Kubrick Tribute Speech
Steven Speilberg during the 71st Academy Awards

He died before he could witness the century he had already made famous with
2001; A Space Odyssey. Stanley wanted us to see his movies absolutely as he
envisioned them. He never gave an inch on that. He dared us to have the
courage of his convictions, and when we take that dare, we're transported
directly to his world, and we're inside his vision. And in the whole history
of movies, there has been nothing like that vision ever. It was a vision of
hope and wonder, of grace and of mystery. It was a gift to us, and now it's
a legacy. We will be challenged and nourished by that for as long as we keep
the courage to take his dare, and I hope that will be long after we've said
our thanks and good-byes."

--Steven Speilberg during the 71st Academy Awards