! -- 06/16/96


Al Shriver ( ) wrote:
Stanley Kubrick is the single greatest influence a young director can aspire to. Thank you for this wonderful page to celebrate and contiue to learn from the master. -- 06/16/96


David P. Meadows ( ) wrote:
I loved 2001 and Full Metal Jacket . I wish that you would get with Arthur C. Clarke again and make a decent sequel to 2001 . 2061 would be great if you were to help Clarke turn it into the best movie ever -- 06/16/96


killian ( wrote:
hello. i'm a student filmmaker. i lovekubrick. i answer e-mail. -- 06/17/96


Itamar de C. Pereira ( ) wrote:
Welly, Welly, Welly. Kubrick is a great director, just it!!! -- 06/17/96


Louis-Pierre Emond ( wrote:
Hi. Congratulations on a great Kubrick page. I loved 2001 of course. Orange was very good and FMJ was the greatest war movie ever made. I have an opportunity to see a Killer's kiss. Should I or will I be disappointed? -- 06/17/96


Stefano BianchiStefano Bianchi ( ) wrote:
Go on...and Thank You! -- 06/18/96


Alessandro Capriolo ( wrote:
very very cool site, droogs! -- 06/18/96


Cesar Peralta ( wrote:
I'm singin' in the rain... ( Paf! arrrghh!! ) Just Singin' in the rain (Paf uuugghh!!!!) -- 06/18/96


salvatore barresi ( wrote:
I can say only that He's a genius and the best .Thank You. -- 06/19/96


A. Klijnstra ( wrote:
best film director in the universe -- 06/19/96


Bobby Gilliland ( ) wrote:
Thank you for putting this great page up.It's now a fav. Kubrick IS the reason I love movies with substance. Anyone know of an address for him? -- 06/19/96


K-10 ( ) wrote:
Stanthe manhe's sooo deepi adore his workhe's sooo coolno equalStan -- 06/19/96


Michele Carenini ( wrote:
Great page on the greatest movie director ever. 2001 hasbeen, is, and probably will be the most important "work of art" of (movie) all times. With "Clockwork Orange" has taken a great book and realised a great film. With"Barry Lyndon" has chosen a boring & ugly novel and trnformedin a most beautiful movie. And on and on. Being an AIresearcher I truly was longing for the AI movie, but who cares, now I'm longing for Eyes Wide Shut (but please make AIthe next one, ok?). -- 06/21/96


Tom Kennelly ( ) wrote:
Kubrick is god! -- 06/21/96


Jason Snyder ( wrote:
kubrick = godnuff said -- 06/21/96


Chris Mower ( (Chris Mower) wrote:
I have always thougth that Stanley Kubrick is the best director.....EVER. Every time I reach this conclusion I have it again reinforced when I see yet another classic by Kubrick. Long may he live, I look forward to his future works. -- 06/22/96


Fracois CaronFrancois Caron ( ) wrote:
sefdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsf -- 06/24/96


won-bo suhWon--Bo Suh ( N/A) wrote:
I like his movies a lot. That's why I'm wandering wherever his name is. -- 06/24/96


Joakim Johnsson ( NO!!!) wrote:
Hello! Hello!!!My favourite Kubrick film is:The Shining.Bye! Bye!!! -- 06/25/96


gaetan gauthier ( wrote:
very interesting site -- 06/27/96


gaetan gauthier ( wrote:
very interesting site -- 06/27/96


Brad DeVries ( wrote:
Kubrick is a master of the macabre, ranking right up therewith Hitchcock, Carpenter, Romero and Depalma. Directorsthis good just don't come along that often. Lucky for usthey did. -- 06/27/96




Mark H. Johnson ( ) wrote:
Great web site! SK is the man! Farewell my little droogies. -- 06/27/96


Shinya Yoshida ( ) wrote:
IN JAPAN GIFU -- 06/28/96


Hayo Huisman ( ) wrote:
Very, very interesting pages. Liked the vdo clip -- 06/29/96


Christian Leduc ( wrote:
Stanley Kubrick's movies are the best movies on the Earth!!- They are cool!- They are magnificient!- They create feelings that other movies are not capable to create! -- 06/29/96


Nigel Palmer ( wrote:
Tonight (1/7/96) I've been watching full Metal Jacket on Channel 4 (UK). It was shot partly at Beckton Gas Works in t